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Audiovox CDM-9500 / Toshiba CDM9500


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GREAT...for old people


Nov 20, 2005 by sitariboo

If your around 25 years old or older this phone is for you, kinda.

Some Pro's:

*great vivid screen
*screens big enough to see for 25 year old people and older.
*simple, easy phone.
*good for the normal features such as calling, no duh!

Some Cons:

*ugly display
*really small sub screen
*ugly color
*really really big. bulky, fat whatever! BIG!
*Everthing is a problem!*

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Jul 18, 2005 by Glaspro

I was forced into this phone at the end of 2003 because it was the only phone that carried the speaker phone option that was available. I don't ask for much out of a phone. Make it easy for me to call people, have decent battery life a speaker phone that works and the ability to store numbers. At least this phone can store numbers...unfotuntately every time you go through the three steps to get to them you end up calling somebody by accident because the scroll buttons are so close to the call button. The speaker phone is a joke and even if you hold the phone up to your face you cant hear what the other person is saying....which is only fair since they cant hear you either. The battery needs to be charged after every phone conversation damn near and no, I'm not a long winded conversationalist.
I have owned 7 phones since I first started using cellular service and this is by far the worst phone I have ever come across. I was ready to throw it away after my first week and have had to wait until now when the S.O.B. finally broke in half (without my assistance) and I get to trade in for something/anything better.


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This phone sucked


Feb 19, 2005 by sambo5280

I bought this phone about a year and ahalf ago from alltel. It was pretty cool the first couple of days because it was my first cell phone. Then I found out that it did not have very many features on it (such as voice memos, a banner, calculator, ect) and the battery life was really really bad. I would call and talk to someone for no more than 15 min, and my phone battery would be down a bar. I was overjoyed when i found out that alltel no longer carried that phone any more. so overjoyed infact that I threw it against a wall (its pretty durable i had to chunk it about 5 times really hard against a cement wall before it finally broke) took it in to alltel, told them it fell outta my pocket while i was at work, and they gave me an LG LX5550, and i love that phone. So the moral of all this is that the Toshiba cdm9500 is a horrible horrible phone for anyone to have, i agree a camera would be nice for it, and the big color screen is a plus (kindda, it really drains the battery life) all the phone numbers that you are able to store in it is a pretty handy thing to have. the voice dial was really bad i had to scream at it to get it to dial and even then it would get it wrong. the speaker phone was decent, loud, alittle shakey at times but decent. if you are thinking of buying this phone STOP there are way better phones out there for your money get one of those.

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Marginal at best, in its time


Dec 22, 2004 by StarbucksSam

I am not a big fan of this phone, as I was plagued with owning it for nearly two years before I replaced it with my LG VX 7000.


Color Screen
Voice Dial
Speaker phone

And that's about it....


Extremely POOR battery life with standard battery
Fairly poor battery life with extended battery
Ugly and unstylish
Horrible green backlit keypad is uncomfortable to touch
Charges slowly
Battery indicator inaccurate
Hard to retrieve numbers/names with system
No exciting features
Get It Now was outdated on this phone THEN... oh boy

I kid you not, I've actually had people laugh at me when I have pulled this thing out. Go with an LG VX 4400 if you're looking at phones from this age. Man.

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Audiovox CDM9500


Jan 12, 2003 by Candice Glenn

I just purchased this phone this past Thursday. I just love it. I have had proably 6 differnt phones in the past and none have come close to this one. Before I bought it, I got on line and even went into the store to decide which phone I wanted. And there was no other comparison. The $100 rebate offer I received didnt hurt either. I love the vivid color screen and the the speakerphone. After I got it I felt like a kid in the candy store. I couldnt put it down. The only thing Im concerened about is the fact I love the phone so much that I will probaly end up going over mu minuted since I hate to put it down. But oh well.
**Drawback-the battery life. And can anyone tell me if they experience the problem of their phone not staying charged after about an hour? I will plug my phone into the charger and my green light will stay lit for about an hour then it will cut itself off and but myt battery indicator will not say if it is fully charged. I would like to know if this is just my phone or if others have had the same problem. I would appreciate an input.

Other than that, I LOVE THIS PHONE!!! I will definetly buy the 9600 when it comes out if it is anywhere as good as this model. (Hopefully it will come out in the next 30 days where I could upgrade for free) But anyone trying to decided whether or not to buy this phone just definelty go for it. You'll be happy you did.

