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The Ally is ready for battle!


Sep 22, 2010 by Mr.Mystery

This phone is just amazing. After playing with every droid I don't get why VZ cust. get this phone instead. Android 2.1, and its fast, very responsive. The battery life is amazing, I got 2 days out of it! I can't believe the camera is only 3mp because the pictures look amazing. Very nice keyboard. The phone is very sturdy and the sliding feature its the best one I have ever seen, it feels like it would last forever. The Data speed and signal is the best one I've tried from a VZ phone. and they sell it for a bargain. It's like a gladiator, sold for cheap but you don't know what its got, next thing u know its destroying everyone out there. Truly a warrior.

Returning ASAP!


Aug 25, 2010 by KalmVsKhaos

I've had this phone for over a week now, and I'm impressed with a few things, and really disappointed in a few other issues...


-Good call quality
-speakerphone is fairly loud
-Screen clarity
-Gmail is smoking fast


--Extremely low memory for apps! Only 128 megs for internal storage, and you cannot (YET) put the apps or run apps from the SDcard (unless you hack (root) it! (Some 'Droid' forums/sites say the upcoming 2.2 update will change this, but I just called Verizon this morning and they assured me there is NO such thing even planned for that. They basically called me a liar for even mentioning such things.
--Camera is pretty poor quality. images were vary dark in normal indoor light (even with the flash)
--Apps run sluggish, switching between apps, windows, etc seems slow, constantly having to kill any running apps w/Advanced Task Killer app.
--Browser sluggish, websites very slow to load even on a 15 mbit/sec wifi connection.

If you can spend the extra cash, I recommend maybe the Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Incredible.

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Big step up from Win 6.1


Jul 13, 2010 by rompn4x


Picture quality
Size/build quality
Screen resolution
Call clarity.


Battery life
Camera is sluggish
Button position for camera.

I went from the Samsung Omnia i910 and im not looking back. Sure this isn't a powerhouse Droid or Incredible but who cares. I have my 46" HDTV to watch movies and My Quad core computer to play games. This packs good quality and great clarity.

LG's first Android phone is a winner!


Jul 7, 2010 by Guyson


- Fast startup time, much faster than Droid.
- GREAT keyboard; not only better than Droid, but one of the best I've
seen/used on a phone so far. Because of all the txting I do, this was
probably the biggest selling point for me. The difference (in my opinion)
between the two keyboards is literally night and day.
- Physical keys (below touchscreen). I definitely prefer having real buttons to send and end a call.
- Shape of the phone. The Ally has a curved shape, making it more
comfortable to hold, as well as easier to put in, and pull out of, my
pocket. The curviness also makes the phone appear smaller.
- Calendar. I've used many LG phones in the past, and am comfortable using
the calendar they include with their phones.
- The battery door doesn't slide off in my pocket all the time. This should
be a given with all phones, but was an issue with the Droid (this problem
has been well-documented).
- The volume rocker is on the left side of the phone. This is more of a
personal preference, but every phone I've used in the past had the rocker on
the same (left) side. The droid had it on the right side.
- The placement of the mic. Everybody I've called using the Ally has no
complaints about how I sound, but I would often hear complaints from people
when using the Droid. I think this is because of the Droid's design, and
how the mic was located on the "lip" of the phone, which may have caused
some distortion. Whatever the reason is, the Ally has proven better in this
- Memory card access. Like most LG phones, the Ally allows you to access
the microSD card from a panel on the outside of the phone.


- The Ally takes a VERY long time to charge, probably more than twice the
time of the Droid.
- The Ally is a bit slower than the Droid, but I would not say considerably
- Camera quality. Not bad, but not as good as the Droid's.

Overall, I'm very happy with the LG Ally, and would recommend to anybody looking for a good Android phone.



Jul 2, 2010 by narn3049

I along with a lot of other reviewers must agree this phone is awesome. i don't own one but a friend does and loves it and I personally used it in the store. The phone is pretty cool but i didn't want a smart phone plan so I didn't get it.

camera, I can't believe how well I've seen videos sent to me and some on youtube, because it says uploaded from an Android and the title says from LG Ally. It ALMOST looks like they were using an actual video camera

Sound quality for calls text alerts, and music is awesome. The sound quality has been complained on this model. But it doesn't bother me.

