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LG Chocolate Touch / 8575 Touch


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great phone


Jul 27, 2010 by drumwarrior

great phone after getting used to touch keyboards . only fault i have with this phone is big fingers are hard to use this phone with . other then that . screen is nice and big. great audio sound, camera and video work good. phone looks cool. over all after getting used to it i am very happy i got this phone

Inbetween on this one


Apr 17, 2010 by melissa1989

So I really loved the look of this phone and that is where I was fooled. I didnt like the touch screen at all! Here are my PROS and CONS

Pros- sound, pictures, memory & calander the look!!
COns- touch screen, music ringtones were a hassel... DId not offer much to do on the phone.

THose are just some that I can think of. I returned mine

Great Phone


Nov 30, 2009 by nizzmizzle

This is the first touch phone that I have had and I have been really pleased with it. It has taken a while to adjust to the touch screen but once I got the hang of it I really like it. The touch screen is really responsive and the phone has alot of cool features. The sound quality of the mp3 player is top notch and I like how you can play the drums and piano along with the songs. Another cool thing about the music player is that you can keep listening to music while doing other things. The built in FM radio player works really well. The camera quality is decent and I like that you can flip through your photos similar to an iphone. The call quality is also very good and I have always had good reception. I also really like that you can text t9 style or flip it on the side and use the full qwerty touch keyboard. I also like that you can add shortcuts to the main screen. Overall, this phone is really great and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a great phone and a great mp3 player

Awesome with reservations


Nov 9, 2009 by Spunkweed

Got this on launch day, the touch interface is straight off of the EnV Touch (thank god) and is one of the best resistive touch screens from verizon. Some differences though:

The obvious, no true keyboard, not a huge issue if you use T9 because the ten key pad is pretty fast and responsive, the touch qwerty kinda sucks, because of the spacebar's placement it's difficult to press (Big fingers need not apply in this case).

The music player... the Dolby processing... wow... best mp3 player I've had yet for audio quality, although ease of use is barely lower than an ipod.

Interface is fast, as fast as the EnV (most of the time).

To my surprise though, the screen is a quarter the resolution of the EnV's (240x400 vs. 480x800), and it's noticeable when you put them next to eachother, but because the lower resolution, the Chocolate is brighter.

The camera is a lie, it says 3.2MP just like the EnV, it's vile by comparison, of course the camera on the EnV is a hard act to follow.

Call quality is amazing, I get awesome reception pretty much everywhere, and it's clean and clear. Also, you can plug the phone into a car stereo and use the car speakers for the speaker output, makes for an awesome speakerphone.

In summary:
Get it if you want a great sounding, mp3 (and aac/itunes unprotected) playing, feature fun phone.

Don't get it if you're looking for a good camera.

Bring a stylus!

do NOT buy this phone!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov 5, 2011 by bj13713

i hate my phone! i have had it almost a year and has had 3 of them. my screen locks up to where i have to take the battery out, and the phone glitches like every second. it was the Best Phone I ever had until month 3. i do Not recommend this phone to AnyOne!!!!

was my favorite !!


Aug 4, 2011 by kelseybug3589

I had this phone for almost 2 years. I t was by far my favorite phone until my son dropped it in water .
speaker phone awesome
battery life great
big screen
MP3 player was amazing on it


I did have to get a replacement one time because it had a lot of defects like freezing or not turning back on but that was one time in 2 years. Verizon replaced it for me at no hassle.

another con is the phone always asked you to collaborate it.

with every touch screen though your going to have problems with the touch screen, some can get used to having to restart the phone every so often others cant.

overall i loved this phone, was my favorite phone i had.

Amazing phone


Dec 11, 2010 by narn3049

I got this phone for a little bit to use from a family friend. So I used it for about a week, and I have my review ready.

When I got this phone I was like WOW! I have been using the iPhone for 4 Months now, and also use a Jest by Pantech, but I was going to give this one a little spin, and see how good of a phone it is. It seriously is REALLY close to the iPhone. It has it's own version of coverflow when the phone is tilted, has the proximity sensor so you don't press buttons with your cheek when your talking to someone. The music player looks somewhat iPhone like. But I like that the iPhone has wifi which this doesnt.

REQUIRED data plan for 9.99-15.99
The FM radio requires a headset, as the headphones act as an antenna for the radio
Screen scratches a little too easily, which is also a complaint I've found with the Jest too

I also like that they included an extra back. So there's two colors to choose from. I also like the idea of the USB charger. Because then you don't have to buy additional software/accessories to sync music. I was impressed by this phone when I used it, but it has a 4.5 because of a couple of the cons.

As for another PRO I didn't mention but now am, is that the battery life is really good. It is MUCH better then my iPhone, and the battery can be removed for replacement if it happens to go bad. It runs on 3G so the data is incredibly fast. So is my iPhone so not much of a comparison there. Overall if you buy this phone, and can pay for the 9.99 data charges, this phone is a perfect buy.

slam dunk !!!


Oct 7, 2010 by dannyboy01

i got the chocolate touch about a month ago. i had to bring it back after 2 days, because the screen locked up on me... got a replacement and haven't had a problem since.
this is my first touch phone, but it is extremely user friendly. i have a data plan, so i am able to go on line and do searching, email, social websites,etc. (by the way, i am not all that great with computers in the first place). i can navigate around the Internet with ease...
the phone itself is really easy to use. you have everything at your fingertips. literally and figuratively. i love this phone... my 3 year old can navigate around and open up the photo album, videos, the doodle pad, pretty much whatever he is allowed to get into under supervision. believe me, if he can do it at 3, any teen or adult will be able to.
graphics are great, battery life is like 3-4 days with constant use, (about 6 days with normal use) you can put your most used apps or settings on your home screen just like your computer, texting is a breeze, unless you have really thick fingers, all kinds of call options and settings, voice dial, the list goes on.

its no iphone or blackberry, you don't have a crap load of features, but if you are looking for a phone that is easy to use that has really nice features, and is sleek, stylish, and up with the times, but don't need the massive amount of features the iphone or blackberry has, the LG Chocolate Touch is definitely for you...
definitely get a protective case just so your screen is protected,... i got the body glove case for mine. it is really nice because it can be used with a belt clip, or you can remove the peg and there is a smooth filler cap if you don't want to use the belt clip...



Aug 5, 2010 by logens_mommy0928

My boyfriend owns this phone. It has alot of great features. The camera is amazing. The screen on the other hand, not so much. He owned his first Chocolate touch for 2 wks when he had to send it back b/c the calibration on the touch screen was WAY off and they had no way to fix it. He hasn't had many problems with the newer one. He's only had it a mth..We'll see how it goes.

Pro's and Cons about it


Jul 29, 2010 by zACK900

Great phone,but here are my pros and cons

Pro's- 3.0mp camera,touch screen,commands,sensitivity,
internet is fast if u have it.

Con's- Blurry video camera,apps are horrible,

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