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Opinion of former Iphone 3G (16gig) owner


Mar 13, 2010 by averageman987321

I thought that they would have to pry my Iphone out of my cold dead fingers, but several weeks ago, I was introduced to the N900 by my phone consultant. Now, I am a proud N900 owner and believe that it is one of the best phones out there, if not the best.

The principle advantages of the N900 are the simultaneous functionality of multiple features and the desktop-like web surfing.

The most important thing is that the N900 is not a mass-market phone and was correctly introduced to me as a "geek" phone, designed for a more tech-savvy market. This means that it has a learning curve for those of us accustomed to being spoon-fed by Apple. Also, if you don't know Linux (and I don't) there are some new aspects to figure out. The transition is manageable. For instance, I am an enthusiastic novice and I had the phone set up and was downloading fantastic apps the first day.

The App Comparison:
The available repositories for N900 are full of free applications and donation-based applications created by professional grade developers. Compared to my old Iphone, there is little application envy from a functional standpoint. I downloaded the Google-maps and Firefox for N900 to use the sync feature, so everything looks mostly the same. Still, the Iphone is more mass market and seems to be more focused on being a game platform, so keep your personal priorities in mind. But also keep in mind that the N900 really is a mobile computer, so you don't need as many apps--you just go to the website like you would with your desktop.

The N900 can get up to 3.5G speed on T-mobile (my carrier, $70 total cost per month phone and data plan), has the exact same screen as the iphone, and the 5.0 megapixel camera is a delight. It is so connected to all my email accounts, IM/VOIP accounts, and in every other way, that it serves well as a one-stop device. I am eager for the software update to Meego and to upgrading Firefox flash-player 9.4. (10.1 has been demo'd but not released).

Everything I expected and more


Mar 25, 2010 by sphinx780

Compared to the other positive posters on this phone, there isn't too much to add. Both myself and my wife love this phone. I would fall more towards the geeky side and enjoy playing and customizing my phone, my wife just wants something that works...we are both completely satisfied.

Major pros: call quality, camera, music storage and playback, web streaming music, web browser, FM transmitter for over the air radio play.

cons: night shots on camera, no mms (I just email pics anyway or upload them online).

Both of us rely on our phone for both business and play. I recently took a weeks vacation and was able to ditch my laptop, ipod and camera as this took care of them all without any hiccups while working on the road.

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Plenty of Potential


Dec 31, 2009 by tzsm98

The Nokia N900 (Type RX-51) is a heavy device. At 181 grams, over six and a third ounces. So with a hefty price and weight penalty what do you get in the N900? You get potential for great hand-computer with a phone attached.

Potential- The applications, the software that makes having a computer useful, are lacking. What do you use a computer for?

Word Processing – A viewer is available but not an editor.

Spreadsheet - Again, a viewer is available but not an editor.

E-Mail – The on-phone client sets up easily and allows reading and writing of e-mails. It gets full points here.

Image Editing – A rudimentary image editor is included.

Web Browsing – Do what you do on the web with it and you’ll find it very close to your desktop browsing experience. T-Mobile 3G/2G, other GSM 2G and WiFi are your connection choices.

Watch Movies – This has a luscious screen. Movies look super on this screen. They play smoothly.

This device has the processor and RAM to do the job once the software is there.

So what do you get as a phone? Again you get some potential but it generally delivers quite well as a phone. What do you use your phone for?

Making Phone Calls – It says Nokia on it so it shines here.

Sending text messages – Your choice of on-screen or physical QWERTY keyboards. Several kinds of predictive text choices are available.

Sending Multimedia Messages – Can’t do it with this phone - not yet. Perhaps in the next update.

Calendar – Super deluxe calendar features. Nothing missing here.

Contacts – Super deluxe address book. Nothing missing here.

Camera – The distortion from the lens is smooth but obvious. Straight lines are curved. You won’t be donating your Nikon to AmVets just yet.

