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Great phone overall


Jul 20, 2010 by sportbiker3

After tons of researching I finally decided on the Samsung Moment. Really wanted a 4g phone but when I finally went to look at the Evo it was huge. Way too big of a unit for me. So reluctantly I "settled" for the Moment. Very happy with my decision so far. I love the fact it has a slide out qwerty keyboard although Im finding that I never use it because the virtual keyboard is awesome. The processor is fast with no lag that I have noticed yet. Data transfer is quick and the phone is very easy to use. The only negative I can see so far with this phone is that battery life could be a little better, but its manageable. Would I recommend this phone...Absolutely

Horrendous phone: Avoid Samsung Mid-Tier Android phones


Jul 9, 2010 by duckman2008

I am amazed that so many people give a phone with so many hardware flaws a good review. Samsung really skimped on hardware. The GPS chip SUCKS and does not work. Seriously, try to get turn by turn directions with this phone, it won't happen.

Next big problem: Data lock up. You put the phone in WiFi, then turn WiFi off and within 5-10 minutes the 3G locks up. Only fix is to restart the phone. Its an inexcusable problem.

And finally, the kicker is that Samsung brags about the 800Mhz processor, but its definitely an older processor and it sucks. My girlfriend as the Hero at 5--Mhz and it kills the Moment in terms of speed. I have been using Android for almost 2 years now, and this phone freezes, locks up just switching between apps. IT FREEZES JUST TRYING TO TYPE ON THE TOUCHSCREEN KEYPAD. Android 2.2 could really help fix this, but Samsung has already stopped supporting updates on the damn phone!

Stay away from this phone, and be very wary of buying phones from a company like Samsung that throws a million phones out a year.

Amoled Screen
Decent price currently

Data lockup
GPS sucks
Phone chugs switching between apps
No more upgrades
Its a Samsung

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Jun 24, 2010 by Sara_lee

I got the moment after taking the Seek back since it is not what I was expecting, I didn't know what to expect of the Moment but once I started playing with it I discovered what this phone is truly capable of. I ave had this phone for about a week now and this phone is by far the best phone I have ever owned. At some point I may try the EVO but this phone is top shelf for me at the moment.

Call Clarity is excellent, The display screen is clear and crisp and the touch sensitivity is perfect. I have no complaints about this phone. I love the apps that you can download, the 3.5 head set that comes with it is perfect. This phone is user savvy as well, my boyfriend who is not tech minded even was able to figure it out. I love the video stream on it. It is a gem and I am so happy I went with this phone.

So far I have no cons about this phone. I do wish the battery last a bit longer but for what this phone can do I don't really know what people expect.

In my opinion if your wanting a lap top then purchase a lap top, this phone meets and exceeds any expectations I had about it. I think that if or when this phone dies getting rid of it is going to be hard because of all the things I have on this phone.

nOt fOr me


Jun 7, 2010 by MiamiPinkz16

I have had this phone for about 3 weeks now and honestly its not the phone for me.first of whenI am talking on the phone there is no way to lock it so there is times that it mutes then a piece of my cheek touches it. Then there is times that a call comes in and the screen goes blank and i press the pick up button and it just keeps ringing and it wont pick up at all. the battery life is not that great either. other than that the phone is ok.



Jun 1, 2010 by mjcromp

Moment is a great phone. The Android apps are awesome. I can make the phone do almost anything.

PROs: slide out keyboard (different to start but you get used to)
touch screen
More flexibility with the 2.1 update.
Can do most of my work related tasks on phone and not have to lug laptop any more.

CONs: Battery (but using it as a mini laptop it's not that bad I suppose)
Reception certainly lacks! (Sprint but poor reception is due to phone not provider)

Overall nice phone but I need it for calls as well as micro laptop so this may be on it's way out.

cannot custimize text message ringtone


Apr 4, 2010 by rbills6725

Phone works great .

coverage is awesome.

Very fast with 4g network.

Nice keyboard(s). Touch screen and slide out

Very user friendly

Great browser capable of having multiple pages and windows open at same time.

Android applications download fast and most of them are free.

