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An Exceptational Phone At An Affordable Price


Apr 26, 2004 by Rockstar1792

I have owned my LG LX5450 for about a week now and so far I have had excellent signal strength and clarity with no dropped calls. It boasts many practical features and then some with an intuative interface along with an egronomically designed contoured body. I am using it on the Alltel Network in rural Arkansas (populations less than a thousand) and have experience no problems whatsoever and haven't had to switch to analog yet! I have owned many phones from all types of makes and form factors (Nokia, Motorola, Kyocera, and LG) (Clamshell, Flip Phone, Stand-alone, etc.) and I haven't been so impressed with a phone since the launch of the StarTac, especially for one that Alltel carries. For a company known for carrying less technologically advanced phones (Primarly due to its CDMA network) I'm impressed with its features some comporable to GSM phones. However, it has a few drawbacks. It has rather bland styling compared to other phones in this price range and lacks bluetooth support or any means of IR. When the phone is in the holster you are unable to answer calls due to a poor design that prevents the clamshell from opening. (What was LG thinking) The bottom line is that if you use Alltel this the phone you want and the only one capable of taking pictures at this time. I wouldn't recommend any other phone (expect the new Kyocera with Push2Talk if you need walkie-talkie capabilites) for Alltel.

Excellent phone


Jan 23, 2004 by i_dogg

i work for a company that carries all four Canadian providers, so i have access to every available in Canada, and i find that the LG has provided me with the best reception. The camera has a real nice clarity and the color screen is extremely vibrant. the only complaint i have is the battery life could be better, but overall this has been one of the better phones released in a while.

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lg lx5450


Jan 1, 2004 by lgowner

I purchased the lg 5450 the day after xmas. so far, so good. however there is no perfect phone. PROS: no dropped calls so far. external caller ID. decent quality camera. great sound quality. CONS: to me, the battery life isnt all that great, however its important to take in consideration that is a camera phone, and color screen also takes some juice. i wish it would vibrate with all volume levels, it only vibrates when u put it on "high and vib.". it is a lil bulky, but thats not a major problem. no free games! overall its a good good phone. and definatly recommended. not to mention the great price!

Good phone


Jun 14, 2004 by y-r-less

I think LG did a nice job with the 5450. So far there have been no dropped calls and the reception is very clear. Which, of course, are the most important qualities.

Other Pros:
-Nice integrated camera.
-Menu is easy to navigate.
-Contacts are easy to get to & organize.
-external caller ID.
-Clear display with rich colors.
-Good list of standard ringtones.
-Good battery life.
-Solid build quality.

-It's very easy for your fingers to get in the way of the camera since it's located near the hinge.
-Bluetooth not available.
-Poor design for leather case (phone slides around in it when opened).
-No free games.
-Data cable (non-aftermarket) is very expensive. $100 at the Alltel store.

Overall a very good phone though. My service is with Alltel in the southeast region.

Excellent Phone, Nice Features, Easy to Use


Jun 8, 2004 by ramagram

I have owned many many phones from Nokia, Motorola, etc... This is my second LG and so far my favorite phone. Previous favorite phone was the awesome Motorola StarTAC for it's time. Worst phone so far was the Motorola V60x v.2.

PROS: Excellent reception IMO, great color screen, very easy menus, decent camera.

CONS: User manual doesn't cover all the options

Way too many features to list, but some of my favorites would be nice phone book, quick access to most options, many ringers and ring option (like vib to ring).

You won't be sorry if you choose this phone!

What a nice surprise


Nov 28, 2003 by zolagol

At first you might think that it's too bulky, but it's very comparable to other handsets. It's not that bulkier than the Samsung A520 or Audiovox 8900. This phone is currently being primarily used in Montreal, Canada on the Telus Mobility network. The call quality is very satisfactory and comparable to most phones on the market using this similar technology. The "Pros" include: integrated camera (although the pic quality is poor, recall it's a phone first?), rich clear display with bright colors, rich textured sound including great ringtones, voice memo recorder, ability to record phone calls, MMS messaging, good battery life, and a very solid build quality. The "Cons" include: absence of IrDa, Bluetooth, poor quality one-way speaker phone, and maybe it's a little bulky. All in all a great choice if you like a gadget-like phone with nice "bells and whistles". Worth the ... price tag.

Ed. note: price removed

Good phone


Dec 9, 2003 by casualsuede

IT is a solid phone with a good feature set. The Telus Mobility version (Canada) is a solid tri-mode phone that has a Camera, J2ME, WAP 2.0 and a high rez 260K TFT camera.

The main detraction is that it is a little bulky and it is less stylish than the VX6000, but it has analog, which is important to me.

Had alltel phones and I want to review them


Sep 6, 2009 by narn3049

The first phone was an lg ax5450 and I loved that phone, I was getting out of a car, high up truck, and it broke the flip bar thing on the side, which sucked because i loved that phone.

The second phone was the lg 4030 or something and it was red and had no camera, had this for awhile and it worked fine but I upgraded.

The third phone was a nokia 3585i so I didn't technically upgrade because my friend had one of these and in great shape so I went for it, had it for like 2 years, I then got the nokia 3587i, I wore this thing up pretty bad

The next phone was Kyocera Blade, I had it for awhile and then the screen broke and it was a great phone otherwise, and I loved it as well.

The next phone as I downgraded again was a Motorola t720c I had 2 of these, first phone got to where i would have to constantly keep flipping the phone open to find a display and the second one got dropped and broke in half.
had the soho and lg 4270 and that rugged blue kyocera and ruined those 2.

Awsome phone!


Feb 20, 2008 by jeremym2

I got this phone about 3 month's ago. It was my dad's old phone. I thought it would be not bad since it was an old phone, but i was wrong! This phone is amazing! I would definitely take this over any of the new phones out today. Some Pro's: Great reception,no dropped calls,Call display on the outer screen, and very easy to use. Con's:finger sometimes get's in the eay of the Camera,and that's about it! I would recommend this phone to everyone!

LG 5450 Shuts Down By Itself!!!!


Oct 9, 2006 by Jack Frost

LG 5450 will shut down and restart over and over again until the battery dies. This is a common defect with this phone and if you are lucky to have had it happen within 30 days of purchasing it count yourself lucky. My phone decided to do it a month after the warranty expired.

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