MP3 Player – This handles the music chores admirably. Internet radio, FM radio, music player, FM transmitter all present and accounted for! It sounds good too. It is not too crisp at the top nor too boomy at the bottom when using good quality headphones. It lacks an equalizer.

nokia n900


Jan 31, 2010 by mwink

this phone is totally awesome every since I bought this phone I stop using my Iphone 3gs it way better than the iphone. the battery last a very long time its camera is great the only thing it doesn't do like the iphone does is to receive videos by text and email but other than that it is great web is faster and u don't have to use your finger on the screen it has a stylus.



May 25, 2010 by anth.trinh

I've been using this phone since December. I pre-ordered in August. Nokia said it should arrive in September...then October..then November...Then finally it comes before Christmas. Horrible Launch.

Not only that it lacks applications, it lacks updates.

This phone has many problems that still need to be ironed out. 25% of N900's ( source www.mameo.org ) have problems with their USB ports. Either falling out, not charging, or not being able to detect on a computer.

Nokia REFUSES to fix this and says that it is "user error"

It is NOT user error if about 25% of your phones have the same issue. I called their service and they said I had dropped my phone. Which I didn't and that they were not able to cover it under the warranty. I told them, I will pay them for it to get it fixed. They said they won't do that because it will void the warranty. Cool.

Never buying Nokia ever again.

Epic Failure =software/os, Hardware is good


Mar 30, 2010 by ibnturab

I have to come out and say that first I'm a nokia fan, and have been for years. I rarely keep a phone for more than 6 months, and have owned just about every high end nokia device 3650, 6600, 6630, n80, n73, n95 8gb, n76, n78, n82, n85, n86.

Pros [ mostly hardware, a few software]
1) solid built
2) Excellent 5.0 camera for photos/excellent for videos
3) TV out- Very nice/cool
4) FM transmitter - cool
5) Solid Reception
6) Probably the best web browser
7) Divx, real player support out of the box

Now the OS is something else. To make a long story short, Maemo was dead before this phone was released. It has some good points, but let me point out the bad first
1) No MMS -- seriosly Nokia , what were you thinking, this is so 2002 . You should have left out sms while you're at it.
2) No sim card management -- ??? What's that all about. The only thing you can do is copy numbers from your sim to your phone but not the opposite.
3) No USSD -- "Can dial number starting with a star or pount sign [ can't check account or minutes"
4) Very poor email client, very slow.
5) Impossible to wipe data off your phone. You cannot factory wipe it. Actually, there is a program to do it, but you need a degree in linux to have it run.
6) No Voice navigation on Nokia maps ?? All the symbian phones have this, why can't this phone have it too
7) Maemo is a dead OS : don't let the fan boys tell you otherwise. Nokia killed maemo 2 months after the n900 was released. The decided to ditch the OS and start something new with Intel called Meego !? I understand that nokia is losing a large portion of the smartphone market and that new ideas need to be adopted, but this is definately not the way to go.
8) Very little apps --- 230 apps as of today. While the community is very friendly and helpful, there just isn't any significant interest in thie OS/phone to get to go anywhere.

Bottom line: Nokia is a late comer to the touch market. I hope they find something good to produce in the future.



Mar 7, 2010 by Austiniter

Don't get m wrong, I like an utilize Nokia (I have a Nokia N95), however this Nokia N900 is a very heavy device. Its over six and a third ounces. With a hefty price and weight penalty what do you get in the N900, a HEAVY phone, HEAVY price tag and a HEAVY PHONE which IS NOT 3-G Compatible on AT&T Wireless (only T-Mobile). It appears Nokia is mad at AT&T Wireless thus this phone isn't compatible to be utilized on AT&T's 3G Network. Shame on you Nokia.

There are numerous applications, software which ca make this computer useful, especially for savvy business minded users which need word processing software and more.

The keypad is too small for anyone with medium to large fingers. The keypad is sloppy in my opinion.

I wouldn't waste the money, in fact I sent my N900 back to Dell(which sells them), as it wasn't worth the $440.00 for this phone.

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