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6800 is a text'er Dream


Aug 2, 2003 by Stacie Tarallo

I think this phone is fantastic I downgraded from a 3650 to a 3595 and then upgraded to this 6800 I've never been happier my only 2 complaint's is they could have made it lighter and at least made it level when you set it down to text with it teeter's back and forth other wise I love the amount of time the battery last as well as the pictures for wallpapers even if the display is passive matrix you can totally see the difference between color graphic like the (3650) and passive matrix (6800) especially close up but from a distance Awesome is really my comment on this phone ohh one more thing it needs better internet support for larger files on the internet for instance http://www.Nokia.com is to large a file to view on this phone if there is software support out there please somebody let me know about it if you can otherwise thumbs up to Nokia.. Stacie Tarallo PH Ca.

Sorry to see it put down....


Jul 16, 2008 by bambam

OK, so I am going to have to leave my good buddy on the road side somewhere. I have had this fone for years. It has always worked very well. I have dropped it repeatedly. It has gotten sea water in it. The internal speaker is starting to go, the left keyboard is malf. But it has been a great phone. At&T is dropping the service and I am being forced into a new phone.

Nokia really put out a top notch product on this one. But no one is selling it and/or supporting it anymore.

I have BBs at work and have used numerous other phones, but this one has to be put down.


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Jun 3, 2007 by im coolio

this phone has its own personality. it has an awesome key board that is spaced out and is helpful for businesses. i have read many reviews saying that the keyboard has no light.......wrong. its in the top left corner of the keyboard(the pic of the lightbulb). this has a typical nokia battery, the ones that will last a week without going down one bar. i got this phone 4 days ago and it has the same battery level as before. and i never turned it off!!!!!
also, the phones bigness gives it a stiff solid feeling most people like to have in a phone. it grabs attention and i love it. IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING ONE....GET THE GOD DAMN PHONE!!!




Apr 4, 2006 by cellphonequeenb

I have had 3 replacements from cingular for this phone i just bought at christmas time ... I am so angry !!! this phone has great reception and great flip out text keyboard but is very bulky very heavy and i cant find any accessories or find a case for it ! I have had it replaced due to volume issues cant hear like talking thru a tin can sometimes its bad ! ... the second replacement has bad screen and third replacement shuts off and sounds worst than the new one when i got it !!! if you like to text and not talk then buy it but otherwise if you havent bought it then dont ! the only good feature is like i said the flip screen which is by the way hard to get open sometimes ... and it has a radio feature but you cant use it unless you have a the headset which no stores carry around me !!! also the ringtones are stupid you cant download real tones or use the caller tunes service because the software on this phone is outdated ... oh well your luck my loss ... have a great day !!! on another note I did have the oppertunity to try a great phone the lg models are awsome !!!!

Good phone


Nov 17, 2005 by dallenmarket

Great phone for the price (free w/ATT account)

The fold out keyboard is fantastic and after learning the menu items is easy to use.

The complaints I have are mostly minor. The keys are to easy to hit and can be hit by accident while putting it in a case, etc. The power button especially is too easy to hit. The phone has been shut off several times by mistake.

A major complaint is that sometimes a key or two won't work. This phone gets exposed to desert heat and cold as well as lots of dust, so the key problem may not happen to normal users.

The battery seems to be losing its memory after more than a year and a half of 24 hr/day operation. It recharges quickly with the A/C or car chargers, so this also isn't a big problem. It still gives a coule of hours of talk and several days of listen.

The larger size is nice for hitting buttons with fat fingers, but it is difficult to find a decent case to fit. A clamshell glasses case works great.

This phone is great buy one!


Oct 31, 2005 by Robert S.

This phone is great i really like it a lot the signal isn't really that good here I'm a hour south of the Twin cities area but i can type really really fast on this phone when its open i also like the fact you can type when its closed as well. It is a little heavy but i don't mind that so i know where it is all the time. The polyphonic ring tones are great! I would suggest buying one if you are a business person its really handy because i can type so fast with this phone and the email feature helps me keep up with emails. I highly recommend it!

Nice little phone


Oct 24, 2005 by sms

I picked this new for ~$60 ! as a second phone and I am very pleased.

Great Ergonomics, feels good in the the hand.
- Excellent Keys, extended keypad is very workable
- No bugs in the software.
- Excellent RF (better than 6881/2)
- Seems like good battery life (not enough data yeet)
- Good screen, very light phone
- All listed features work.

FM radio perforamce, it's not as good as some cheap radios are and you have to have the headset connected (that's the antenna!!)

UI is a bit clunky .. but considering it's about 2 years old now .. it's very workable.



Oct 16, 2005 by lefteyeiu2006

The phone is ok. The only pros are a big screen and the QWERTY keypad. Nokia could have made the phone with 8 chords instead of 4. Plus the menu buttons were hard to push and a lot of dust got under the screen and you could not remove it to clean it. No way to change faceplates. This phone is ok, not great, but ok.

Great Phone


Aug 6, 2005 by jontor7

This phone is great...never really like texting messaging..but witht his phone's querky keyboard and texting like a teenager now.....great reception tha nokia is known for..I use it on cingular network the few downside is that there is no bluetooth and only few cases to carry this phone..but will recommend to anyone looking for a substitute to sidekick

Specific to the User


Jun 28, 2005 by Kubal Cain

This phone is great. I use it for fast text messaging to deaf friends. They are using the sidekick and normally they have to wait forever for their hearing friends to get back to them. This Phone allows me to talk and text as fast as they do. It's a Great phone for people who want to text a lot!
Full keyboard
easy access
very easy to learn.

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