These are some things that I don't really mind but i noticed.

the phone is kind of hard to get used to, which is fine because it's easy.

The only cons.

Questions I have:
Like the G1 does this phone have to be signed into a Google or Gmail account to use? I've seen this on several other android devices, but I'm not sure this one does?

Overall if you want one of the best Android's for Verizon, with the best coverage. Choose this.

Droid that works great as a phone


Jun 28, 2010 by RichardM

This phone is overall a great phone, probably the best I've had. I had the Moto Droid, the Incredible, and now this (since I broke the Incredible). As a phone--this is far and above the best. The call clarity is wonderful--no static, great reception--better than the other Incredible or Droid.
It's got a great physical keyboard, much better than Moto Droid, which is very useful. It does just about everything the other Droids do, though maybe not quite as fast. The battery life is Ok--similar to other phones; if you're going to use the apps, it's going to take battery power. I always have a spare battery handy, and keep the phone charging while in the car.
The main Pros:
--Great phone call quality
--Excellent in speaker phone mode
--Nice Android Interface, very easy to use
--Lots of apps to choice from, and they work great on this phone
--Seems to be built solidly, with quality.
--Less expensive than the HTC's and Moto's, but this LG is as good or better than most--so it's a great value.

The only cons, which aren't that bad:
--Heavier, and not as slim as droids without keyboards, but doesn't seem as bad as the Moto Droid. The keyboard is very useful on this phone, so I don't mind the extra bulk.
--I wish the battery life were longer, but, you can say that about any of these great performing phones.

Great phone, but has some issues


Jun 27, 2010 by hollandamerica

Overall this is a great phone. I have been a fan of LG for a long time, esp. with cell phones. This device is really a great phone, but it does have some hiccups. Such as the battery life and processing speed. Battery drains dead too quickly,(I even use an "app killer") to help increase battery performance. Also the processing speed from one screen to another lags a lot!! I have taken the battery out while the phone is on to reset the device, however it does not help. Taking the battery out is a challenge in itself.

But I do like this device.

Can't believe the problems


Mar 23, 2011 by kgkrebs

I've had the ally for a little over a month. Reason I got it was so I could get my home email during the day from my office. Please note I have a verizon phone and verizon email address. I was told the ally would download the emails every 15 minutes - sometimes they haven't downloaded for over 20 HOURS!! then I have to turn it off and back on. Occasionally it will work the way it is suppose to and download the emails several times a day. The calendar is not at all like the Voyager I really liked that calendar.



Mar 6, 2011 by LGMAN2011

I have to say LG has done it again!!! Very User friendly well built phone!!! The Service is great and the Battery life is fine considering its an Andriod OS Unit!!!
Im hoping that an 4G LG ALLY Is the works in the near future?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

Great phone / BAD BATTERY


Jun 22, 2010 by tbell202020

-Physical Keyboard
-Physical Call/End buttons
-Responsive Touch Screen
-Quick internet browser
-Tons of Droid apps (most free)
-Easy to text & keep messages
-Solid camera w/flash
-Easy to upload or email pics & video
-GREAT PRICE (Free w/new contract)

-Phone is kinda heavy (feels like a "D" battery
-Does not come with a complete users manual. You have to search & download it from LG website.


I've had the phone for a week and am really impressed with all the features and how good they work. Unfortunately, the battery is SOOO BAD that you can't use any of them. In order to save the battery life, you have to 1) Turn off GPS 2) Turn off email sinc 3) Turn off background data 4) Turn down screen brightness 5) Never talk or text anyone.

Even if you do all 5 steps you will need to recharge the phone every 16 hours!!! It SUCKS. I'm still tweaking the settings and trying different techniques to make the battery last longer without buying the extended battery which will make the phone bigger, heavier, an awkward to use.

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