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It's OK...I guess


Jan 9, 2011 by shadow.erickson13

I currently own this phone and I have to say it's not the best. I switched from Tracphone to Boost Mobile because I was paying over $160 bucks a month just to text when I could've just paid $50 a month with Boost.

I'm not complaining about the service. Just the phone.

Pros: Easy texting, good email, media phone, and a good amount of apps.

Cons: Freezes all the time, restarts constantly, doesn't work well around other electronics, annoying to work with, slow browser, websites don't work (you tube, twitter, etc.), I, myself, can't make calls (I can receive them but I can't make them) and I personally don't like the setup of the phone overall.

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Phone and Service are rubbish!


Jul 5, 2010 by CrazyMonkey

I have this phone for almost a year now, and it is the most unreliable phone I or anyone could ever have, it's so slow that when you push a button to do a function it takes like 3 or 4 seconds to execute, the camera sucks and the battery life is pathetic. Boost mobile service is frustrating, when you get too many messages the network stops working and it wont let you neither send nor receive any text, sometimes I'd receive texts 1 or 2 days after its was sent... I could keep going all day describing all the cons on this phone and boost service.
If you want to have Boost because of the service price, at least get one of their top notch phones such as the i1 or Blackberry.

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Hate it!


Jun 19, 2010 by RainySkies21

On Jun2 I went and got Boost Mobile service for the first time because I got tired of Sprint. And didn't want to deal with contract phones as well. I got this phone because it was the cheapest one I could get with a Qwerty Keyboard that I liked.

But ever since I bought it I had nothing but problems with it. When I try to text sometimes it says it can't send and I have to retry sending it again.

If that doesn't work I have to turn it off and pull out battery then put it back in and turn it back on. Once I do that it resends on it's own.

I don't always receive texts messages, nor do my friends or it comes out jibberish to them until I send it 1-2 more times. Takes freaking forever to download a message as well.

I can be on the phone talking and suddenly in the middle of the conversation I am cut off and it says some error code on it. When I try to recall back sometimes it won't even ring so I have to redial ( same as text ) 1-2 more times to get through.

And it always freezes on me to the point I have to pull the battery out, put it back in and turn the cell back on! It's so annoying!

And the fact you can't even personalize your phone with pictures sucks as well. I have to have the volume a bit high to hear sometimes as well.

Pros: Cheap Price, Qwerty Keyboard, Easy 2 Use As Well As Simple, Message Threading Feature ( is pretty cool ), Compact, Awesome Plan ($50)

Cons: Freezes, Download Is Slow, Bad Picture Quality, Dropped Calls, Texting Issues ( Sending & receiving ), Battery Life Sucks, Can't Personalize Contacts/Wallpaper...

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Apr 24, 2010 by jengo2

My texts seem to get hung up. For days. that sucks, bu I’m still learning the phone. A lot cheaper than att! The battery doesn’t stay charged as long as I would like, a day. But hey, can always upgrade.

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Looks like a lot but isn't much.


Mar 28, 2010 by kkrollig

I bought this phone about 2 months ago. I've had nothing but problems from it. When trying to text, the screen usually goes white and the phone appears to cut off completely and restart. When trying to receive messages - they won't download. I guess that's maybe the service but I can't distinguish anymore if it's the phone's problem or Boost Mobile's.

You can get used to the key size if you're a female but I can't see a man with larger fingers being able to use this phone.

A lot of folks talk about the fact that there is no alarm. All you have to do is go to the Java apps and you'll find apps to buy games, a calculator suite and an alarm clock among other things. The alarm works really well.

I've never been able to get the web stuff to work. I can't check email, never have been able to. I have been able to check facebook but that's about it.

Basically I wouldn't buy this phone again but it's not the worst thing I've ever purchased. There are tricks to getting it to work. Like when I text, I have to make sure I don't text someone at the same time they are texting me because if that happens, the phone locks up and sometimes I have to take the battery out to get it to restart. Okay, maybe it is one of my worse purchases.

My husband and I paid 99 dollars for this phone (said it was on sale) I noticed on their web site now they have it for 79. It's not even worth that much.

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you get what you paid for.


Feb 13, 2010 by lovela.

I've had this phone twice with Boost Mobile and I must say I absolutely hated it. The first one I owned fell out of my back pocket and into the toilet, and then today I was taking out the garbage and it fell out of the pocket of my hoody and slid down the sewer. The lesson I learned today was to NEVER KEEP A PHONE IN YOUR POCKET, however I couldn't have been more happier when I finally rid of that stupid phone!

BOOST MOBILE IS NOT THE COMPANY TO GO WITH, unless you are cheap of course (as to why I went with the carrier). They strip their phones down so they do absolutely nothing you'd expect them to do.

I've had multiple problems with the phone and BOOST MOBILE. The letters and numbers on the keys scratch off, the calls drop continuously, I never receive all of my text messages and sometimes if I get more than one sent to me at a time, I can't either open one or the other at all! BS!

