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LG enV3 VX-9200


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A really easy phone..


Mar 8, 2010 by mackscutiemama

So, agian here i am reviewing the phone. I love it. So far so good. I switched from tmobile android behold 2 to a lower phone. I admit i miss my behold at times. But i can do the same things on this phone pretty much as i could on that one. I feel all i did loose was the market and apps that were unique compared to the ones listed on windows users on this mobile.

loud speaker
easy keys
moving background.. a plus
visual voicemail-not hed phone. Yay!
bttry life

no enuff apps
no good ringtones
internet could be more user friendly

other then that few things i can live with seems there's always nitch your gonna not like about each thing. and going hed to led is a big differnce..

Nice and easy to use


Dec 18, 2009 by narn3049

The only reason I gave this device a 4.5 is because the battery life is a little crappy. My friend Kelly has this phone and she has to charge it every night whereas her last phone the flipshot had outstanding battery life. This battery problem is due to the phone being a heavy applicastion packed based messaging phone. It is very easy to text on and I did have the chance to play with both hers and one in maroon at verizon. I really liked the device, but then I saw the battery life complaints (I had my eyes opened for a messaging phone because my blackberry phones plan was a lot to keep 49.99 is a lot to keep a smart phone, needless to say I got the alias u740 (50.00) on eBay and absolutely love that phone.

As for the camera it is a 3.0 and is very good, however as a con for that as I tried to take pictures your fingers easily get in the way of the camera because there is no real holding place to the phone when it is opened.

Texting is fast, the keys are big and easy to use. I really like this phone but I like the alias better

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Nice Phone (LG); Ripoff forced upgrade (VZW)


Jul 15, 2009 by BubbaTSmith

I hate to give the actual hardware of the phone such a rotten rating - LG did a fine job and it's a very nice phone.


The forced upgrade to a ripoff plan (the new "Nationwide" plans) is something you should absolutely avoid. During normal operation of the phone (no web surfing, no special use other than as a phone) the phone will rack up various and mysterious data charges. Want to look for and download a PAID VZ app? Oh yeah, you need to pay for the bandwidth just so you can FIND and PURCHASE the app. Text messaging? Pay for it separately? Cool, but you still have to enable the (paid) web service to text. Backup assistant (which is "free"?) WELLLLL... it's sorta free, but you have to PAY to download it, oh and when it syncs your address book nightly, yeah, you have to PAY for that bandwidth too. Lovely new plan, VZ. Thanks so much. Wonderful service. iPhone here we come.



Jan 27, 2010 by Nateku

Having previously owned the Env2 before this phone, I can safely say that while it isn't a revolutionary step forward, the Env3 certainly addressed and improved upon the flaws and limitations of it's previous model.

The biggest difference is the front of the phone, with its larger exterior screen as well as a full directional pad unlike the up and down of the Env2. Also, I personally like the way the front number keys curve on the Env3 better, it looks sleeker.

On the inside, a slightly larger screen awaits. While it wasn't a very noticeable size difference, it's still a nicer screen. Also, the 3 megapixel camera as well as the inclusion of a flash feature was a really nice improvement over the Env2 camera. The speakers also have better sound quality at full volume.

Going from the two space bars on the left and right side of the Env2 key board to one larger space bar in the middle with the Env3 was a somewhat difficult transition at first. After a few weeks however, the space position seemed natural and texting was a breeze.

A couple things come to mind in terms of flaws or lost features. On the Env2, you could start typing from the start-up screen and it would create a new text message. This no longer happens with the Env3. Also, after your inbox gets to more than half full there is a noticeable drop in the time it takes for letters to appear on screen after you press the corresponding letter key. A slight detriment for fast texters.

Also, as has been the case for quite some years, the same old Verizon menu system is in place. It would be nice if Verizon could implement a different menu for once, considering all the new phones they're coming out with. Not that the current one is bad, just boring and a bit outdated.

The Env3 is a solid continuation of the Env series, and an overall high quality QWERTY phone.

+More functional exterior
+Better camera size and options
+Higher quality speakers

-Lack of auto texting
-Same menu
-Lag in texting

great phone.


Jan 24, 2010 by tinkerbell1458

I've had this phone for about 6 months now, and I love it. I have had no problems with it at all. I switched from a Blackberry Storm to this phone and it is so much better. The only thing that has been wrong is sometimes when I try to take a picture, or view my pictures the phone turns off, but it doesn't happen very often. Overall its a really great phone.

env3 is awesome!


Jan 23, 2010 by meggie43015

i upgraded to env3 after having a Motorola Krazr K1m for 2 years. the env3 is 10000 times better than the krazr. the best parts of my env3 are the qwerty keyboard and the music player. so far i have not had any trouble with the phone. the only thing i find i don't like is the battery life.
i travel a lot and the battery doesn't last as long as I'd like it to. this phone has better quality of craftsmanship than the krazr did. I'd recommend this phone to anyone interested in buying one.

LG env3 9200


Jan 16, 2010 by sunlight1

Love the maroon color, it is a beautiful phone, has a wonderful camera, good battery, call quality is good. I am used to a small flip so this is larger but is still okay, not too thick. I have only had this phone for one week. This is my second one.

Pros: Beautiful phone
Good camera
Large inside screen
Good texting and internet phone

Cons: The first phone kept freezing but got
one with updated software and haven't
had a problem in one week
Can't take pictures without opening
Can't set ringtones without opening
No good ringtones
No good front screen wallpapers and
can't put wallpaper from pictures full
size on outside screen
End and Sent too close to #1 & #3
Have to press OK three times to get to
menu items
LG has a hinge problem with their
phones. My LG 8350 broke in half.
The hinge on the LG env3 9200 creaks
and groans so don't know if it will
last for the 2 years of my contract

enV 3


Dec 25, 2009 by fuzzymoonboots

i absolutely love this phone. i've had it for 2 days now and really have no complaints except for i wish it came with better ring tones and the front screen was bigger. a much better upgrade than the alias 2 by far.

Nice Phone


Dec 15, 2009 by PhonePhan12

This is a nice phone- Video and pictures are excellent. Keyboard is made easy for texting. However, like the EnV2, the EnV3 has had problems with shutting off on me. Sometimes when im sending or typing a text message my phone will shut off..I have yet to take it into verizon to get it checked out but im sure they will give me a new one.. Just for future reference and consideration. Overall, I love my phone very much!

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