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Looks Can Be Decieving......


Aug 18, 2004 by darkangel

I bought this phone in May because I thought that it was a "CUTE" phone because of the size, man was I wrong!!!!
Ok well I will start out with the ONLY good point that I see this phone having, and that is its small and compact.
CONS: weak signal, dropped calls daily, stupid flashing VZW banner on outside LCD, no cute wallpapers, or normal ringtones, no one can hear me on the speaker phone they say my voice is muffled, volume control for this phone sucks, phone book is ridiculous to navigate, you have to delete phone calls individually which to me, is a huge pain....I could go on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny would, and even that would be more than the battery life this phone has!!!
All in all if I had to do this over I would have stuck with an LG brand phone...

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This Phone is Absolute Crap!!!!!


Jul 27, 2004 by Nodled1974

I was forced to buy this phone since I live in the Mountains and it is is one of the last of the TRI-mode phones out there.

This Phone is Difficult to flip open, the Battery doesn't hold a charge hardly at all, and the screen although color is to small and difficult to read. The Ringers are way too soft and I missed more call s then I have received and Did I Mention it doesn't Hold a signal well either. I sure do miss my LG VX10 or my Samsung 6100.

Good luck with your Purchases but i seriously recommend a different Phone especially if you are like me and your Business relies on your Cell phone.

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audiovox 8600


Jul 23, 2004 by astoria

cute in size very compact to carry in a purse or in hand. this is about the only nice thing about the phone. The phone drops calls, ends calls while you are conversing and the cell are high so i don't know what the problem is. I've been into the Verizon tech dept several times only to be old the software needed updated. I ended up with a rebuilt Audiovox 8600 which is bad as the speaker is located inside the phone and causes the ringer to be lower than other phones. As a Verizon customer i am not a happy camper since the phone and new contract is only 3 mos old.

The best phone Verizon ever had was the old Startac and I will now reactive it so i can receive calls before they run off to voicemail. Imagine paying for a phone service that you can not use. Verizon is not helpful with this they seem to think i can run to the tech ctr everyday and waste hours of time for a bum phone.

So folks save your money do not and i stress do not buy the Audiovox 8600 and do not sign any long term contracts, buy the phone at full price and you are not going to be charged $175.00 to cancel your service if it does not work for you!

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Nov 29, 2003 by sheiep

Almost perfect, maybe I feel this way because I have been with AT&T for 2 years and I feel like I have moved from a shack to a penthouse. Coverage is amazing, phone has all kinds of cool features, and despite one of the previous posts, I think it has great ringtones. The polyphonic sound is great, and the phone is very easy to use.

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great phone, only a few drawback


Oct 19, 2003 by kerdis

I've had this phone for about a week now, and it has exceeded my expectations. I upgraded from an old kyocera phone, and this blows it away.

PROS: nice color screen, easy navigation, sound quality is supurb (verizon in southeastern VA), small but is comfortable in your hand, battery life is great

CONS: verizon banner flashes on the outside LCD (not a big con, but its more aggrivating than anything), the included ring tones are HORRIBLE!! (immediately purchased one from GetItNow)

I would reccomend this phone to anyone looking for a color flip-phone with great features at a low price (currently $99.99 after $50 rebate)

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I don't like it...


Mar 1, 2004 by mnledesm

Although this phone has a very comfortable, compact size, productivity is limited because finding phone numbers and addresses can be somewhat complicated, especially when you're driving. In addition, the darn thing doesn't ring loud enough so if I am in a crowded setting, I have to put the phone on etiquette in order to feel that it is ringing. Another problem is the outside clock which shows "Verizon Wireless" so you have to wait 5 seconds in order to see the time. Overall, the phone has as much cons as pros, so I don't recommend it.

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Very Good Phone


Oct 11, 2003 by jasondock

The new 8600 is a great phone. It just about the same size as the Samsung A 530 and much cheaper than it. There are loads of great features dumped into this tiny phone. Including a great speaker phone, get it now, and a extremely sharp colored screen. This phone is ideal.

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Oct 8, 2003 by Khanvict

phone does not have games but comes with Verizon Get It Now which give you the ability to download games, software, ring tones, applications. given that there is a charge for it, but its easy, it comes on your bill. different buying options are offered. its pretty neat.

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for me first flip phone...


Sep 23, 2003 by terri carr

i got the phone a couple of weeks ago before my service provider went digital...so now my battery life almost doubled...no static no dropped calls and i live in a basement... speaker phone is my favorite option and the color screen is great the colors look nature and with the blue light back light i can see the screen all the time with no glare...only bad thing it doesn't come with any screen savers or wallpapers but a couple pictures... also the call log is in military time... text message is easy to use but once again no pictures... you have to send a lot of extra money for the phone to have different setting options...also there is no games on the phone so don't buy this if you like to play games... the only thing i'm waiting on now is the color face plates...so over all i guess it was worth the money and i do like the phone and i no its not a nokia so it might last longer than 6 months

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May 13, 2004 by Dexter

Before coming to Verizon I was with Nextel and I loved the speaker phone capability of their Motorola v90 phone so when I changed to Verizon I wanted a phone with a speaker phone. The local Verizon rep steered me away from Motorola phones and suggested the 8600. After seeing it, I liked the idea since was small which I wanted. I have had the phone for almost 6 months and I have come to almost hate it. The speaker phone is so low as to be almost useless. It is inconsistent but much of the time you need to lift it almost to your ear to hear the conversation.
My main complaint is missed incoming calls because of the low ringer volume. Also on incoming calls sometimes it only rings once and even if you pick up after that ring, the party is already gone. Also the ring volume button is on the side were your hand can hit it and inadvertently lower the volume setting. It is not usual for me to look at the phone and see on the face that there are a number of missed calls. All of this contributes to me spending more minutes than I like retrieving voicemail messages for calls that I would have answered if the ringer rang (and rang loud enough). I tried several firmware upgrades but nothing helped.

Pros: I rarely drop a call. The sound quality is good though volume is low. Multiple phone numbers per phone book entry.

Cons: Poor, low volume on speaker phone. Lots of missed calls because the ringer is low or does not ring.

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