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Dec 10, 2003 by Jahmikes

This phone is a pieces of ----. you could ner get signal sometimes you are even standing outside and the phone is saying no servie...the phone freezes up occasionally...talking about back voice quality this is the phone!!..Im sorry but this is just a poor job done by motorola.

hunk of sh@#


Nov 14, 2003 by Stephen

text messaging sucks way bad it takes too long to type out words and putting new words in is impossible. the service sucks way bad i drop calls too much. it looks like a cheap piece of crap and won't last long at all.

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phones small like a pager!


Oct 3, 2003 by matt serrano

who ever needs a phone that is lite and small but has the features of a up beat phone then get the v66.

poor antenna


Mar 10, 2003 by elliot kada

i had so many diffrent phomes lately .this one was my worst . signal very poor or antenna mis engeneered

Looking for a cheap phone with all the features?? Look no Further!


Aug 15, 2002 by Adam Bawol

Motorola has come out with a serious contender in the GSM market with the v.66. Packed with features like GPRS, voice memo recorder, voice dialing, and FM radio (with optional headset), Tri-Band GSM (1900,900/1800) world roaming capability, and all for only $149.99!!! This phone should be on the top of your list if you are looking for a cost effective phone with the most features. The white back-light makes viewing the LCD display at night very easy. This phone, when compared even to the Nokia 8200 series phones, is smaller making it a good choice for casual and traveling users alike. You can easily slide it in and out of your shirt or pants pocket and not even feel it in there. Couple of concerns about the phone. 1. Phone does not come with a holster. Be prepared to shell out $20 for a leather case. 2. Vibrate feature is weak. Would definately suggest having it on the Ring/Vibrate feature if you want to know you have a call. 3. Navigation and menu buttons are small. If you have larger fingers, this could be a problem. 4. Battery life is a little shorter then I would like. The phone comes standard with a 500mAh Lithium Ion battery. An optional 1000mAh Lithium Ion will set you back about $50 bucks. If you need longer talk time, you may want to invest in the extended battery and/or a car charger.
Overall, this phone is a DEFINATE consideration when choosing from GSM phones. Not quite as flashy as the v.60 series with the external Caller ID and Metallic Housing, but the phone is 1/2 the cost of the v.60 and other Tri-Band GSM phones, yet has many of the same features. For the price, you DEFINATELY can't go wrong.



Aug 4, 2002 by Jack Kupershmith

Phone is great. Smaller than the V60, same features, cheaper, thinner and lighter. The only thing missing from this is the outside LCD display. I got it form T-Mobile in CA and the phone works great. I doesnt come with a holster but who cares? Phone is so small you will barely feel it in your pocket. Casing is plastic and not stainless steal as the V60 but who cares? Its lighter and the same + its cheaper. If you like motorola phones and like the V60 get the V66 if you want to save money. Also signal is ok, quality of hearing is not good enough but you can hear fine. It also has the famous FM radio feature so if you want to get a V60?? GET A V66 from VOICESTREAM IN CALIFORNIA

Mixed feelings


Jul 28, 2002 by no2gates

This phone is much thinner than the V60, has a nice white backlight which is very readable. The sound quality is amazing for being such a thin speaker. The keyboard layout is ok, but it's very difficult to use the navigation keys as they are extremely small. The other keys are little and can easily press the wrong keys. I could not recommend this phone to someone who's planning on using it for SMS messaging. Can't comment on battery life yet since I've only had it 2 days. I sure like the size and feel of the phone, and am willing to accept the keyboard problem as a trade-off.

Unnecessary functions, go for another phone


Jan 17, 2004 by mrxblue

I bought this phone around February of 2003. In short, I would not recommend this phone under the T-mobile carrier.

See if you can find another phone if you happen to be under contract w/ T-mobile.

Personally, I thought the v66 has a bunch of menu options that are unnecessary. Half of it you will never ever use.

The display could be better. Currently, the screen size is too small.

Though it's compact in size, it's tough to dial using only one hand since the keys are too small.

Kind of wish there was an easier way to change the ring type(loud ring/med. ring/low ring/vibrate) more easily than having to go through the menu options to do it. When I was using Sprint, I had the Samsung 6100, and it allowed one to change the ring type on the side of the phone.

All in all, even if the Motorola v66 is free, I would still recommend you go into a store, and touch and feel the phone. You will see that it looks cute but isn't practical. I would recommend going w/ another phone.

Can't live without it!


Dec 17, 2003 by cbass2781

I got this phone for free (before rebates) about 8 months ago and it's been an excellent value so far... It has great sound quality--both incoming and outgoing, and has all the features I need (and really use), like voice dial, datebook, voice memo, WAP browser (great for getting movie times and checking scores + news), text messaging, calculator--doesn't seem too impressive compared to color/camera/gaming phones but it does the trick for me and has proven to be both durable and reliable so far. And the user interface really makes a lot of sense once you've figured out all the shortcuts and stuff. The white backlight is very clear in the dark, and the screen is visible in all conditions. In addition to all that it's one of the smallest phones out there and (I think) looks very stylish.

Two complaints I've heard a lot are that the keypad is difficult to use (small buttons) and that the earpiece volume is low. The keypad took some time to get used to, but I find the keys to be rather responsive and did not have problems adjusting. As far as volume goes, it seems to depend on who I'm talking to--but it's definitely not the loudest phone out there. It's really only been a problem for me a few times since I got it.

So basically, while the phone has been perfect for me, I wouldn't recommend it for everybody. Big hands and not-so-sensitive hearing are two big reasons to stay away from this phone. Also, while the phone is tougher than it looks/feels, I don't think it would survive a lot of drops and abuse--a protective case is a good investment. If you're looking for a compact, basic phone with just enough features and excellent sound quality, this is THE ONE. I've talked on it for almost 300 hours already (long distance relationship--T-Mobile familyshare plan is the BEST) and expect it to last me for at least a couple of years. Not bad for a free phone.



Feb 7, 2004 by DJMAX

I have had this little phone for about six months now. There are a few things that could be done to it to make it a little better. The main problem I've had with it is that the 2.5mm jack doesn't work all that well it buzzes alot and from what I've heard that is just a problem with that model. I like the size, look, and for sure the durability of the phone. I have beat the crap out of that phone and have not had a problem with it. For the price I don't think that you could find a better bang for your buck.

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