When I purchased both phones, they were 129.00. Now they are 79.99. When you go from METRO PCS to BOOST MOBILE, the prices seem great but at least METRO PCS doesn't rip you off the way BOOST does. The first time I messed up my phone, they wouldn't even replace it! I had to buy a new one! This time, I'm not even going to bother. If I was stuck with this phone for the rest of my life, I'd rather NOT have a phone at all. The features barely work. The web takes forever to come up and load. You have to pay for GPS. The ringtones you buy come out distorted. You can't download free ringtones (or anything for that matter) with this phone. The battery life is no good and the charger will eventually stop working! Think of it this way, my two phones messing up were a sign that this phone is NO good. I once had a phone with METRO PCS that lasted me two years and THEN my sister used the same phone! I've had these two BOOST phones in the last SEVEN MONTHS! There are NO PROS, just CONS.

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Great phone - if you customize it


Dec 30, 2009 by java

Got this for my son as his 1st phone. Set him up on paygo. Audio is great. Speakerphone is best I have ever heard on a phone. If you have this, or any Boost phone, head to boostapps.com for free apps. I loaded opera, weather, gmail and google maps along with half dozen games. Now, its not going to be as quick and clean as a blackberry. But, I paid $50 at Bestbuy Blackfriday (bought online and had free shipping) and cant complain. My son gets opera for free, his gmail and OK games.

Camera is what it is. For goofing around. Video is , again, for goofing around. Bluetooth works great to transfer files without using MMS (if you have unlimited it wont mater) GPS tales a long time t get a fix so its not real practical.

Add WIFI, a higher res (not larger) display and a media card for music player and this would be a perfect phone for budget buyer.

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Dec 12, 2009 by Lizeth.S

I myself own an i465 phone and through boost mobile. Despite the fact most people complain about boost service the phone works surprisingly well for what it is. The browser itself was a little lackluster, but I managed to get Opera Mini 3.1 on there and it makes it a totally different phone for browsing the web. Easier, faster, better imagery.

The phone is a 2G Data speed phone, so no, it wouldn't browse like an HTC, but it also costs significantly less than an HTC or the plan that comes with it. I've yet to experience any of the infamous text lagging that people associate with boost (I've gone as far as to text people on other networks in other states while talking to them to see how long it takes, it's usually less than a minute.

The camera, despite its low resolution (640x480) takes fairly decent pictures which is a good thing being a 2G phone. This way you aren't sitting there, waiting for a 2G connection to try an upload a 2+ Megapixel image.

All and all, I am happy with my purchase and the service I've been getting from boost. To be honest, I am a customer service agent for Sprint itself. I do get a discount through sprint and Nextel proper, but frankly even I would rather go prepaid for my particular needs. So, in conclusion

Pros: Rugged, Simple, Stylish, Reliable, low cost ($50 a month for unlimited everything, Talk/Text/Chirp/Web!), No contract (!!!!)

Cons: 2G (Slower than 3-4G, but hardly dialup) The Boost Mobile Version is unfortunatly blocked from downloading Java applications from a lot of 3rd party locations, so you really need hunt to find free apps for the phone.

Other Thoughts: Battery Life: It hasn't left me dead, and I play on the web pretty significantly. Just remember that browsing the web and playing games/pictures can use your battery as fast as talking, sometimes even more so. I find generally I leave the phone on for 12-15 hours a day, browsing the web and whatnot, I need to charge it at night and its good for the day.

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Great phone but Boost service sucks.


Dec 7, 2009 by redraven_y2k

I got this phone when it first came out because of Boost unlimited plan. I have not had any problems with this phone at all.

I have read some other reviews and wtf are people not reading the little thing called a phone manual. I use my phone, camera, datebook complete with alarm, vibe and flashing light as well as view & send mms & sms everyday. I played around with the phone enough to use everything it has to offer including the free calculator and Boost TV try looking under Java. If you can not afford the Blackberry and the new EFT price tag from Verizon but you love to text this is the phone for you.
QWERTY keyboard
alarm clock
Boost unlimited plan
lack of phone accessories
paying Boost for ringtones,application etc.
lack of picture ID
Boost service when it comes to texting
lack of true nationwide coverage
lack of phone protection plan

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First Time Owner


Aug 26, 2009 by MusicFiend

ok i have had the i465 for a good 2 weeks now and i love it. i have managed to adjust to the texting style of the keyboard and also the CAPS and symbols lock. i wanted to express my opinions on the pros and cons of this phon plus get more info on it.

i read that some ppl have a problem finding certain things in their phone my only advice is to personalize it to your liking. that way everything you need is where its supposed to be. i did that the first day i got my phone and so far no problems.

also i love how this phone has 3-WAY calling. not many or all boost phones do that. big points on my part.

the camera pics are acceptable. i have a different camea phone so no loss there.

my only problem at this point is the bluetooth. i go through the whole downloading process and everything goes smoothly but then it keeps saying "invalis file type" called boost customer sservice and dead end. if anyone have decent info on this please respond back please.

overall i love this phone. so what its not a blackberry. its freakin close to one and it rocks

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