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Great Phone When Tweaked


Jan 8, 2011 by ElPatron17

This phone when i first got it had little to no problems. After a few days it started to lag and i got sick and tired of the t-wiz. This phone has mainly downs when it comes stock, but with a few modifications it'll run smoothly and the way you want it to run.

CONs before tweaks:
~Lags like crazy on the home screen.
~Freezes constantly
~The cube is kinda useless (unless it freezes)
~It doesn't get android 2.0 update
~Telenav doesn't work
~Battery life sucks

PROs before tweaks:
~When the phone freezes the only button that seems to work is the cube button.
~Screen resolution is top of the line.
~Screen doesn't get scratched up like nothing (virtually indestructible)
~Camera is Phenomenal (The best I have ever seen)
~Phone is light waight

With just a few tweaks you can fix almost every problem this phone has. Replace the t-wiz with a home replacement app like 91 Panda Home, Open Home, Zeam, DxTop, or LiveHome. I suggest LiveHome because it has a built in Task killer (Battery life increases). Only use the Orientation for texting. Replace the keyboard with Smart Keyboard, or Better Keyboard. Download ChompSMS or Handcent SMS. Get an app called Battery Details to check your battery life and notify you when battery is full when charging.

CONs after:
~Still Telenav doesn't work (Not something i would use anyways).
~Cube is now completely useless
~Still will never see the 2.x update.

PROs after:
~Won't freeze on the home screen.
~Battery Life will boost with the task killer. (Up +8 hours)
~Texting will be easier and a lot more fun.
~Now has the original Android Home screen look.
~Keyboard is much better

The only real problems with this phone was the features were a little messed up, but by just messing with it a little bit it can come out on top over others like MyTouch, Cliq, G1, Droid exc... Overall once all these problems are gone the phone is amazing. 4.5/5 in my eyes.

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Good Phone


May 15, 2010 by 911medic

This phone is highly under rated. The biggest downfall has been the bloatware installed by T-Mobile and Samsung's TouchWiz User Interface (UI). Once removed and upgraded to Android 1.6, the phone performs almost flawlessly. I plan on keeping the phone for a long, long time.

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awesome little phone


Apr 2, 2010 by cerealkiller

This little dude packs a punch. Pretty fast and responsive. Very easy to use. A child could work this phone. Apps are great and i love the google search bar right on the home screen. Battery life isn't fantastic but what do you expect? It multi tasks like a champ. Camera is good but flash is blinding. I only had a few minor problems such as the phone randomly coming unlocked in my pocket but i did drop it a few times before that started. simple restart fixed it. DO NOT install taskiller! More like phone killer. The phone runs fine without having to kill apps. If you are on the fence, go get it

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Get Over It!


Feb 14, 2010 by gunshowjsm

Wow!... Really People? Get over it!
I just bought this phone yesterday even after doing my research and watching all the bashing video's. And I'm glad I did! T-mobile did a three day price drop on the phone ($79.99) to give it a fighting chance cuz everyone keeps giving it bad reviews.
Here's the situation: Stop comparing every android phone to the iphone! If you want an iphone go get an iphone. There is nothing like it and there never will be.
On the latter side of things, I have all the TMO android phones and the Behold 2 is my favorite and the best so far. The my touch is plain weak. You wana talk about the samsung being behind? The my touch rushed out without a 3.5mm jack so they had to make a second edition already. Guess what, I already paid full price and out of my buyers remorse. screw you htc or screw me?
The Moto cliq is a great device if you like carrying a 5 lb dumbbell in your pocket. The on screen keyboard is more than efficient (prob why they have the cliq Xt coming out in march). The cliq is a great phone and does not need the keyboard.
Now the Behold II- OK, I agree the cube is stupid and quick wiz is unnecessary. But the behold is way ahead with a Much better screen, much better camera with a flash. On screen keyboard is awesome and larger of that of the mytouch. The phone is very fast and light which feels great in your hand and POCKET.
It is samsungs first android phone, so as a first, they did a better job than most. Apple is on their 4th edition of the iphone. And if all android phones are supposed to look the same (UI), what makes one stand out over the other? I give samsung credit for trying to be different. The amount of buttons on the behold when you break it down is just that of the mytouch. The track ball on the mytouch pushes in just as the dpad on the behold making it the same amount.
To sum it up, I am giving this phone a 4 out of 5 because it is not perfect, but none of the first gen android phones are. Best so far!

