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Not sure I like this phone


Nov 15, 2009 by techytechgurl

Upgraded to the Samsung Moment today. Im not that pleased with the product. For some reason it wont link my gmail account. Discovered it was a malfunction in the phone. As for the features, I LOVE the fact it has a slide out keyboard. For this reason I chose it over the hero. But, guess what, I should have gone with my first mind and got the hero. The applications are different. HTC has their own customized apps which are so cool! I will be returning the phone on Monday to get the Hero.

First Droid phone and it is nothing like it!!


Nov 14, 2009 by chenbo1

This is my first droid phone.. coming from Nextel DC phone, this is light years ahead of everything I've seen in the market. Last night I played cards for 5 hours with my NFL Thursday night football game on the phone. Sf won Chicago had 5 interceptions.. This is not all, the Google map, GPS, Voice activations and so many features on this phone is just amazing!! One problem- battery technology not keeping up with the current cell phone technology!!

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Highly Recommended


Nov 3, 2009 by DaddyDroid

I took the plunge with my first smart phone after hours of studying the available choices from Sprint. This Android phone, with the thousands of apps available for download right from an icon on the main screen, was a huge selling point for me. Also was the 800MHz processor, which blows away its main competition.. the HTC Hero. I'm not disappointed at all, and would make this purchase again. I chose the Samsung Moment over the HTC Hero also because of the large and very bright display. Both will be receiving the Android 2.0 update in the future, so any write-ups pointing to any lag, etc., due to that perceived shortcoming were mute in my book. I really don't notice that at all anyway, after using the phone. I also wanted a phone with a real keyboard, and this keyboard rocks.

Pros: Very solidly built phone, great voice call sound quality, best speakerphone performance ever, straightforward and easy to navigate the user interface - is not confusing or muddied with junk icons, excellent call reception/signal strength, large bright and beautiful display, well above average battery life for a smart phone, really nice tactile feel of slide-out keyboard.

Cons: Yes, it is a brick. You won't get many Ooo's and Aaa's from your cohorts. Paltry camera specs, but who cares?

pros and cons


Mar 11, 2010 by filmchick


Long Version: This phone has real potential. However, you will buy the phone for $100+ & then spend at least $100 more to get all the apps that should come built in. The phone does not sync with Microsoft Outlook unless you buy an app that makes it do so. The phone does not allow you to send contacts in your phone to another phone via text or e-mail. You can't send an e-mail with a web link unless you use the google e-mail you are forced to set up.

I have a real beef with the fact that it doesn't sync with Outlook considering I specifically asked if it synced with Outlook...(it does sync the calendar, but not contacts, notes, or tasks). Price range on app from $39.99- up. (I suggest the wireless not USB version of Companion Link if you simply must have this phone and need it to sync with Outlook. Be prepared to work on the sync for at least an hour-several days no matter what dealing with duplicates!) Mind you this is all with the help of tech support. After that it works smoothly, but now I have spent more time & $ than I wanted to upgrade my phone.

I didn't discover the complete lack of ability to send the contacts via txt & e-mail till today without buying yet another app. This officially set me on the hunt to prevent anyone else from buying this phone without being fully warned!

Then when I tried to send a link I had to send it through the google mail that it made me set up because my usual e-mail account I use (which was able to efficiently load on the deice with no issues whatsoever) is not one of the options for sending the link. My friend didn't find it for a while cause it went to junk mail. AARG!

Bottom line: phone has great web capabilities, has real potential for being cool, but is severely lacking in basic features unless you want to pay more for apps. Oh, but the free apps are fun to play with, but not useful to a business person.

LOVE THE PHONE....But it's going back


Nov 4, 2009 by jaywku

This is my first droid phone and I LOVE the OS and the hardware itself but there is a killer for me... I can only make it through half a day with the defective battery. I exchanged once already and am having the same problem. I can't say that it's a wide spread problem, most people seem to be happy with battery life but 2 strikes is enough for me. Going back to my Pre

Not looking good so far


Mar 19, 2010 by unionjackbell

I got this phone for my wife. She has had it almost 2 weeks. She loves the beautiful screen. She likes that she gets free ring tones, and there are a lot of free apps. (most are trial but thats OK). She loves the camera.
What she doesn't like is that she cannot delete her email off of her phone. It is to big to fit in her pocket. She cannot make folders in the picture gallery, (so you don't have to scroll through every picture on your phone to find what your looking for). If her face touches the screen it activates whatever app. was in that area. Each and every time she tries to go on the INTERNET she must sign in to her account with her phone number. Her brand new blue tooth headset that has a battery saver function that allows her to turn it on and off easily disconnects the headset from the phone, (not unpairs just disconnects). Then to use the headset again she must go through 4 menus to re-connect it again. I went to the sprint store called support and called samsung. I finally got a senior tech at samsung that was on the phone with me for almost an hour, she finally found that this phone wont "Auto-reconnect" Sad because every other phone in my house will, Blackberry, exclaim, rumor, A900. one note this might be fixed with the update coming out this spring. I repeat might. So in closing I would not recommend this phone if you are used to using a BB. It is very lacking. If you use a exclaim or rumor 2 it will work just the same. Then why spend all that more money to get a phone that almost works as good and a phones thats about $100 cheaper?

Curve to Momment....back to Curve


Dec 13, 2009 by nycdru

I got the Samsung Moment on Tuesday December 1st at 8PM as an upgrade to my Blackberry Curve 8330. On Tuesday December 8th I returned it and went back to my Curve. I REALLY tried hard to like this phone but I couldn't do it.

Screen is big and gorgeous
YouTube videos in high definition rock.
Good reception in weak areas, just as solid as my Curve.
Many other Pro's that everyone here has discussed already.

Cons (All deal breakers for me.)
BATTERY LIFE: or its lack there of. YES, I did train the battery and I tried all the advice I found here and at other android sites. It still couldn't last the day. My Curve makes it from wake up time to bed time with 30-40% battery left most days. My old Centro (wifes phone) can last the day if no games are played but I have never had it die on me. The Moment would not last a full day no matter what i did.
EMERGENCY CALL BUTTON: Very badly placed. I called 911 by accident twice and i couldn't get the phone to end the call.
POCKET DIALING: When you don't have a lock pattern in place you will pocket dial if the phone is in your pocket and the screen is not facing OUT which makes it vulnerable.

In conclusion, I was learning how to use this phone for everything my Curve did and does BUT the combination of Cons for this phone in my experience make all its wonderful pros and features mean nothing.

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