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interface to small


Jun 11, 2009 by gijoe31

I have had many phones, including several smart phones. I purchased this phone after doing research on it and felt that the phone was going to be very comparable to the iphone, but different also. I received the phone and returned it the next day, for one main reason. The touch screen looked awesome, bright colors, many options, but the problem is they were to small. I dont care who you are you have to use the stylus that is provided with the phone. If you dont use the stylus you will drive yourself nuts. The biggest design flaw with this phone, well besides the options being to close together and to small, is there is no compartment for the stylus, it has to just dangle from the phone, which looks very odd. The only reason why i gave this a 1 is because it does have alot of great features, just to bad its a touch screen. When i returned the phone to purchase the iphone, the store told me that this phone is already being weeded out, only after a couple months on the market,maybe a rumor, but it makes sense

LG Incite...Useless...


Jun 5, 2009 by Ladysunshin3

This phone had better battery life then the other touch screen Windows Mobile phones I had and I loved the fact that it was smaller in size. There were way too many cons with this cell phone to even attempt to keep it.

The bluetooth froze up constantly. If you tried to sync it with a headset, or your Garmin... it would freeze up and lock. You couldn't revive it without turning off the BT on whatever device was trying to connect and then using the silly stylis, reset it. The stylis would hang off the side of the phone, which was just a bigger pain! The keyboard was too large and like others said, you cant see what your typing. I had to keep hiding the keyboard to see what I was typing and then bring it back up again.

Lastly, the speaker phone on this model is horrible, you cant hear a thing! Stay away from this phone!!

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Great phone


Apr 21, 2009 by hmm

my first touch screen phone. i think its awesome. and i just got it last friday. so only had it about 4 days. the touch screeen is VERY responsive. the portrait and landscape modes are the bombizzle. wifi is amazing, although i have 3G for one month, so im taking advantage of that, CON: BATTERY LIFE. i first had one on friday, it died after 2 hours. like wow. then there was a defect in it...so i got a new one yesterday and battery is pretty good so far!! only con. also keyboard on landscape takes up a lot of space but its okay since im not a bery big texter. but you can press the down arrow in the bottom right corner and gives you some more typing space. adding ringtones is a breeze, you just need a memory card. i use the stylus only because i hate getting fingerprints all over it :[ love the phone, great quality, wifi is a must after your one month of 3G! I LOVE IT

Best smartphone i have had!


Mar 17, 2009 by qdavison

I first want to say, from reading the other reviews that I get the feeling most of the users on this phone havent had a smartphone before. Windows mobile does lag sometimes, remember to close programs when your done.


-Speed, very fast compared to previous smartphones,(att tilt, att 8125, blackjack 2)
-screen: very clear image, bright enough
-sound: loud and clear
-Connectivity: Wifi AND GPS built in!
-3.5mm headphone jack
-User Interface: LG has a custom UI built in to windows mobile that is great.


-Mirror screen makes it hard to read in direct sunlight.
-No slot for stylus, but stylus not needed.
-Takes time to get used to a full touch screen if your not used to it.
Overall this is a great phone! gps works with garmin mobile so no need for a data plan, wifi works great also.



Jan 25, 2009 by bthomas2113

I own this phone and let me say that this is the worst phone I have ever owned!!! For the first week, I did love it---but then i learned better!! The touchscreen is unresponsive,the accelerometer is EXTREMELY SLOW,the stylus design is terrible,and Windows Mobile was a poor fit for this phone. I did give the phone some credit(the 0.5) for a good IDEA---just poor execution. I now have the FUZE and that is the BEST phone I have ever had!!!!

Good phone but a few flaws


Jan 22, 2009 by joanna575

pretty responsive
easy to navigate (few miss keyings)
every thing you need to work on the go
good size
light weight

no built in stylist-Hellooo, who thought up the idea of dangling the stylist on the side of the phone

the key lock button only locks the volume buttons on the side as long as no other buttons get pushed causing the screen to light up. IE if you lock the phone and then put it you pocket or a case on your hip and one of the buttons gets bumped making the screen light up, while you can't do anything on the screen without unlocking the volume buttons can now be pushed causing the phone to go into silent mode. Not just vibrate-complete silence. I found this happened more often with the stylist attached to the side. So again hellooo, who thought of allowing the volume to be able to unlock so easily.

