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buyer's remorse


Mar 16, 2010 by b0rgm1nd

straight talk version = lg290c

bluetooth locked down

no contact sync (have spend 3 hours trying to hack/workaround with bluesoleil, broadcom, windows mobile center, service codes, etc.)

no native gmail support have to navigate to the web page

I assume this will mean no tethering either

lame. I read the phone scoop specs and bought. StraighTalk's LG290c is not the same as the LG LX-290

buyer beware

290C Difficult and customer service terrible


Jan 31, 2010 by Ironman1331

This LG 290C cell phone w/ pre-paid Tracfone service does the basics.
The "manual" thatcomes with it is terrible so it is difficult to learn how to do anything on this phone.
ALL the information I found was online.
So far I cannot download photos to a PC or anything else.
All it lets me do is send photos to another phone number - so I will use minutes to send a photo- I have NO need to send a photo to anyone elses phone.
One comment online siad that he bluetooth wireless has been disab led for sending photos to another device like a computer.
The Radio Shack worker said she has used B lue Tooth to send photos to a photo machine at WalMart where it creates a disc w/ the photos. Radio Shack has been thoroughly unhelpful and ignorant.
I may return this phone for a refund and buy something else.

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best CMDA Tracfone


Dec 18, 2009 by Moonlight on the Water

Granted, this is my first cellphone. And I'm easily entertained. Regardless, I think this is truly a wonderful phone, and the top-of-the-line CMDA phone at Tracfone.

This phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera with zoom, brightness adjustment, night mode, self-timer, and some fun effects. Photos are not great quality, but adequate. Images can be sent to friends' mobile phones through MMA or your computer with the Bluetooth (at least I think so- haven't tried it because I haven't purchased a Bluetooth yet.).

It has web browsing capability, though limited, and email capability.

It has a Speakerphone, GREAT SOUND QUALITY (I don't hear well, so this is important to me), and it's hearing aid compatible. It also has voice command which I've read will work with a Bluetooth, so it's truly hands-free.

Extras include a calculator, calendar, time zone calculator, and tip calculator.

I love the pre-installed ringtones (33 for calls, 43 for message alerts, and you can program in a special ringtone and image for the caller ID for one of your 1000 contacts. I have selected a new age-y ringtone that's very pretty, and my voicemail alert sings "You've got mail"- very cool! Nice wallpapers,too- I have a serene one that's a moving lotus with birds and a canoe.

The build quality is very sturdy,feels nice in the hand, and I love the satisfying sliding mechanism which only requires a light flick of the thumb. My hands are quite arthritic, so this is a big plus for me- I've had trouble opening friends' flip phones. And the display is LARGE- you can easily see the numbers you dial, unlike some friends' phones I've used. The font for texting, which I haven't tried, is quite small, but I don't use it. The one and only concern I have is that the screen might shatter if I drop the phone, which is fairly likely. (I guess you can tell from my review that I'm pretty decrepit!)

Anyway, I LOVE this pretty phone, and definitely worth spending a few more dollars on at Tracfone.

LG 290C


Dec 12, 2009 by JerryH

I have the LG 290C with Tracfone, I am unable to send pictures nor can I access the Browser, I have contacted Customer Service and they issued at ticket but still no fix. Over all I like the phone and probably do not need to access the browser anyway. But certianly would like to send pictures as I am a truck driver and travel in some beautiful areas of the country.



Jan 21, 2010 by JimInNorthwest

To start with, for some reason,the signal here at home really sucks. I don't know if it's an issue that the carrier could resolve, or if it's something to do with the house's wiring, etc. Supposedly, my niece, who had the same type of phone I have now had better reception than I do. I do like the slide feature on this phone though. I wish the web was better supported.

New Review


Feb 26, 2011 by IBMGeek

I just bought the Straight Talk LG 290c.It's my first slider.The phone feels well made,the slides is smooth and accurate.No side play.The 1.3 mp camera takes nice pics.All the features work well the browser is fast,the screen is clear and bright.The ringtones ore load and clean.I like the true tones.The blue lockdown must have been removed.I paired all me devices with out a single issue.For me the best feature is the voice dialing.The voice quality on both ends is great and the battery life is phenomenal.I spent a long time online and only used one bar.Over all this phone is well worth the $79 price.The only demerit is there isn't away to program short keys that I have found.

Best tracfone


Oct 13, 2010 by Timottei

If talking, and texting, without dropping calls is most important to you (as I'm a trucker). And you wouldn't mind a camera, then this is a good phone to purchase. Yes, the phone has other features; bluetooth, nice sound, web browser, and all the usuals - but to be quite honest, these are the usuals.
Previous to this phone, I had the samsung t101. A very very basic phone, for doing the basics. So when I walked into the walmart with the intent of buying a newer, snazzier phone, I pretty much knew what I was prepared to spend - as little as possible. But the first thing was; does it have double minutes? Then, the look of the thing, does it have a nice screen, and can I text easily. Only then, did I start allowing the notion of other stuff on the phone.
This phone fitted all my criteria. And it allowed for me to get smarter on the other functions I didn't really bargain on.



Jun 24, 2010 by djcloud_2005

I own the Straight Talk version of the 290C and it is an admirable phone.1.3 Mega Pixel camera,real music ringtones(which you really don't see in too many prepaid phones),easy navigation,and a variety of tools for everyday use.The browser could be a little easier to use/navigate.The browser also doesn't support ALOT of things over the internet such as schemes or types of pages.The cache size is not always big enough to allow for downloads sometimes.I'm a 26 year old who asks alot from my phones and so far this one has stepped up to what I thought it would be...maybe even a little more so.All in all a very good beginner or intermediate phone.Would and did suggest this phone to friends and family.

Not that bad of a phone


May 1, 2010 by narn3049

Ok so a friend got this to replace her t101g

First of all I believe this is tracfones first slider. It is pretty solid. Now this model looks a little different or it might not be but I think that hers has music controls on the front, everything else is the same.

The phone is easy to navigate, and isn't at that bad of a price. I say you should go get it.

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