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Motorola C350g / C353 / C359 (GSM)


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Very Cheesy


Jun 6, 2005 by schafer8291

Giving this phone a 1.0 is going kind of easy. First off, the phone has really bad reception. When traveling it always goes in and out. Maybe that depends on your provider. It isn't easy to hear during conversations. The ringer is not very loud either and you have to have it on vibrate and ring to know you are getting a call.
The feel of the phone isn't that great. It has a very plastic feel except for the buttons which feel like metal, but they are very small which makes it hard to dial and especially text. The screen has potential to be very vibrant and sharp but there are no pictures or images to show it.

-Light weight and small (Can fit in your pocket)
-Can change face plate and back cover

-Cheesy feel
-Small buttons
-Small Screen
-Not very clear pictures
-Bad reception

Over all this is a phone just for its looks and not its quality.

I really wouldn't reccomend....


May 14, 2005 by kickum

I had one of these through I Wireless also. It is a cute phone, (by cute I mean rather girly, my wife liked it), but it definitely has shortcomings. It's hard to hear anything with it even on high volume, I could never hear it ring and it's freakishly small & I was always loosing it. Reception didn't seem like a huge problem for me, but battery talk-time was poor. The menu is very confusing also, I had to call the customer support to figure out how to change the ring tones!! I'd say a good phone if you aren't traveling & if you're staying in a metro area, and you can't beat the price, but if you're looking for something that can pull in a weak signal & lets you talk for a long time, keep shoppin'!!

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Mar 17, 2005 by shybipo

It makes calls, sometimes
Snood 21 will entertain solitair addicts

Other than that, its worthless. I can't wait to upgrade. Screen cannot be red in sunlight. Customizations are not nearly on par with other phones. Though its a sturdy little p-o-s. Mine went through the washing machine and still worked as well as it ever did.



Mar 17, 2005 by goodolphone15

This Phone always had bad reciption and never picked up where I needed it most.It was JUNK!



Mar 13, 2005 by tru2ya4life

Well I got this phone from a provider in Iowa, a small company called I wireless, which is an affiliate of T-Mobile. The main reason why I got this phone is because it was cheap and the only thing that my mom would get me. I HATE IT!!! It is so small and I am always dialing the wrong numbers. The phone is so small and it is always getting lost. I think that the battery life is poor and I like to talk allot. I would say that I do have some good reception on the phone and I think that it could be considered stylish. HOWEVER, I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND THIS PHONE TO ANYONE. MOTOROLA COULD DO MUCH, MUCH BETTER. AFTER HAVING THE PHONE FOR THREE MONTHS I SWITCHED TO THE MOTOROLA V180.



May 26, 2006 by SPDHeadquarters

This phone is very crappy. There are hardly and pros to it. Only that there is a color screen and like 3 games on it. It hardly recieves calls. You have to have it on Vibrate & Ring to know you got a call. Drops calls like there is no tomorrow. Texting is like so out of the question. The buttons are too weird. You have to literally push and hold the button for it to appear. Battery sucks [...]. It goes out within a few hours.

If you have or have ever owned this phone, you have made a gigantic mistake! Shame on you!

Hope all goes well.

Ed. note: removed inappropriate language

great 2ndary phone


Jun 23, 2005 by Afro Thunder

I bought this phone as a backup for mine and its a pretty cool phone

-many ringtones
-color screen
-EXCELLENT reception, especially for t-mobile
- l o n g battery life

-small screen
-slow buttons
-when push buttons dont always respond
-no camera

this is an ok phone

Sorry, this phone sucks.


Mar 9, 2005 by pinniped

I sold this phone after about a month, just missing the 30-day return window. One of the worst ever. Reception was absolutely horrible. The earpiece volume was horrible. I only got it because it had a color screen and AT&T gave me a good discount. I had to pay about 40 USD, which is more than what it's worth.

I went back to the Panasonic Promax. I just picked up a RAZR and Motorola still has volume problems. I just sold the RAZR and am stuck with a GSM provider for a year. It will be awhile before another Motorola graces my fingertips. I guess I will make an exception since they make good pagers.

In a year if AT&T/Cingular still have digital TDMA service, the Promax will rise again.

C350 review part 1


Nov 29, 2003 by mcd

I've owned the Motorola C350 for a little less than 6 months and it've been a roller coaster ride regarding my opinion with it. In the begining, i have to say that i HATED this phone. I found the phone to have horrible reception, slow menu, a lack of a alarm clock and a tiny screen. But i later realized that my prejudice towards this is because my bias and unjust comparison towards my previous phone - the Panasonic TX 310. (which was TDMA rather than GSM, b/w rather than Colour) ... in any case ...

One feature that probably attract one to buy this phone, is the colour screen. The colour screen is reasonably bright, shows good colour (4096 i believe) but however, it's rather small compare to other colour cell phones out there.

Battery Life:
Battery life of this phone, is actually decent to my surprise. it lasts around .. 3-4 days with normal usage (phone being on for most of the day).

I have only used my C350 on the Rogers AT&T GSM network in Canada. The reception isn’t the best, but compare to other phones, there are worst out there. C350 is pretty good at not dropping my calls and both incoming and outgoing voice are clear.

Size should be a feature on this phone too, because its size is relatively small. It fits comfortably in one’s hand and in one’s shirt pocket. Weight wise, it’s not the lightest (compare to say a… GD55 or my old TX-310), but it’s still very respectable at a weight of 2.8 oz.

The UI for this phone is disappointing in my opinion. It lacks the polish interface of the Nokias or Sumsung. It’s slow and laggy compare to many other colour phones and the key response is also poor.

Colour screened, entry level phone.


Nov 19, 2003 by evileye

This is my first Motorola phone. I use the phone in the Vancouver, B.C. area on the Rogers system.

1) Ringtones that I can hear better.
2) Address book stores more then one number or email address per name.
3) Can add name/numbers info to different 'catagories' and set to display desired catagory when recalling address book.
4) Can lock applications from unauthorized viewing or use. eg. lock out address book, requiring a password to view.
5) Set 'Hotkey' function. Meaning one can set-up almost any menu item to a specfic key, which does not interfere with one touch dialing.
6) Can set the order of menu items to ones own desire.
7) RF is decent.(Had 2 bar coverage in fully concreted SUB-basement of a apartment building.)
8) Wap bookmarks to any page.
9) 'ITAP' is intuitive and easy to use.
10) Voice dialing.
11) Battery life is good, even in low RF areas. (better than my Siemens C56).

1) No Alarm.
2) Datebook alarm only works with phone turned on, and will not turn phone on to alarm.
3) Colour screen is impossible to see when backlight turns off.
4) Polyphonic sound quality is not the best.
5) Wap is a bit slow.
6) Screen size a bit small.
7) No speaker phone.
8) Owners manual is vague.

A good phone for the price. Some of the graphics and interface seem childish, but other then that a good entry level phone.

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