The volume issue is my biggest problem but since I didn't really like any of the other options better (style mostly) I've chosen to keep it and just check my phone regularly. I think overall it is a good phone especially for the price. 100 after rebate.

3 day review


Nov 24, 2008 by hstolpen

I have had the incite for 3 days now and here is my honest review.

Reception is as good as i have found from an ATT phone in my area which does have 3g. Screen is crisp and clear. The touch feedback is decent but not up to par with the HTC phones or the iphone. I am a mobile power user so exchange email and carry docs with me is important.

The sounds quality is loud and clear and the size of the phone in your hand is great. The chrome coated plastic makes it feel cheap but could be why it feels so light. I wish it had the metal casing that the shine has.

Input on the phone is good and bad. typing emails and texts in landscape mode is great, good spacing on the keyboard and very few mistakes, almost identical to the key board on the samsung touch screen phones. To the moron who left the prior review turn the phone sideways and you get a landscape view and keyboard, this isn't an iphone that make you type emails and texts vertically.The stylus being detached and being on a dongle is strange and i found that with the stylus you have to push harder then with your finger.

the lg menus are great with your fingers but the native winmo is small and hard not to use the stylus. Contacts are small but i have not had an issues with my fat fingers yet hitting the wrong contact. the dial pad is very nice as with the voice feedback when you press a number.

I wish that the lg shortcut bar at he bottom would show new emails and voicemail, but it only shows new text, maybe a way to customize that i haven't figure out yet.

Battery life has been great fully charged friday. Left the office I have made several calls, texted and used activesync for my exchange email and i still have half the battery left 48 hours later. Try that on any htc or iphone and y ou will be on your second charge.

Wish list... better menu customization like on HTC devices.... larger screen, it has the room to go up to 3.2 or 3.5 like the omni, slightly better touch response.

LG Incite - Designed for a chick!


Dec 6, 2008 by texaswireless

With the AT&T Tilt being discontinued I decided to venture out and try another phone. As a qualifier to my review I have used a Tilt since April. I own AT&T stores and can carry any phone any time I want and I carried a Tilt.

First off, why did they make the stylus with no on-board storage. It is asking to be lost unless you want to carry it attached to your phone looking like your lipstick or eyeliner. I suppose if you carry a man-purse you will like this design but I really hate it.

The auto adjusting display does have some lag issues but not more than I have seen with a well used iPhone. The battery is much better than the Tilt (so far I have to charge the phone very other day, my tilt was every day). Screen is very nice and watching movies was better than the Tilt. The touch screen did not work very well when trying to flip through my contacts or scroll down into emails. The jog dial on the side does help with that. I do not like the fact that there is no external "ok" button to close programs and windows. You can hit end for many windows but for instance in email or text it completely takes you back to the main screen. Ok is hard to push with just your finger

Dedicated HF jack is nice.

Virtual keypaid is pretty good (better than the iPhone and LG VU in my opinion) but it leave little to no room to see what you are typing.

Overall is it ok but I would suggest others for the price range (Eternity, Bold or Fuze).

Why Was This Phone Created in the First Place?


Feb 25, 2010 by IHateIncites

This phone is the most disappointed thing ever! I don't understand why this phone was created in the first place. If you have this phone or have had it, then you understand what I mean. If you are thinking of buying one, reconsider because it is the worst thing that AT&T could ever make. I have been trying to get messages from my friends, and yet my connection has been lost, so that means that I can't check my messages at all. It's very disappointing. I hope you all understand my point of view and listen, because you do not want this phone.

First Impression


Nov 22, 2008 by akita256

I checked out this phone in the AT&T store and played with it for a little while. It has a lot of nice features but I decided not to buy the phone because the text on the screen was so very small. To enter names into the address book, etc. was very hard without using the stylus....almost impossible. When typing a text message, you can choose to use a very tiny keypad or you can enlarge it. If you use the small version you must use the stylus because each key is so tiny. If you enlarge the keypad then you don't have much room to see what you are typing. And the stylus cannot be stored inside the phone but must be carried in your pocket or on a keychain perhaps so I knew I would lose it within a day or two or not have it with me when I really needed it. I found manuvering between menu screen was a little confusing as well. So for these two primary reasons I decided not to purchase the phone.

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