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Great Phone


Jan 9, 2003 by Nikki Denson

I just got the CDM 9500 and I think it is a great phone. I have had the Lg-TM510 for about 7 months and it is cool but this one has so many features that LG doesn't offer.
I have one problem- On the Verizon website and even this one it says there is interchangeable housing available but no one knows anything about it.
If anyone out there knows anything about how to get it please me know. My sister and I have the same phone and I wanted to change the color on mine so we never get them mixed up.
The color display is great and the ring volume is excellent!!!
Overall a great phone!!

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Best phone yet


Jan 29, 2003 by Ariel S

This phone belittles my last: the Startac P8767. The reason: Speakerphone and Voice Dialing. These 2 features alone make this phone head and shoulders above the rest.

Other PROS include:
- Strong build quality
- Phenomenal screen
- Great phone book (better that the old Motorola phone book)

- Battery life ; but hey, it's got a freakin' gorgeous color screen!
- No outside buttons
- No voice memos

This is THE phone to get. It it much better than the slow, buggy Moto 720.

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CDM-9500 A Great Phone


Jan 12, 2003 by dave eades

Have this phone with Verizon. Purchased the 9500 for business. Purchase price $299 with $100 mail-in rebate for sending in old phone. Verizon gave me someone else's old phone from the back of the store for the rebate. Now that's customer service!

PROS: Here's how it beats the Motorola T720 for business: higher volume control of ringers and earpiece, has a speakerphone, extended battery offers more time than the T720 extended battery. Voice dialing very forgiving and accurate. Color screen has much higher resolution and brighter color than the Motorola.

CONS: Only one - it's not as physically attractive as the T720. It looks bigger than the Motorola, but actually is the same size as the T720. Audiovox states changeable faceplates are available for the 9500, but a thorough web search reveals nothing.

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AudiovoxCDM9500 - Verizonwireless


Jan 4, 2003 by Earl Shearin

Initially I wanted the T720, until I saw the CDM9500. It slightly larger size and brilliant screen grabbed my attention. After thorough review of both products both online and personal handling, I finally decided on the 9500. PROs – 1) Verizon services all locations I need to be – especially in my house; 2) The Screen size and brilliance is just great; 3) The sound and volume control is far better than the T720; 4) The weight and feel is sturdier than the T720; 5) The signal quality (compared with T720) is better. CONS – 1) Unable to download images (as advertised by both Maker and Verizonwireless) – one can do a reach back and SEE images posted to a website, but the software to download said image was removed by Verizon. Can you tell this is a major beef with me, however the same hold true with the T720, Verizon is controlling the software, probably to get more $$ from folks accessing THEIR GetItNow sites. Its my belief that either Verizon will eventually reinstate this program once they get a grip on the situation or fellow phone owners will decipher the problem and post the solution on the net.
2) Cannot adapt the active banner (Verizon change to software), there is scuttle on the net on function codes to change the IDLE Banner, however I have been unsuccessful.
3) The battery life – OK so the Bright screen and graphics drain the battery. I tend to charge up my phone every night but I got the extended battery just in case. Seems Audiovox planned on that one as the general holster that comes with the phone is pre-molded to support the larger battery too.
4) Speaker phone operates only in open mode. Can be overridden by removing the shutoff pin on the cover – HOWEVER – doing this with force the user to set auto shut down and manually ends calls.
Overall it’s the BEST phone Verizon can provide

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A phone that is quite better than Motorola's 720


Jan 8, 2003 by donefsky

The audiovox CDM9500 offers excellent quality and a particularly well organized phone book. The screen and colors are quite an improvement over the Motorola 720 which I had previously. Also, the "footprint" of this phone, though a bit larger than the Motorola, hasa good feel to it. There is a definitive "click" upon opening and closing it and the screen, speaker quality of the ring tones, and the finish, should be appreciated. The one negative is that there is a propensity to accidently press the down or up scroll button because of the small recessed position of the main function key. You must press is exactly with a forefinger. Doing so with the thumb, often causes an incorrect function to be initiated. I like the voice recognition feature and it's capacity. The Motorola could only store 17 names as opposed to this model which will recall 100 names. Navigation of the phone book is particularly easy. They could have put the alphabetical listing choice as a default function, however, instead of a random choice first, which requires a scroll down one place upon opening the phone book. The speaker phone is another convenience and works fine in most instances. The phone should also have had a status light in the closed position, which would make it easier to determine if its on or off....but you can see the front lCD as a visual indicator without opening the phone. It cannot be operated in the closed position with the speakerphone...a minor annoyance.
All in all, this one is the best I've owned and is a significant inprovement over similar Samsung and Motorola products. Make sure you purchase the extended battery which gives the phone a more secure feel in your hand and is a considerable improvement over the standard-issue battery....Highly recommended!

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