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Feb 12, 2009 by thedave1029

Now I work in the cell phone industry and I go through a lot of phones. This one by far is the best one that i have owned. I have the newer one (9530) and it runs very smooth. The original ones we sold did has their glitches and what not, but are fixed in the new one. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who is looking to do business or just have a fun phone.

Screen Quality
Battery Life
Full Keyboard
Love The Click Screen
Sync With Itunes** It is now my Ipod

Have not really found any yet, just got to figure out how to do movies.

The Best Just Got BETTER!!!!!!!


Nov 22, 2008 by Verizon81

This is the best phone I have ever used. The lag in software response is easily correctable and is not bad at all. Actually many traditional phones such as the notorious Samsung Glyde had a greater lag.

Web Browser
Click Typing
How loud the ringers and earpiece are...I could go on and on

Cons: I have not found ANY yet....Every phone has a down side but so far so good with the Storm.

*Take reviews from people before the release date with a grain of salt....most of the poor reviews are from people that obviously do not own this phone. This phone is PHENOMINAL....go see for yourself! This IS the iphone killer.

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Second Chance


Feb 22, 2009 by salterct

I picked up the Storm as a replacement for my Curve at the beginning of the year and returned it in two days. The guy at the store suggested I give it some time but I refused and got rid of it. Then I started reading other reviews and information on the OS updates and decided to try it again. Yes moving from the physical keyboard to the touch screen takes some getting used to but this phone is fantastic. I get all the Blackberry functions I need for work but I think navigating without the trackball is easier. The switch from portrait to landscape views takes longer than I'd like sometimes but perhaps that will be address in a future OS update. Battery does not last as long as with the Curve but plugging it in at the end of the day is no problem.

Great phone with a bit of a learning curve but in the end, well worth it.



Dec 17, 2008 by CAT58

Yes, I have the verizon storm 9530! Thanks to the post on phone scoop. I have adjust my screen so that typing and selecting an icon is much easier .

Remove the battery cover you will see one star screw and the other maybe covered with a red sticky tape , remove it and you will find the other screw . I found that the one to the left adjust the corners and the other one adjust typing in landscape mode at the Q and the p side of the screen .

I used a star tool size # 6 which can be purchase from Homedepot .

This will work best if you power off the phone. each time you make an adjustment check the play from the screen you will find it to be more responsive to the touch ..

This solved my problem when typing, thumb does hurt and the delay is practically nonexistent

With the tweaking I have done thus for any firmware that Rim comes with will add more gravy to this phone .. I love this phone !!

I would recommend phone...


Dec 3, 2008 by ImScott

Overall I like the phone. Coming from a treo 650 there was large learning curve for me but I'm getting thru that.

I'm still trying to figure out:
- where do I go to down load software such as BB upgrades
- how do I delete apps I don't want such as VZW Navigator
- can't seem to get my IM to work

My only real issue after a week is the battery life is horrible. I am not a power user and have yet to get a full day out of it.

I recommend this phone.

Alright Alright Alright


Dec 2, 2008 by FknTwizted

Ok ladies and gents, i would like to put this here before the review & i will offer some tips to help with the new bb.

I am a user of all the types of OS, i have used the Palm, winmo, & now bb's software. I actually work for verizon & get to play with these phones before you guys do. I'm going to tell you now I HATE BLACK BERRY!!! you can ask the people i work with that i was & am still a Pocket pc lover. But here is the fun one... I upgraded to this phone and it is not half bad for a blackberry... which says a ton because of the fore mentioned statement. i do love the screen very vibrant, & large, the media is very smooth and works well.. it is slow at times but i have a fix for that.. first make sure to turn off any programs that are not in use kinda like windows. 2nd if you are not using vz navigator "un-install it" this helps with the speed & from what i have been hearing it is most of the problem that makes the storm buggy. 3rd there was a patch put out literally the same day the phone came out. I have done all of the above & it helps a ton. but getting back to the facts...

-screen bright and clear
-touch screen yeah you never used u must be fricken over 50.
-it has the rocker to allow you to shift from vert to horz.
-qwerty keyboard way nice (had a vx6900 that i bought a qwerty one and this is much easier to use)
-battery life, wow my first pda that last more then 12 hours
-3.2 mega pixel camera
-streaming via rev A
-email comes in way faster then my wm phones
-love the click, click, click there is a response to my actions muahaha

-where did the ball go? needs a directional button to help back up mis-spelled words
-rocker sometimes slow to react
-i feel the Internet & things you can do are still more limited then my pocket pc.

short story its a formidable phone for Blackberry and will be a good phone but i do hope that RIM will make this necessary updates to make this a great phone. Thats why i give it a 4 not a 5.