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Looks Can Be Deceiving


Apr 13, 2010 by yodamuppet

I've has this phone since February 2010. I've exchanged it 4 times since then (once when it stopped powering on; once when it failed to download the OTA update/alleged 'bug fix' and continued mounting/unmounting SD card; another time for continuing to mount/unmount the SD card; and again yesterday for the same issue). The latest replacement, received yesterday, is still mounting/unmounting the SD card, and is power cycling intermitently. I will be buying a different phone this week.

- Beautiful screen.

- Samsung's awesome camera software.

- Very little lag during normal use.

- Even though there's little lag during use, the text does have a tendency to lag behind my typing on a regular basis.

- The 'cube' feature is absolutely worthless. I've never found a need or desire to use it. Ever.

- Holds a charge for about 5 hours with little to no use. If I use it moderately, I have to charge it after 3.5 hours.

- Samsung's EPIC FAIL with the recent 'bug fix' update - the only bug apparently fixed was the music player's auto-play issue.

- Device mounts/unmounts SD card repeatedly. It ruined the 2 GB card that came with the phone, and ruined the 8 GB card that I subsequently bought after the phone was replaced for that issue. I stopped putting SD cards in the phone, which limits functionality (can't use the camera, media players, etc.)

- This device will likely NOT be updated to Android 1.6 +. It's successor is slated to be launched in the US this summer with OS 2.X. Presently, there's no evidence in the media (including Android and other tech news) suggesting anything to the contrary.

If you're thinking about this phone, save yourself a potential headache and keep looking. Samsung should have opted to keep a clean Android OS and support upgrades instead of destroying this device with a custom UI overlay.

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phone is more then i thought it was


Jan 29, 2010 by mackscutiemama

well i got the phone i believe just about 30 days ago now .. and at first well from the reviews i thought it was gonna be awful and was ready to return it right away before i even got it. I actually the first day i got it i called in and said i wanted to return it for a blackberry. Well i got the blackberry several days later and in that time used the phone. Well it's great actually. only one flaw i live in not a good area and seems i loose Internet on it alot and takes days to come back. but the apps are nice i have no issue with lag or delay the letter i works fine. and the touchscreen is awesome. the battery life well yes i believe everyone should complain about that it's not great but i deal with it. i love the phone at least right now still getting used to the touchscreen agian after being on a bb

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the phone is totally different after flashing with custom ROM


Aug 2, 2010 by mingkee

First of all, I agree with other posters that the branding ruined.the great software, but some developed custom ROM saved the phone.
Pro: grogeous AMOLED screen, LOTS of RAM, good camera, 3.5 jack, can be easily tethered with Kies suite, good calling quality.
Con: bad software, typing can be difficult, cube button is useless.
Fortunately, some developers at androidforums made some good custom ROMs, which can save the phone.
I give 2 stars with original software: 4 stars with right custom software.

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Pretty Good Device


May 28, 2010 by skywalkershawty

I've owned all kinds of phones, and quite a few android phones, and overall this is my favorite Android device but it has flaws! Basically, I'll break down what I like and dislike via pros & cons:

-BEAUTIFUL PHONE; looks nice as hell and feels good on your hand

-Fast, 3G is like the snap of my finger here in Columbus, OH

-Can talk and surf the web at the same time via T-Mobile's 3G data network

-Android, 'nuff said

-5MP cam with flash and autofocus

-Photo apps included such as Flickr and Photobucket


-Phone lags while texting fast
-Battery life is HORRID
-Android 1.5 is kind of choppy and not to mention outdated
-Can't remove the games/apps that came preloaded

Overall, I love this phone, but the battery life bothers me enough to pring it down a whole number lol, I'd still recommend it, just buy an extended battery.

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very nice


Jan 21, 2010 by bigfoots

I got this phone on ebay used. was told it was unlocked but was not. after reading the forum i saw i could get a code for it here http://www.unlockcellphonecode.com/product_info.php/code-unlocking-tmobile-cell-phone-p-71
now its calling on att 3g.
I like it alot and am beginning to become a fan of samsung.
glad it has A2DP so i can listen to music via bluetooth.

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graet phone


Dec 11, 2009 by michaelt1977

Very Good Phone Needs A Up Date's I Talk To T-Mobile And They Said A Up Date's Is Due Out Any Time Now So We Are Hoping And Waiting To See If That Fix's Some Of The Thing's That Need Fixing

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