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Motorola T720i / T722i (GSM)


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Not the best out there, but...


Feb 21, 2004 by squirt142

Please note I did not ever try the camera for this phone, but I know its not very good. Since the V300 is now out, there is no reason to buy this camera phone over any of the other camera phones on the market.

That said, this is a nice phone that is easy to use and that I had very few problems with. Before this phone, I used a two year old Nokia. So my review is really stemming from comparisons to the older Nokia, which admittedly is unfair.

The presentation and feel of this phone is comfortable. The menu is icon based and easy to maneuver. however, the control is a bit sluggish, in that when you press left or right to go from one icon to another, the cursor "hangs" onto the previous icon for a little over a second. This doesn't sound like much, but when you're trying to cycle through the icons quickly, this can be an annoyance.

T-Mobile has a basic Internet service available called T-Zones. The 722i is fully capable of jumping online, but loading and turning off the T-Zones is done slowly. However, when checking various news sites, the headlines scroll fast and sites seem to load quicker than on the v300.

another plus for this phone is the flashing light. while somewhat of a gimmick, the light can be handy when driving so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to see if you have a signal. green means yes and red means no. simple as that.

on my old nokia, one could set the alarm clock in a matter of seconds. with the 722i, you must go through at least 4 different menus on the phone before you can set the alarm, which can be a pain. shortcuts, while offered, prove to be ineffective as well.

the 722i does offer a colored screen, but compared to the e105, v300, or 715, the screen is very blurry.

all said, its a good phone, but only if you get it for completely free. otherwise, choose the v300.



Feb 9, 2004 by rezevil5

this phone is horrible
it picks up and hangs up on people

weak housing
cheap light
shitty screen
bad polyphonic ringer
low volume
to slow
and most of all

i say this is a horrible phone

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Jan 22, 2004 by MAR1LYN MAN5ON

I bought my FIRST cell phone not awhile ago, 1/1/04 and am still getting used to the "cell world." My opinion is as follows (I combined PROs and CONs):

a. very nice design, compact, sexy (10/10)
b. colors are bright, simply excellent (10/10)
c. i like almost none of the provided ringtones (2/10)
d. ringtone volume is not high enough to hear in a loud environment (6/10)
e. easy-to-use menu (10/10)
f. reception is quite poor due to T-mobile, I guess (7/10)
g. buttons are not of the same sensativity, meaning some buttons need to be pressed harder than others. i've changed the same phone for already 3 times only because of that with no luck (7/10)
h. web works pretty well (9/10)
i. camera SUCKS! it's totally USELESS! (0/10)
j. battery stays alive for a long time (9/10)
k. price is affordable (10/10)
l. NO vibe and ring at the same time (1/10)
m. signal fails sometimes (6/10)

I guess, that's it. Briefly speaking, Motorola T722i is a cool phone for the first time, but I'm not gonna stay long with it, want something cooler and more innovative:-)
I'm waiting and hoping for Motorola V400 or V600 to appear at T-mobile. PLEASE!

Good phone.... high price


Nov 23, 2003 by dslack432

I got this phone with my service and It is a good phone... but the camera is choppy and the ringers could afford to be louder. On the other hand... it is very clear (even without the antennae, i know this thanks to my gf) And, the phone is just sexy. The personal ringtones are awesome too



Nov 3, 2003 by SLPCamaroSS

I own both this phone, the Sony Ericsson T616, the Siemens SL56, and the Nokia 6340i. The 720 gets the best reception at my house. All the others fade in and out. My service is with Cingular Wireless, which I am an employee for. I can't wait for the V600 which will have the camera, speaker phone and the European GSM.



Oct 12, 2003 by tbyrdsc93

i own the t722i and its a great phone excellent color screen camera works great nice reception downloadable games and ringtones and backgrouds the only flaws i find with this phone is its low memory for java and phone book and the external speaker is very low if i put the phone in my pocket the sound almost gets muffled completly



Sep 16, 2003 by TDLicious

Just got a T722i for my fiancee. She is a life-long Motorola girl and this phone replaced her v60g. The T722i has excellent features, MOST OF ALL being the new menus Motorola has implemented. In the past Motorola has had counter-intuitive menus and now it is like Windows2000!

Along with the new menus it has the newest style ringtones (polyphonic) a great color screen, interchangeable covers (my fiancee got Hello Kitty) a stubby, fixed antenna a camera attachment and the list GOES ON!

This is a VERY FUNCTIONAL, VERY NICE LOOKING PHONE. It has what can be considered the "latest and greatest" and it is a perfect size! Put it right in between the old StarTAC and the V60G. If you like Motorola, want to upgrade and need a phone that offers FORM AND FUNCTION, this is for you! I, however, am holding out for an unlocked Siemens SL56!

Solid Performer, Great Overall Phone


Jan 20, 2003 by jeffro01

I recently switched to T-Mobile for the family plan and after looking over the phones and knowing that i wanted something to compare to my Samsung A500 from sprint, I came to the conclusion that the only phone that had voice dialing, color screen, flip phone, polyphonic ringer, and vibra call as well as a camera attachment was the T720i. The phone has a solid display, decent color. The overall "quality" of the phone is average, although i wouldn't drop it if i was you. I was impressed with call clarity and signal reception. The earpiece was plenty loud enough even in a noisy location. The polyphonic speaker could be a little louder and the down navigational key improved, however, the overall button quality is very solid and easy to feel and use. The ease of getting free content on the phone is more than acceptable. Battery life has been a good experience for me, very acceptable. Vibrate ring sucks cause you can't have it vibrate and ring at the same time, it has to vibrate then ring. The menus move well and are easy to navigate. I miss the voice ringers, my a500 could have peoples voices as the ringer, T720i, not so much.

Good reception and call quality
Battery Life
Screen Quality (not 40k, but the 4k looks very good)
Button feel and quality
Free content is easy to get on phone

Polyphonic speaker could be louder
Down navigation button needs improving
Phone could be have a little more of a solid construction
Won't vibrate and ring at the same time
No ability to do voice ringers (believe me i've tried)

Overall i Feel that the cons outweigh the pros, nothing really annoys me near to the point of returning the phone. I think its a great phone for someone that needs features but doesn't have the budged, i only payed 200 through T-Mobile. If anythign give the phone a chance, it will grow on you, it has for me, its become the best phone i've owned. Pros far outweigh cons!

t720i Lame


Feb 13, 2003 by GMan GMan

What no one tells you is that this phone only has 100 phone numbers on the phone. Some of the memory from the Contact and Schedule part of the phone has been allocated to the USELESS Camera portion. The Camera SUCKS. I mean forget about. Its gimmicky at best. A waste of space.

Someone give me back my contact records.

The phone does not make for easy one handed use either.

Else its a nice phone.

Battery life is great.

Take it from a Cingular Sales guy!


Oct 18, 2003 by maxsac

This Phone has it share of problem and is one of the highest returned phones that we have! If you want a good GSM color flip phone stick with the Samsung's or the LG's.

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