Excellent phone...But not for a beginner


Nov 26, 2008 by superballs5337

My previous phone was a palm treo 700p. I wanted to get the 800w but they have not released it to Verizon yet. So I saw the Blackberry Storm and thought it was interesting, and since i was up for 2yr deal I thought what the heck.

After my first day i'm very impressed. i had no crashes, no problems other then a few slow downs and the fact i was trying to do to many things at once. i have a few pros and cons to list.

- no worry touch screen, no accidental touches because you have to click the screen to activate a button.
- ability to watch movies
- fast internet
- excellent colors
- 8gb card already installed
- comes with head phones
- excellent call quality
- equal to better signal then my treo
- much more only had a day

- much more complicated to use then my treo, which was pretty user friendly. learning curve is a tad longer
- slower to get things done. cant move around as fast.
- not really a con but curious how long the screen will last. its very unique and new and just worried.
- again only a day use so who knows what ill find.

All in all its a great phone so far and I'm very impressed. well done RIM.

Blackberry Storm


Nov 22, 2008 by kmaenterprise

I waited for a few hours on Friday the 21st for this. I actually traded my Dare in for this phone. I have owned several Blackberry phones with Cingular/AT&T and Verizon. Those that have had Blackberry phones before understand that the bread and butter of their devices is the live email. Now they have over the years expanded from that and added great phone quality and media services. So here we go.


Great Screen
Click Typing
Call Quality
Live Email
3 MP Camera with auto focus, flash and zoom.
Not a bad size
Feels good in the hand
Any much, much more.

I really don't have any con's. Yes the phone has a slight lag. But all the phones do. Even the iPhone. I saw a lot of people going from a flip phone to the Storm yesterday. If you have never experienced a Blackberry before, you should not write a review on this phone for 6 months. Because there is NO Way you will no the phone completely till then. So for all the negative people out there, Get rid of your phone and stick with you land line phone. You are never going to have the perfect phone. For the rest, that have had a Blackberry, appreciate what Research In Motion has done here. They have yet to make crap. There is not another phone manufacturer our there that can say that. And I mean none. Apple's first iPhone was crap. I had both versions, so I can say that.

Great idea, needs immediate improvement


Nov 28, 2008 by mauricer1

The phone itself is great, the idea is great, the OS software is in need of some more coding. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this phone, just the software it runs on. I am confident that RIM is working on whatever issues this phone does have with the software, and at that time im certain my satisfaction with this phone will increase. Right now i give it a 4, and yes, it needs soem work. As long as the update that is soon to be released though addresses the few quirks, which im sure it will, as it would be silly for VZ and RIM to spend so much money on marketing and not address follow-up issues with a product they released. Nothing is perfect at first. When was the las time you bought something and it was 100% perfect?

- beautiful phone
- the surepress is great, i like it.
- its on the best network
- MMS (how does iphone not have such a basic feature? it is like releasing a car without a trunk!!)

- needs only a software update to fix the few issues it has.


If i knew there would never be an update to fix the software issues (as again, there is no hardware problems here at all) I would not buy this phone. However, i know for certain one is coming to fix the known issues in the next few weeks.
I already have this phone now and with the minor issues it has, i can wait for them to release some fixes. I give this a 4/5 as it stands now. As long as the update corrects the issues, i will most likely increase that to a 5/5.

The Storm is a 'Touchscreen Device', NOT an iPhone!


Nov 25, 2008 by darthschrader

As I stated in my forum thread here, you can't and shouldn't compare the Blackberry Storm to an iPhone.

I've had enough time to test and play with the Storm, and I'm really liking it. I won't disagree that some lag exists, but even if there were never a software update to fix this (and we've all heard it's coming), I think I could personally still live with it.

Coming from a Blackberry Pearl, the Sure Type layout is second nature to me and is about as easy for me to use on the Storm as it is on the Pearl.

All in all, I'm very impressed. I do hope a software update fixes the lag, and hopefully we'll see some new apps come out for this phone sooner than later, but I think it's a great device with great potential.

~Beautiful, solid build
~Big bright screen
~Innovative "click" technology
~HTML Browser & Email!
~Signal strength/call quality equal to or better than my Pearl
~Comes with an 8gb Micro SD!
~Global phone (if I ever actually travel that far!)
~Typing is surprisingly easy for a touch screen
~Great sound quality
~It's a Blackberry

~There is some lag (which will hopefully be fixed with that software update I keep hearing about!)
~Typical Blackberry boot up time...takes forever to turn on!

All in all, I'm very happy with this phone. Only time and use will tell if the Storm can stand up to the durability of it's predecessors.

Just understand that if you buy a Blackberry Storm you are NOT getting an iPhone, you're getting a touchscreen Blackberry device.

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