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Samsung Exclaim M550


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So far...so good...


Oct 30, 2009 by kristykat74

So far I have completely loved this phone. Only had it for a few days now though. I love the dual sliding keyboards. I like the way it feels in my hand and I like the big display. This is a replacement for the Rumor 2 phone. I like the feel better than the Rumor and I like the keyboard better. So far the sound quality has been great when listening to music. Still having a hard time with the camera and retrieving my pics. Overall, I am happy with this phone.

Pros: Nice display screen
Dual sliding keyboards
Comfortable feel

Cons: Facebook is not as good as stated

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So here we go... 2 months in


Sep 23, 2009 by mzmclean

I can't rate this phone.. because it went from almost love... to hate.

I purchased this phone July 25th. After some getting used to it (It was an upgrade from the LG Fusic, which I loved but was approaching dinosaur status) I fell in love.

2 weeks ago, I awoke to text notifications, and no texts. Odd. So I turned it on and off... it came back up with a downloading update screen. Spiffy! Maybe it'll be even better now, right?

Saturday morning, I awake to the text alerts... again. I reboot. Nada. All day I am getting text alerts, without a text. But the message "8 messages until full. Oldest will then be deleted" Okay thanks... since that's what it's always done, cycled out the oldest. But being a diligent owner, I deleted 30+ texts hoping for the best. Nope. I planned to go to Sprint Sunday morning.

Sunday morning I wake up to 50+ texts! Woohoo! I figure my satelitte has straightened itself out.

Monday morning, I wake up to the same "8 messages...." message.
Now it's Tuesday, i was unable to get to Sprint. (I'm also now aware that my phone is digitally roaming in places my old phone NEVER did and I'm being charged for it. grr).

Tonight... I am charging the phone when it beeps at me and the message "Charging Cancelled. Bad Battery Temperature." Crap. I unplug, remove the battery and call Sprint. Resolved the roaming.. but am dissconnected twice trying to get to a tech. I'm just going to suck it up and go to Emeryville tomorrow since they have techs on site

My love affair with this phone... is over.

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A good choice...


Aug 25, 2009 by dustcloud97

Because no phone is perfect, I gave this a 4.5. I went from the m520 to this baby and to be honest I'm impressed.

Signal Quality - where my m520 would only get 1 bar or no bars, the absolute LEAST I get is 1 bar, and that's only if I'm in my concrete block of an apartment building. I live in North Central Ohio in a small town and I still get good signal.

Dual Slider design - I sometimes get confused about which to use, it's so handy though to be able to type my stuff out as fast as I can on the keyboard.

Screen - the thing is huge, believe the hype, the clarity is amazing too.

Dedicated IM app - The IM app from OZ is awesome, I love not having to worry about which 30 buddies will be imported because OZ brings them ALL.

Sound quality - Amazingly clear, I can't stress that enough.

One Click - I will never have another phone that doesn't have this on there. The idea of being able to access everything I need on one screen through one interface, brilliant!


Thickness - The thing is a brick, but what do you expect for having to house a keyboard and keypad.

Landscape switch - It doesn't switch from landscape to portrait at all sometimes, and other times it's slow, but I found that powercycling cures this.

Quite frankly it's a great phone. Good job by Sprint.

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Love It But....


Jul 31, 2009 by diiva_doll

I absolutely love this phone and everything about it... Style, colors, features.. Everything... My only problem is when a new email message comes in, I push the button to read the email, it goes to a blank email (compose message) screen and the ringer wont stop. That is not that big of a deal to me because I don't get many emails anyway. Don't let that pull you away from this pohne. This is a great phone. I know it's a new phone and everything is not going to be perfect. I think it will definately get better. GET YOURS NOW!!!!

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Great Phone


Jul 21, 2009 by i4zbluz

This is a great phone. It does everything that the "fancy" phones do for half the money. Works better than my BB Pearl. Very easy to learn how to use. My mother who is 63 loves it as well and has no problems figuring the phone functions out. This is a great phone for anyone.

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Great for Texting


Jul 16, 2009 by rls2011

I have been using this phone for a few weeks now. It is my first sprint phone and I have only seen a few problems but at no fault of the phone. Recieving signal in the cape cod and south east Massachusetts area is a problem in some areas.

