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I gave up functionality but keep getting disappointed.


Sep 8, 2003 by David Farris

First Sprint indicated the phone would be available in the Spring. Well, it showed up in August. Then they said, a keyboard would be available for the phone. The way it was advertised was it would attach to the keyboard. Well, Sprint indicates it's available as an accessory but it's not listed when you click on the accessories for the phone. So where is the keyboard now? Do we have to wait another 6 months?

I like the PDA functionality and I can live without the SD slot although that was a BIG give up. Fortunately for me my wife get's my hand-me downs which I'm sure this phone will become soon rather then later.

Sprint needs to get their act together with their service pricing as well. Some how my monthly cost for what I was paying for went from $125 to now $165 and I'm paying for 911 and other State/Federal services that I don't really want. I like these Federal mandates that I end up paying for. If they think the service is so necessary then why don't they pay for the service and not impose the cost on me. Thankfully Sprint allows me to opt out of the GPS tracking. I wish they would allow the opt out for the 911 too so I don't have to pay that either.

Sounds to me like "Big Brother" wants to have the mobile users pay for their "Big Brother" projects.

Regards and disappointed.

$600 - Missing $2 simple technology!


Sep 4, 2003 by SJS


Talked top Samsung tech support, no plans for SDK update, custom ringers (since no caller ID)

Ringers that come with the phone are Lawrence Welk top 10 Poly's at best.

Third part apps:

Several vendors: Contact4

Contacts 4 does not support dialing on Samsung smartphones because Samsung does not plan on releasing any of their APIs to developers.

So, if you'd like to see dialing support for your smartphone in other 3rd party applications as well, I’d suggest that you contact Samsung and tell them to release information to developers about their APIs.

Unless I can get the inside scoop from a Samsung programmer, dialing support for Samsung smartphones most likely won't be added to Contacts 5...

I called Samsung tech support - no plans to release API to developers.

+1 (888) 987-4357 Call Samsung and give them your opinion.

How hard would it be to allow developers to create apps directly for the phone?

All your toes and fingers are required to make a call, unless you use Voice Dial.

Jump through hoops and crawl under chairs to accomplish simple objectives.....

And all for $600.00! The phone could receive 4 stars if these simple no brainer problems where corrected.

Yes it does need a SD slot (small form factor - fractional increase)

Market demands - Vaporware Hovers - Consumers Pay!

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I'm surprised


Sep 3, 2003 by Brian Miles

I ended up with the I500 because my Hitachi G1000 phone stopped working. I'm very impressed with the I500's size and features. The only downside for me is no speaker phone and it would be nice to have a SD slot.

Great Phone


Aug 13, 2003 by Robert Nordin

This phone is as close to the business man's needs.
It's size is great and the features of the phone are great. Using it with business connections and my company's mainframe works to allow me to what is going on and allow me to not use laptop near as much.
The lack of a camera is a good thing, because most company rules do not allow them on site.
I am very happy with my phone.
My previous phone was a i-330 and this is far superior to it.

As for con about the phone, the lack of the advertised speaker-phone and a very weak vibration mode, are items I can live without.

Cute but not enogh


Nov 16, 2003 by ds7048

I purchased this phone simply because I could not get a replacement battery for my I300. I kept the phone for about 3 weeks. I loved the size, & ringer tones. I was disapointed in the limited capability to access internet sites. I could no longer access my AOL account and other internet sites I could with my I300. I spoke endlessly with techs from Sprint to help me, but to the end, the phone was not compatible. The screen is too small to read any files, unless you don't mind eye strain. If you don't need to access the internet, or use it for reviewing excel files, word documents etc. this phone migth fit your needs. For $550.00+ I thought I was getting an improvement over the I300, only to be disapointed. It's cute, but not enough for the price. I decided to go with the Hitachi G1000 (see my review on this phone).

Over-all, I rate this phone 2.5.

i500 Friend or Foe?


Oct 17, 2003 by weissd

I loved this phone so much when I first saw it that I bought it without even asking the price. I was very happy with the size considering the fact that it was a Palm device as well as a phone.

The phone is very well designed and functions better than any phone I have had to date. Including the i300, i330, and the G1000.
The big problem is I have had 2 defective phones!
Be aware that the Palm writing pad cracks an has problems after a month or so.

I am on the way to Sprint to replace my second unit.

Good luck!!!

only cons


Sep 21, 2003 by katz11

only cons no speakerphone no bluetooth nocamera no mp3 old palm 4.1 old blazer

SPH-I500 - great phone with room for improvement


Aug 6, 2003 by boe

The phone is amazing! I love the display - I had it in direct sunlight and I had no problem reading it at all! The functions are easy to access although the letter button/screen keyboard on the graffiti board didn't activate as easily as the number button. I really liked the phone - nothing else currently compares in my opinion. I think Samsung excelled in releasing this phone, it is fantastic but has room for improvement.

Things I would like on the next model:
1. OLED exterior display - I like to use my phone as a watch and I like to see the incoming number.

2. wav/qcp ringer playback - I like to have my phone announce certain people are calling so I don't have to even look at the phone. I think I read that the Korean model (m500?) will have this feature.

3. sell the phone with a program like the pocket PC phones that lets you dial a phone number by saying the numbers.

4. replace the numeric keys with lighted rubber keys with clear separation - makes it easier for me to dial one handed.

5. include a better case - holster style.

6. sell the phone with a car adapter – how many people don’t need one?

7. I'd rather they made two different models of there next phone - one with a camera and one without. I think is a great option for people who want it but it seems no different than if a refrigerator manufacturer made all their refrigerators with the icemaker whether you wanted that feature or not, you were paying for it and it is taking up the space for that feature.

8. Make the vibration mode much more powerful, it is barely noticeable.

I repeat this is a GREAT phone! VERY nice! But the first 2 features I listed are too important for me to consider upgrading to this phone at $600 although it really is a wonderful phone. I really like the fact that the two different batteries were included with this phone - a treat since I always end up getting a spare battery for my phones.

Great from factor, but that's it


Aug 18, 2003 by Larry Martin

Granted, the size of this phone is incredible. When I saw it at the Sprint store I was amazed at how small it is and wound up buying it. But now that the 'wow' factor has passed, and I've had a few days to test drive it, I'm taking it back for a refund before Sprint's 14-day trial period ends.

Form factor aside, this phone is simply not worth $600. Palm 4.x and Blazer 2.x -- both are 2-year-old technologies and performance. Also, only 16Mb RAM and no expansion slot. Samsung must really be full of themselves (and have a lot of R&D $$ to waste) to think that this will be a successful device at $600/pop.

If you've gotta have the smallest device and can live with ancient technology and a $600 price tag, then maybe this phone is for you. My personal advice: get by with an inexpensive Treo300 or i330 for a fraction of the price -- the 'real' smartphones are just around the corner.

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