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Nexus One - A Great All In One Phone


Jan 24, 2010 by lhlopez1

What can I really say that hasn’t already been said, except that I love this phone. For a long time I had wanted an iPhone, I kept hearing from friends and family that it was great to brows the net, listen to music, watch videos and use applications, but that the basic phone part of it was no good (earpiece sound too low, static, reception was awful, dropped calls, etc…). With that being said I decided to get an iTouch because there was no point of having a phone that didn’t work properly as a phone. Now that the Nexus One came out I decided to give it a try and I have to say I am very happy I got this phone. I no longer use my iTouch and love the fact that everything works as it should including the basic phone features. As for many stating that the track ball has no real use, I feel that it’s actually handy. You can set it to light up for incoming calls and notifications, but what I found it most useful for is playing some games. Some games are a little hard to play and maneuver with touch, but with the track ball it makes it a much better playing experience. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone looking for a good all in one device. Will Apple come out with a new iPhone in the near future, sure they will, but so will Google and a better Nexus One, but there will always be something that one phone might have that another doesn’t or do something better than another phone, but that is part of progression. As I mentioned before, I am very happy with my purchase of the Nexus One and I believe you would be too. Give it a try.

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Absolute Perfection!!!!


Jan 13, 2010 by iamthephonemaster

Ok i admit it I'm an iphone fanboy. Up until about a day ago i thought it was the best phone i had ever used. I drank the koolaid and loved the flavor.Then the Nexus One fell into my lap ( well was placed there in a fed ex box by my roomate). I opened it with trepidation. Wanting it to be great, the whole time clutching my 3Gs tightly. The first impression is WOW!! This is one sexy looking phone. I mean it blows the Iphone out of the water sexy. The curves and shape and that oh so wonderful brushed metal feel of the back. Instant love. Then.... I turned it on. Thats when the real love began. I've used every other Android phone on the market except the moment from Samsung. The problem Ive had with all of them even the great Hero and Droid is they were slooow. They hung and dragged. I cursed the 528 mhz proccessor they were saddled with. This thing races like sea biscuit. It is so fast that it keeps up with me every moment. No drag or stutter. Thats awesome.The 1 ghz snapdragon processor should be the default for all current gen smartphones. The boost to 512 megs of ram and rom also helps its speed.The new 2.1 OS is great it takes the best of the Droid and improved it. The live wallpaper is great and the new animations for the menus and gallery apps are brilliant.The screen is an OMLED display at 480x800 pixels which is almost the same as the Droid but better than the iphone. If I had to pick a few cons for the device I'd have to say, the trackball is useless. They should have just put a home button like the Iphone. Also you can only unlock it by pressing the button on top the phone which can be awkward sometimes. The speaker for the earpeice while crisp sounding is low in volume. I had to crank it all the way up to hear poeple. Although on the other end people said i sounded great and very clear. This is because HTC added a second microphone on the back of the device for noise cancellation. All in all I'd have to say this is the phone for anyone not named Steve Jobs!! LOL

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Jan 13, 2010 by ECANTU

Pros: besides the fwct that I own one? Ummmm. Everything on this device is awesome.

Cons: umm... trackball?? Lol.. ok. soooo last decade and useless on a touch screen phone. I do like that it lights up as a notification.

None the less, everyone ought to get one.

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Jan 12, 2010 by albertog1983

wow. now this is a phone. im not even gonna list everything ciz ill be here all day. just get it.

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Finally, the Google phone has landed!


Jan 10, 2010 by landotheripper

Nexus One is definitely one of the best phones I've ever used, it really lives up to the ridiculously huge hype surrounding it for the past 3 years, since it was rumored that it was being made. Here are my findings so far.

Amazing and huge display
5mp camera with flash
Video capture and playback both at 720p
1Gz snapdragon processor
Very thin design (as wide as a no.2 pencil)
Live wallpapers
Android 2.1
Speech to text on ANY writing field
3D photo albulm
Memory expansion up to 32gb
Very light (130g)
AMOLED display
2 microphones (2nd used for noise cancellation)
3.5mm headphone Jack

Very limited internal memory
Gets hot when used nonstop
No multi-touch
On-screen keyboard a little too sensitive
Display is hard to see in bright light

All in all, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. This is an amazing phone and I'm very fortunate to own one, specially since they are currently only being sold through Google's online store. I wouldn't say its the iPhone killer but it definitely is the extremely hyped, waited for Google phone, the Nexus One.

