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LG enV3 VX-9200


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shuts itself off all the time - annoying!!


Sep 7, 2010 by quinoanut

This is my boyfriends phone but I am well enough aquainted with it to write the reveiw.

The display is nice
keyboard easy if you text
nice ringtones
camera is not bad
good sound quality to people you call

not that user friendly at times

So not too many cons but I only give it one star because that is a huge problem with this phone. If your waiting for a kidney, or if your social life is just a bit tenuous, I would NOT buy this phone.

Very disappointing


Aug 19, 2010 by Michaelsean72

I loved my last LG, but this one has been noting but problematic.

*Phone shuts itself off daily, numerous times a day.

* When texting, if a call comes in the phone automatically answers the call and erases your text.

*Display screen scratches VERY easily.

*Reaction time from when you press a button is very slow.

*voicemail asks for password at least twice.

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Durable, But Unreliable


Aug 17, 2010 by ridethelightning1984

I have had this phone for 8 months now. It was an upgrade from my enV2. Honestly, in the end, I still wish I never upgraded. I can't switch back to my enV2 because I sold it after buying this one. Let's just jump right into this:


Very Sturdy
Great Call Quality
Keyboard is so easy to use
Fast Data, Outgoing and Incoming
Looks Cool, Great Design
Camera quality unbeatable in a phone of this budget range.


Battery Life - It's declined by about 50% since I bought the phone.
Signal Strength - I never see more than 0, 1, or 2 bars. Calls and text messages? Sometimes I don't even get them.
Charger - The non-proprietary USB cable combo charger is a great move on LG's part, a huge upgrade from earlier models. But it is cheap and falls apart. I've replaced it more than once.
Material - The smallest thing will scratch this phone. It's just unavoidable, even with a case I've ended up with more scratches on the phone. It also attracts fingerprints very well.
Voicemail Indicator - Doesn't tell me when I have voicemail even if the indicator is set to "on."

Although the pros still outweigh the cons on this phone, it still has some quirks that prevent me from REALLY liking it. My enV2, although it was a step down on a number of features, it was a much more reliable phone. If you have an earlier model enV or enV2 phone, this is NOT a worthy upgrade. You're better off with one of the older models.

My 7 month review


Jul 31, 2010 by rogerthat

I generously give this phone a 2.5 because it is working OK now, minus a few quirks.

Last November, I was in the market for a new cell. My old one was great but the battery was dying. So I engaged in some reviews of potential phones. I waivered between the LG enV3, the LG Touch, and the Samsung Alias.

Not sure I like the touch feature and seeing mediocre to OK reviews, I passed. Knowing someone who had the Alias and the problems with the punctuation (albeit minor) and the size of the phone alone knocked that one out. That left me with the enV3.

BIG mistake! I'll save you the whole sordid and frustrating experience. But needless to say, after going through THREE!! phones in 3 weeks time, this phone sucks.

Maybe I just have bad luck b/c everyone else's reviews were more positive. But if you can be spared any drama, avoid this freaking phone. The phone worked fine until the 2nd week, until the phone started shutting down without notice. I couldn't power it back on until the phone was ready, which could mean all day.

After dealing with some technical problems with a certain nameless cell provider ("Can you hear me know?"), I had to postpone a scheduled trip for a week just to get this phone's late arrival + the phone still did not work. Finally a month later I got the phone I have had for the past 7 months. The root problem, it seems, may have been an unformatted micro SD card.

Au contraire, the problems never stopped. My wallpaper constantly changes at random. It still blacks out sometimes. Ever so often my texts do not go through (never an issue with my old phone--LG V8300).

While this is relatively minor, it is a big irritation. The tech guys have no idea how to fix it. Great..

So just to recap--

-Sleek & cute
-Qwerty a bonus

-weird speaker/button placement
-low battery life

Avoid this phone if possible. If you have my same provider, you will be forced to upgrade your service.



Jul 15, 2010 by gryffindor

Pros: I like thekeyboardforInternet&Tex ting. I like the 2screens.
Cons: The phone resets by its self. Battery life low between charging.

love this phone!!!!! highly recommend ******


Jun 29, 2010 by cooper123

I absolutely loved this phone. You can text super fast on it, and it is a very user friendly phone overall. The camera is absolutely fabulous with a picture i think looks very good, flash included! i highly recommend this phone to texters and people who want to be able to use their phone as a camera also. this phone can also send video.

super easy texting
how much you can customize background/ fonts
great battery life

nothing really, this phone is really for me, others may want other things out of a phone

It's great until it turns itself off


May 5, 2010 by lisare

I would love to say this was the best phone I ever had. And it was, until it started shutting itself off. This may be seeming to be a LG issue, as my Voyager did the same thing.
Regardless, the phone is great for texting, great for calls, has a fantastic camera. The fact it shuts itself off really brought it to a two. How great is a phone when it doesn't work?
Verizon calls it a "software issue." As this is a common issue (an many people I know have the same problem), it should be rectified- not just a phone swap.
Because I am not the only one, only get this phone if it's not your only mode of communication.



Apr 19, 2010 by kmaten0429

This phone is awesome. For those of you who have had problems shutting off, take off the battery and clean the contacts with an eraser, use canned air to remove any other dust or build up. My husband had that problem with his and this fixed the issue. Also taking it to verizon for a software update also helps. I love the way the keys are spaced for texting. The long lasting battery is also great don't have to charge but every few days, and I am an active user. The camera is also great takes nice pics. If you are a beginner this phone would be great for you.

Excellent Features


Mar 24, 2010 by boatman134

-Easy to use calendar
-Easy to use notepad where one can easily add/change the note.
-A place to put an address for each contact.
-Super battery life compared to my E815.
-Easy to add ringtones.
-Able to shut off sounds so quiet on powerup/powerdown.
-Great screens, good resolution.
-Versatility of programing direction keys
-Able to use on (non Verizon) prepaid
-Nice tactile feedback.
-No WiFi
-Sound not quite as good as E815.
-Shut off randomly once
-Delayed delivery of text message once
-Can't change some defaults ie alerts in calendar to "no alert". Have to change each time.
Best overall cell phone I've had with all the above features.

3rd ENV


Mar 11, 2010 by tomandmel

This is my 3rd ENV..have had them all. All are funtionally great at what they do. This phone is tops out of all of them.

Only con 'for me' is the color schemes are kinda weird

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