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It was an awesome 5 years


Aug 31, 2013 by swdjinc

Samsung Moment. My first smartphone. Awesome phone.
She had her day on the farm for a long time with me. She doesn't owe me anything. We have been through a lot. I am normally a patient person. After 2 1/2 years I Upgraded her OS to the latest Android version she can handle, ver2.2.2 and she performed well. Miss her old OS though. But I needed to upgrade her for an app that was required for my job. She understood and performed well as expected.

After a couple more years she like any computer type product technology got the best of her. They are not secretaries anymore, they like to be called administrators...anyway... after 5 years on the job running on the same battery. I used Task Killer to shut off almost everything to save on her battery power. I hardly talked with her, I mostly text, email and web browse. We used GPS a lot for work. Her slide out keyboard is the best. But can't text while driving...( not that I should be... should pull over for that... Ha) :)

Performance till now has been great. But lately losing a lot of signal. Have to remove battery and reboot too often.
Going to miss my baby... and definitely her keyboard.
(She knows exactly what buttons I need to press).

But sticking to the Samsung tradition and upgrading to my fourth Samsung, the Galaxy S4. She will understand, cause her number will be part of it. We will review later...

Bad Phone


Aug 9, 2011 by walleyejones

When this phone works and it is not that often it does a nice job for one of the 1st androids. Problem is this phone has lots of problems with dependability. Most people I talk with tell me they have had bad to poor luck with this phone holding up. Today i just received my 4th one with 3 1/2 months to go till I can get new phone. This new one might have to go back tomorrow because like no 3 the gps is not working. I will be talking with Sprint on this because i have lost 4 days waiting for my 4th phone because it could not charge and had to wait till my next phone came in. If Sprint wants to keep giving me these crummy phones till my contract says i could get a new one I will be leaving them to go to Verizon. If i cannot have a dependable phone to use than they are of no use to me. As far as a Samsung this is the 3rd model and all three were bad the last one was a instinct. I can tell you i bought my last Samsung. I will look at one of the htc evos or that new motorola.

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Needs Work, But A Solid Android Phone


Nov 17, 2010 by redquestron

I've owned this phone since May of 2010. It originally shipped with Android 1.6 and later, Sprint issued an update to Android 2.1 (Eclair).

This phone is a solid Android based phone but there are several caveats in getting it to perform "up to spec".

Since Sprint and Samsung have "end of lifed" this phone, you're only going to be able to get one refurbished or used very soon.

PROS: Slide out keyboard is a great addition, the AMOLED display is super bright and VERY easy on the eyes. The Android OS is showy on this phone, and using the Market and some of the phone's development forums, you can remove all of the Sprint "bloatware" and truly make a phone that is 100% yours.

CONS: There is a very real problem with this phone having major data "lock ups" which means that all of a sudden you have NO DATA at all and the phone gets stuck in "airplane mode"... no calling, no data, nothing. This requires rebooting. Sprint and Samsung have TRIED to issue a few updates over the air to address this MAJOR problem as is inhibits your ability to dial emergency numbers. So far a majority have seen the latest update fix the problem.
Another major issue is battery life. The only solution to a major battery drain (meaning charging every 4 hours or so with major phone data and voice use) is to find yourself a nice App killer in the market and use it OFTEN.

I've found that doing a little bit of Google searching has put me in touch with a few development communities that design "custom ROMs" for this phone. A custom ROM can turn this phone from the buggy and slightly unnerving out-of-box experience it is, into a phone that can do EXACTLY what you want it to do. (mind you, it can also void your warranty, but if the phone is EOL, who much cares?)

I'd recommend this phone if you're a constant TEXTER, or if you want an introduction to the Android platform. If you have the means, however.. consider an Epic. It is most likely worth the extra 10 bucks a month.

The ui freezes


Nov 15, 2010 by narn3049

The OS and ui freezes and so it isn't reliable

Absolutely terrible!!!