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Super Phone!


Feb 26, 2010 by IrishCarBomb

The Google HTC Nexus One is hands down the best phone I have ever used or tested. As someone with several years of cell phone sales experience, and a year of being an official tester for that cell phone company, I would like to think I am a decent judge of a phone. My pro's and con's will be based on a smartphone mindset:

-Great battery life for a smartphone, I would say as good if not better than the gold standard BlackBerry.
-Extremely fast! Not just gets the job done fast, faster than my computer at some tasks fast!
-Display is amazing!
-I like the on screen keyboard, some do not, but there are plenty of keyboard replacement options in the market to suit anyone's needs.
-Google apps and backup of contacts! The market has a fair number of good to great apps, with tons more coming in every single day.

-Screen is hard to see in sunlight!
-Google's exchange email support is decent, but had plenty of room to grow. TouchDown, from the market, is superb, but costs $20.
-Doesn't have true multi-touch, so one hand use can be difficult.

Overall, I love mine! I have had it about a month now, tested it for a week before that. The test group voted unanimously to carry the phone, which is saying something considering the only other phone to do that is the BB 9700.

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great device


Jan 15, 2010 by Nexus one vs iphone

okay, so iv'e owned this phone for maybe over 3 days now in i love it, this phone is so good ill have to past on pros and cons, great device and way better then iphone 3gs

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Finally...my all in one device!


Jan 17, 2010 by Aj Wife 2108

I've had nearly every phone imaginable from the Iphone to the Blackberry 9700 and they dont come nowhere near this device. I was optimistic about purchasing at first because i didnt want to jump on the bandwagon and be disappointed also the hefty $529 price tag was a huge turn- off. But i said what the heck you only live once and now i stand before you a proud consumer. This phone rocks! Customizable, beautiful screen, extremely fast web browsing, and whatever pet peeves that didnt come included you can download from the marketplace! Call quality is fantastic on tmo network. I finally have the best of both worlds(call quality,fast browsing) in the palm of my hands and i love it!

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Nexus is the one!


Jul 1, 2010 by RobertD19

After going thru several android phones(G1, MyTouch, Cliq & even the MyTouch Slide)this phone is set apart from the rest. It looks great, but the functionality and ability this phone has is incredible! The screen is 3.7" and plenty big without being too big. Sensitivity on it is perfect and works well in all the applications that I have used on it, such as photo editing, reading/editing office documents, creating ringtones from music I had on the phone, etc. The processor shows when performing different tasks with the phone. The camera works well and good quality with 5 megapixels. I've loaded full movies onto it, which play without hesitation. Now having 2.2 on there gives the ability to put apps onto the memory card, also can make the device a wifi router. This phone gives a great bang for the buck! Can't say enough about all of the positives. As with any touchscreen smart phone, the battery life is not great, but is better than any of the previous devices I had. Great Job HTC & Google for making the best phone available to date..hands down!!

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Feb 4, 2010 by jnehls

Let me first start out by saying, I'm on ATT and started with ATT with an iPhone. The iPhone was my pride and joy, I loved ever aspect of it. After updates up updates, getting video, copy and paste I stuck with it through thick and thin! After a while I was growing sick of no customization, Cant do this or that etc. Let me say I do still love the iPhone, it took the world in a new direction for mobile phones. And where would we be without that inspiration. I waited and waited and wanted to try out an android phone. This was my first Android phone. And wow. I love this thing from the look feel and performance. VERY quick, responsive, and beautiful design. I love that you can customize virtually anything on the device. I have all the apps I really need and want. Even though Android app store is fairly large, they still need to get developers to steer their way and keep them rolling out fast. I give this phone 5 stars, I recommend any smart phone lover to give this a try and experiance it for your self, Id say its pretty good being I from and iPhone...

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