-nice display. screen is excellent...tends to get lint on it in my pocket but can be fixed with a simple wipe of a cloth.
-camera is excellent. (I have found sending pictures in 2.0m mode takes forever so its faster using a lower resolution setting when sending pics.
-as an avid texter i find the keyboard to be good. I am also a texter in T9 mode and that works well on the numerical pad.
-slides from landscape to portrait nicely. no sign of flimsy design when sliding either way.
-carousel is wonderful for using IM or web browsing.

- battery life is ok. I use my phone all day for calls/lots of texts and will have to charge it every other day
-when sliding the phone closed after being open in landscape it does not switch back to portrait.
- signal is weak in my cape cod/ southeastern MA area
- facebook and myspace features in the carousel are basic.
- i was a prior verizon user and i liked having a banner on my front display. I have not found a banner option on this phone.

Phone is good for avid texters. I have the blueberry one because even though i am a girl i did not like the flowers on the back of the pink one. This is a matter of personal choice though.

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A great phone for texting and photos


Jul 16, 2009 by cynthiaj

I've had the phone for about 3 weeks and used it ALOT, every day for phone calls, texts, and photos. Lots of photos. And texts.

~SUPER camera! great resolution! You can zoom but that reduces your resolution.
~GREAT screen resolution! Nice for photos and games. People are always impressed. Decent sized screen.
~Great QWERTY keyboard. Slides nicely, feels solid. Good key action and spacing.
~Huge memory available if you buy the big memory card.
~Dual slide is cool. Number pad is fun.
~I have the raspberry one, I love the embossed flowers on the back cover. CUTE!
~Great sound quality.
~Love the emoticons.

~You can not get themes for it so you are stuck with the pre-loaded Sprint theme. This annoys me quite a lot.
~The image doesn't always return to portrait from landscape. Got a second Exclaim, same deal. May be a general issue for this phone.
~It is rather large, but I find it easier to hold onto and don't drop it. Still wish it was smaller.
~Can't use MP3s for ringers. You have to BUY ringers. Not cool. I'm not paying for ring tones, I'll get by with the pre-loaded ones.
~Non-standard, headphone jack. The manual doesn't tell you what size it is, I called Sprint and spoke with two different representatives and they didn't know either! It's 2.5mm FYI. You will have to get an adapter or buy special headphones with the right sized plug. Sprint should include a 10 cent adapter, or better yet semi-decent headphones.
~Lots of options in that carousel, but ONLY if you have a data plan, otherwise just really annoying crap to work around.
~Only 160 characters/text. Standard, but annoying. Just can't afford to get a data plan for the whole family!
~No flash.

Overall, I really like it, just disappointed that I can't personalize it more (no themes, no MP3 ringers). The large size is quite annoying but other than the image not rotating properly it doesn't have any other little "bugs" that I've found. I'm not in love with it, but I like it well enough.

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Jul 3, 2009 by IrishBoxr21

Just bought the phone yesterday and I love it. The screen quality is unlike any other phone I have had. The 2.0 mega pixel camera works great and the sound is crisp and clear. It surfs the Internet like a PDA but with out paying for all the extras. The only thing I do not like is when you slide the phone closed, the screen does not rotate out of landscape. Other than that I am glad I bought it!

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Great Phone


Jul 2, 2009 by ilylaura

I got this phone the day it came out and so far I have been pretty pleased with it. It's definitely a step up from the rant.

Dual Slider- I absolutely love this feature. The QWERTY keyboard is awkward at first, and it still kinda is, because of the buttons on the side that match the two at the top. I keep accidentally sending messages that aren't finished. The number pad that slides out from the bottom looks good and feels good. It does make the phone look really long though.

2.0 Camera- The Camera takes good pictures.

Clarity- The call clarity on this phone is great! The speakerphone works really well on this phone too.

Fragile- I've had this phone for less than 2 weeks and it already has a huge dent in it. My seatbelt hit the top part of the back of the phone and now there's an indent. And the back part keeps coming off.

Size- This phone is pretty big. I don't mind, but, it would definitely bulge if you tried to put it in your pocket. It's also very long when you slide out the bottom part.

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a great phone


Jun 29, 2009 by steelers19

this phone is a great phone i very much like the idea of the dual sliders. i just got this phone in the last few days and so far i must say that i'am very happy with it. i very seldom buy any phone but LG but i wanted to try this phone even though i don't usually have good luck with samsung but i read enough good news about this phone that i thought i should try it so far so good

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