Oct 4, 2010 by highdevinitiond

This phone is AWFUL! If you EVER think about buying it, don't do it!! I have had to replace my phone on four separate occasions because of loose charger ports, overheating issues, restarting randomly, slow response time, issues with my icons staying aligned, and other general madness.
Not only have they replaced it four times, but they have wiped my software clean 12 different times and replaced my battery 3 times. Every time they wipe the software, I have to start over from scratch with application downloading and setting my preferences.
It's a great phone when it works, but I've had this phone for 7 months and have already needed four replacements. After 3 trips to the Sprint store and 25 minutes on the phone with customer service, they are FINALLY switching me to another device because I am so entirely fed up with this one! Don't do it! Causes nothing but problems!!

Disapointed, sorely...


Sep 30, 2010 by behemoth85

1st forray into Sprint coverage/service in suburban New Orleans and the gulf coast.

PROS: Keyboard is laid out nice and smooth, and fairly easy to get the hang of after a day or so. I was coming from a Blackberry, Q, Droid 1 (VZW) so it took a little adjusting...

-Reception is fairly strong in most cases, not too many issues here.

CONS: BATTERY! This by far has had the worst battery life of any phone I've ever used. Granted, I know it comes with it being a Android device; but even with the backlight/screen timeout/task killer, I'd barely get 6-8 hrs a day before having to charge.

-The charging port also never wants to charge half the time. I did a warranty exchange which supposedly fixed it, but I suspect they sent back the exact same charger.

-Internet can be slightly sluggish.

-TOO much Sprint bloatware. I think this was a LARGE reason of the lag/battery, but none of this seems to be removable.

I am a VERY VERY heavy text/internet/call user and this phone was the 1st MAJOR MAJOR disappointment I'd had in almost 8 years of owning phones.

If going Android, it is WELL advised to look at something else. Especially if you value battery life over anything.

high end sprint android 3g phone!


Sep 12, 2010 by mobileguy2010

Pros: this phone has a beautiful display. The qwerty physical keyboard makes texting and web browsing a snap. The 3.2 mp camera takes rich photos and has a flash. The Google android market is simply amazing! I love the WiFi it is super fast.

Con. The battery life is not good. You will need an extra battery or a carcharger.
Other than the battery issue this is a super smart phone on the Sprint network.

ii LOvE iT!


Aug 4, 2010 by ii.LOvE.AnDRoiDz

I already liked the phone before the software update, but now that I have the update...I simply love my phone. A car battery is suggested in you stay on your phone ALL DAY like I do! I have no complaints about the battery, because it's my fault!:] It's a great phone! But if anyone wants to buy me the HTC EVO...I would gladly let them! (lol)

Its OK......


Aug 2, 2010 by jamilea144

Pros: Android OS is great once its updated to the 2.1.
Camera is pretty good quality (and it has a FLASH!)
Full keyboard is nice to have if you text a lot.
Battery life is acceptable for the amount of things the phone can do.

Cons: I had 2 separate units have a complete software meltdown in a 2 week period.
Less than a week after I got my third the charger port started to fail. The Sprint store said it was a known issue and they let me switch to a HTC hero.
The lag when selecting apps or answering an incoming call is sometimes a ridiculous amount of time.
Only 3 homescreens

the best phone i have ever used so far


Aug 1, 2010 by phonefreak23

Wow did samsung finally get something right for a long time I thought none of these manufacturers couldn't get anything right. Now I have used just about any phone out there and couldn't find one to fit my needs until now this as the best os I'm glad it got updated to 2.1 everything works good really like the keyboard I really don't care for touchscreens but this pne blows just about any touchscreeen phone out there in my opinion 3.2 megapixels perfect for takeing pictures when I feel like takeing them that is. I would recommend this phone to anyone that needs a mini computer like me so if ur the type of person that needs internet email and everything else u should really look into getting this phone.

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