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Great Hardware but Poor Quality Software


Aug 20, 2009 by faczo

This phone would be a fantastic little device if it weren't so slow. Do yourself a favor and if you buy this phone with the T-Mobile Fav5 software on it, flash it with the Cincinnati Bell firmware (and of course change the right settings). Doing this will speed the phone up and unlock more features of the phone. You can manage your Fav5 contacts from T-Mobile's website.

- Intuitive interface
- Loud ringer
- Great call quality
- Decent battery life

- The interface can lag severely
- The phone firmware is buggy
- The text message composition screen has very annoying attributes (like "Word not in dictionary" pop-ups) when using the T9 functionality.
- The keyboard doesn't have very good tactile feedback nor are the keys easy to find without looking at them.
- The phone sometimes takes ages to hang up a call if you accidentally dial a number, which will happen frequently if you try and get ahead of the menu system (don't).
- You'll sometimes be sent to the wrong menu the next time you are in the text message area if you make or receive a call while in that menu.
- If the phone picks up a faster connection on the network, the interface will freeze and then try to catch up to whatever you were in the middle of doing. You'll learn to hate texting in certain places because of this.

I would give this phone a higher rating because it's a quality device hardware-wise, but I can't because the interface is just too aggravating to use every day.

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Nice Phone


Aug 7, 2009 by Neil Daly Colorado

Simple, but sturdy. Good camera. Buttons are large so texting is easy.

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Sony Ericsson TM506 Bella


Sep 10, 2008 by mikkej2k

Pros: Fast , light , with big screen. The speaker is loud when phone rings. Phone has nice rubberized coating. Phone is not blocked or firewalled (branded) or locked as poorly as some other T-Mobile phones. Bluetooth works well and GUI and menus are functional.

Cons: Not as sturdy as it could be. I purchased my phone 9-6-2008 and the ability to run Google Maps has been disabled. No miniUSB - you have to use Sony chargers , corded earpieces , and memory cards. Phone is still very new so there is not a lot of 3rd party or aftermarket support yet. Battery life is horrible.

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very good reception, kinda weak earpiece, no lockdown


Sep 6, 2008 by mingkee

got the phone today
after some simple setup, found the phone is very good
I was concerned about internet because the display units don't work, but the one I bought works perfectly, t-zones, streaming, Google Maps, tethering
the reception is very good, at least on par with K790a on 2G part
earpiece is kinda weak, but this is common problem on SE phones, be prepared with it, as well as speakerphone
media player uses new PSP-like platform, just be aware of that, this phone uses M2 memory cards, like other SE phones
I have no problem to use internet-based java applications (Opera Mini, Google Maps), it doesn't lock down like other T-Mobile branded phones, streaming youtube mobile also works, but it works better over 3G
HSDPA performance is decent, got 700-1000kbps with USB, however, bt is kinda slow, got around 500kbps, this may barely noticeable when tethers with PDA or N800
since the phone is new DB3150 platform, some old SE users may adjust a bit to get used to

the phone is pretty good, pretty nice 3G regular phone, and expect this one will be big seller

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Very promising so far


Apr 30, 2009 by kasrap

-3G system has a great reception (t-mobile)
-not a slippery phone
-great keypad
-like the outside and inside display
-cool menu and options
-good sound

-not much yet really
-wish headphones were stereo
-wish it had a radio
-maybe a bit large for this era but then the screen is big
-speaker phone is adequately loud.

I have only had this for a short time so I am still testing it out. Curious how good the battery will be.

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Fabulous Signal Grabber & Great Phone


Jan 25, 2009 by PresidentBob

It was time for me to upgrade. I had been using a Samsung T-509. It never had any problems with grabbing a signal. Most times I had between 1 and 5 bars anywhere I went yet it always worked in my house even with a low signal.

I replaced it with a Nokia 5310 Music Phone, This was the best looking phone I ever had and it had more features than any other phone I ever owned. But there was one problem. No Signal and no Network at my house.

With all the hype about the Touch Screen Phones I decide to try the Samsung Behold next.

This phones signal catching was worse than the Nokia 5310. Yesterday we went out to eat driving about 10 miles in each direction as my wife watched the signal meter on my Behold and compared it with her phones signal strength.

My Behold phone hovered between 1 bar and no signal for the entire trip while my wife's phone consistently had 5 bars.

Then we went to our local grocery store where we always use our phones to call each other from the store to see if we need anything. This new Behold not only would not work inside the grocery store BUT It wouldn't even work in the parking lot.

My wife's phone on the other hand worked everywhere, in the parking lot and in the very back of the grocery store. In fact her phone is now getting 5 bars at home sitting right next to my Behold which is still getting 1 bar.

Oh, did I forget to mention, my wife has a Sony Ericsson TM 506. I will also be getting this phone as soon as I can get in the car and return this Behold and exchange it for a TM 506 and save about $150 in the process.

Besides great signal strength this phone has fantastic screen resolution, great customizable menus, loud ringing and just about anything else you would want in a phone.

This phone is small and light weight and rugged. The only thing I can say negative about it is that the battery does not last as long as I would like it too. Perhaps it is because I have been playing around with it so much since she got it a few weeks ago.

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Awesome phone for T-Mobile


Jan 22, 2009 by misfitpierce

Currently I am using the Blackberry 8220 Flip but I have this as backup (first in amber, now scarlet) and must say this phone is top notch. This was T-Mobile's first official announced 3G phone for the states and must say it is a great phone. 3G connection in Florida (West Palm) comes in clear and signal for data+calls was top notch. Phone is light yet durable and does everything nicely. Also is unlocked application wise so you can use the Opera Mini browser and Google Maps etc with the cheap web2go/T-Zones plan.

I recommend all to get this phone if not looking for a PDA but would like a phone that can load mostly all web pages, has youtube capability, has 3rd party apps enabled for use, great 3G abilities and so on. If looking for a PDA Blackberry Flip is what I recommend or wait for the Blackberry 8900 Curve II coming around Feb. 18th. Enjoy!

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Not bad


Sep 29, 2008 by Rick Stout76

This is my first Sony ericsson phone and i must to say it's not too shabby. It's light but sturdy and has a good shape and feel in my hand.

Good reception, I live in an area where i don't get the best service. I went to this phone from a Nokia 6263 and it gets a better signal.

Screen is nice and bright.

Camera is good.

Music player is good.

Can use opera mini and mp3's as ring tones as long as you have song sent to you over bluetooth.


Not many i guess,it works good as a phone. The extra stuff is alright.

Can only zoom is image size is set to vga.


Not bad 2 or 3 days with moderate use. If you turn screen brightness down and turn gps off it helps.
Over all it's a good phone.

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Great Phone


Aug 3, 2009 by dangrusrdkl

I haven't had this phone for very long, but it is an awesome phone, I have had no problems with it, great sound, and great animations, over a great phone, I went from a X495 to a Nokia 6263 to This and it has been better than the others. Highly Recommend it.

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Great Phone


Jun 13, 2009 by steuben113

I just got this phone the other day. I upgraded from a Samsung T639. I recently moved into a 2ND floor apartment in a four story building. I was getting no reception at all. The Sony gives me three bars. I'm no longer missing calls. The upgrade was $29.99 with a new two year agreement. The phone feels & looks great.

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