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This Phone Actually does something the Incredible does not do


May 30, 2010 by vipergts

I have owned the Droid and HTC Incredible
This phone actually does something the HTC Incredible does not do. It has GREAT RECEPTION and the BATTERY last all day and it works as a phone.
If you have the LG Env you will love this phone. It has a great keyboard and is easy to use.
I don't know why they say the Droid is supposed to be better. The Ally has a better keyboard and is a faster phone and easier to use. The size is perfect.
The only con is I haven't received my Iron Man Comic book yet.

horrible phone


Sep 12, 2011 by worthya2

Although the call quality was clear, the internal phone memory itself was just awful. The last time I had a problem with my phone, it told me my memory was too full to receive text messages. I didn't even download a single app that day and I had also deleted all of my texts like it told me to. On top of that, I ended up deleting all but one of my apps and still did not have the capability to text. I took it to the Verizon Wireless store and they couldn't even fix it, so they rebooted it for the second time. Lost all my apps and I don't know why but all the apps that were stored on my SD card were lost as well. Can't wait to get my Droid 2.

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Good Phone


Aug 2, 2011 by timmyboy192002

I just got this phone about 2 weeks ago. I really Like it so far. This is my first smart phone. Cons: Battery Dies fast and takes a while to charge( I would buy a car charger), every once in awhile it will freeze for a few seconds, phone is kind of heavy. Other than That I love this phone. I do wish it would have it so when you miss a call or a text it would remind you after 10-15 mine.

Notification alert a problem


May 29, 2011 by chuckacton

Love the phone, not the best smart phone (slow) but does the job. I wish that it had a setting to allow multiple alerts (voicemail, text, etc.). I miss calls because I miss the incoming alert and the phone cannot remind me.



May 24, 2011 by nfez

I absolutely love this phone.

Only Con's - does not support Netflix ):
I know there are a lot of complaints about the battery life, but it seems to be ok for me. Then again I'm not running Twitter or Facebook. Usually I just play Farm Story or Angry Birds.

This is my first Android device and my first touchscreen phone, and overall, I am very satisfied.

Good 1st smartphone


Apr 20, 2011 by edenjade1

I've had the phone for a week. I really like it but it was very difficult to learn how to use & I'm still working out some bugs. I miss having speed dials but have found how to do the shortcuts so my family is just a touch away. pros: great phone for the price with lots of very nice apps. I still haven't gotten to picture message but I think that's a glitch with my company's programming which they're working on. It's very fast & responsive checking my email, going to Facebook, etc. I used the advanced task killer to kill some predownloaded apps but I don't think it helped. Cons: The battery life is very short. I've had to charge it every night & sometimes during the afternoon, also. I'd recommend this phone but be ready to learn b/c it's very difficult to learn & the manual isn't knowledgable enough to answer all your questions. You will have to play with it to learn it.

Hard Phone To Use


Feb 5, 2011 by uptheorg

I am writing this review based on my wife's comments using this phone. She was all excited with her first smartphone when she got it, but she has since cooled on this one dramatically, so I felt that I should let the phonescoop community know her thoughts. Specifically, the touchpad does not respond every time she touches it OR it responds when she has no intention (such as when she waves her hand over it). This means that she is poking around for far longer than she cares to when she wants to use it and then at other times, she is making calls or accessing applications when she has no intention to do so. She also complains that the phone is almost useless when she is driving because she must study the screen to make sure she is touching the right place and therefore she cannot watch the road at the same time. I suppose this is a problem with most touch screen phones -- I use a qwerty keyboard on my phones and don't run into this. Overall, the phone appears to function as it should besides these touchscreen problems: there are no dropped calls, the ringer is loud enough, the battery is sufficient, the email client works fine, it is easy enough to navigate, and the screen is easy to read.

Not a fan


Dec 2, 2010 by csilwy

I didn't have to upgrade but was able to get this phone free and I like the idea of apps. i traded in my old blackberry curve eager to see what this phone could be for me. I use it 80% of the time for work.

I'm most frustrated by the short battery life and the lack of one single INBOX for texts, emails (from 2 accts), voicemails and missed calls. On my BB, all those filtered into one easy to access in box. Now I have to search out each of those separate in boxes.

I think the phone is very hard to operate with one hand. It makes it dangerous to try to make a simple call while driving - something i could easily do with one hand and some memorized motions on my BB.

Its impossible to call or text with one if numbers or keys have to be accessed. The digital touch screen keyboard is so small, I spend more time correcting my message than anything.

I think its hard and uncomfortable to hold this phone to my ear even after purchasing a rubberize cover. Its awkward and hard to get a comfortable and tight grip on.

I do like how easy it is to access and surf the internet. Its great to be able to enlarge the images with my fingers on screen and with a touch go into a link. But I find little else great about this phone. i am probably going to trade it in on a new BB or simply activate my old one.

great phone, simple question.


Oct 30, 2010 by fredistarr_x

the only reason i did not give it a 5 star is because i can't seem to figure one thing out about this phone and i hope someone can help me. saving pictures that people send to you...how do you save them? it will NOT give me the option. am i the only one with this problem? i need to figure this out soon before i can't return it.
other than this issue, the phone is very close to perfect. the battery charging is rather slow but i can get over that because i charge it at night.
thank you guys =)

Good Phone


Sep 27, 2010 by jvezzosi

Having used a Q then a BB 8330 I can say confidently that android OS is far superior to each. BB has got a LOT of catching up to do if it's possible.

Good Phone
Easy to use
Very nice screen
Price $50 with online discount.


Battery life!!!

The more I read every android phone is a power hog so I guess you have to deal with it.

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