Can't find out how to custimize my notification ringtones.
The text message ringtones that are preset to the phone only beep or ring for a second or two.
I find a lot of missed text messages because the tones are way to faint or low and I have great hearing(only 25 yrs old) . I downloaded plenty of ringtones and applied them as ringers but they don't show up in my ringtone list for notifications.

Also the phone mysteriously hangs up on people and its not "dropping" calls I have great coverage(happened two or three times and I've only had the phone for a week.

Does everything and more with very few setbacks!


Apr 1, 2010 by Azaelius

Form Factor is great, though a tiny bit hefty.

Keyboard is extremely responsive and feels great, though, as many have stated, the space bar takes a little getting used to.

The speaker phone quality is amazing, loud and clear. Same goes for all audio, including normal calling volume, movies, and you tube.

The 800mhz processor's power really shows, and once the Android 2.1 update hits the moment, I predict it's power will make itself even more apparent.

The screen is bright, clear, and completely free of dead or stuck pixels, AND the touch screen has never faltered once for me.

Now, though this phone is only running the standard Android 1.5, it WILL be updated to Android 2.1, hopefully sometime this month. So, that was my half star off. Samsung and Sprint really should have shipped this with at least 1.6, considering how outdated 1.5 was.

Also, no dropped calls, and consistently good signal in and around San Diego.

Finally, a word on battery life: after killing the battery all the way and recharging three times, I noticed a drastically improved battery life, but there were still problems. Here's what I did to fix all my battery problems: after the battery says it's fully charged, take it off the charger, then put it back on again, but use the USB cable with your computer instead of the wall charger. Leave it on till it's charged all the way, then take it off, plug it back in again to the usb on the computer and wait till it's fully charged, then you're done. You should only have to do this a couple times, then you'll be golden.

Great phone


Jan 2, 2010 by tnemom

Great phone. Don't like Moxier mail for EAS, but Touchdown is only $20. If you use EAS, give both a try, they both work, prefer touchdown personally.

Should be able to remove any apps you don't want/need ... big brother ... a minor quirk, but if I don't use some of them, why have them clutter up my screen?

Needs Android 2.x ... stuck on 1.5 for now, but we'll have 2.x before July. Haven't seen 2.x first hand, but can't believe we have to wait as long as we do for 2.x. If the hero is the hold up for 2.x on sprint, then release 2.x on the moment and screw the hero for now.

Battery Life, I had the same issue initially. Just discharge it a few times fully (until it shuts itself off), do a full charge ... do this a few times deliberatly ... now it gets me through the day. I'd recommend having a backup method of charging (car charger, 110V charger, or USB cable) around just in case though. If I treat this like a mini laptop, I get a full work day out of it easily. If I use it like a phone (a few calls here and there) and just to receive push email (Exchange Active Sync) ... it goes for a good 24 hours w/o issue.

My biggest issue to date is dialing 911 by accident. I can't believe they designed the emergency dial button as a "speed dial" right below the unlock screen. How stupid! Needless to say, I'm quite sure I'll be speaking with my friendly 911 dispatcher a few times before they fix this issue. I have yet to find a decent lock program on the market that can't be circumvented easily (power off, press menu just right, etc).

If it weren't for this 911 issue, I'd have given this phone a 5. A full point off may be harsh, but it is a huge oversight and the easiest thing to fix (or so someone would think)

the best I ever had


Jan 2, 2010 by kev-o

I think it literally the phone I've seen or ever hold I say this cuz it does everything however I did experience a couple of cons at first wen I purchased the fone and yes it was the battery everybody has dis problem but ill teach u how to fix dat all u need to do is go to android market and look for app called battery refresh and follow directions simple!!!! And as soon as I did dat I can last pretty much da whole day or long enough to do whatever u doin and get home to charge it there......but I really do recommend dis phone cause it is absolutely the best I ever had!!!!!

samsung moment=awesomeness


Dec 8, 2009 by Charmon1984

I love this phone. This is my first smartphone, but I've played with an iphone many times. The slide out keyboard was one of the main reasons I picked it instead od the htc hero. The battery issue was a pain the first couple of days, but after running the battery down and chrging back a few times its no longer a problem. I get a day and a half battery life before actually having to charge. I didn't think I would like the phone this much, but since getting it 3 weeks ago, I haven't been able to put it down.

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