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Its awesome but been out for a long time


Jul 23, 2010 by narn3049

I like Motorola's UI and phones so I think you know your going to get a positive review. The phone is an update to the V3A and it's a TOTAL great update. It looks different then the V3A so at first I wasn't even aware it was a RAZR'd line product. It is SWEET. So I think you should get this. It has a good keyboard for being numeric and not qwerty. I like the camera too. I owned a KRAZR like three years ago and it seemed the pictures weren't that great at night because of flash, but that was a 1.3 MP camera and this is 2.0. I've never owned the VE20 just a friend owns this phone, and by testing by his pics and playing around on the phone the UI is totally different too. It is a totally different phone, so someone wanting a change from the razr should go with this. It is a great phone with great texting, camera video, music player SD card support, and will definetelly get you through the 2 year contract

I got a Razr on straight talk!!!!!


Dec 31, 2009 by earlybirdy

I love this phone!!!!! the best part is they now offer it with the straight talk. The phone is sweet and the straight talk plan is sweet. I pay 45$ a month for unlimited texting and minutes on the Verizon network with a cool phone!!!

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scammed again


Jul 29, 2009 by Sir Whatnot

This phone is just plain awful.

Pros: it’s purty

The “too cool” mirror on the front of the phone gets smugged and fugly looking after a day of use – oil from your fingers etc.

If you try to answer your phone, be sure not to touch the mirror touch-screen – it will lock your phone up and you will sit there, with your phone open as it rings away – unable to answer the call

Sometimes, the backlight for front display (the mirror window) just stays on constantly – draining your battery.

Sometimes, it just locks up for no reason. I sit my phone down next to me at work. I will glance at it sometimes and it will say 11AM when it is really 3pm. I would the flip my phone open and all of sudden BAM – you have 5 missed call and 7 voicemail message. The damn thing never rang once (full bars).

The alarm feature does not work all the time – a bug that Motorola has acknowledged

You can not use your own games or ringtones via external memory.

Summary – I hate this phone

Not for texters


Jul 10, 2009 by green02crew

I'm coming from the ROKR and on the US Cellular network. I've had this phone for a week.

Great Screen
Great Camera
External touch keys are cool
Good reception
Clear voice and loud enough to hear
Reads incoming names of calls from your phonebook as a ringer

Less customization of layouts (can't change left and right soft keys or menu to list has to be icon)
Battery life is average, not good or bad, ROKR was better
Deleting text msgs takes a LONG time
You can't do anything while the phone is sending a txt msg or it will cancel sending one, not good for people who text a lot as you have to sit and wait
The "alarm only" ring volume really means that the calls are now on vibrate. I used to put my phone on silent and it would still play the alarm, this doesn't, I hate being woken up.
Outside ringer buttons don't change the ringer volume... Why not???
New charger again, thanks moto.
The interface has transitions similar to that of Windows Vista, we all know how much we liked Vista, this slows the phone down a lot.

I want my ROKR back and I'm trying to find one available but new.

This phone rock for Johnners


Jul 4, 2009 by jfrancis116

Like how the phone handles, very sleek phone. I mostly like how the button on the screen helps you get your blue tooth, music player, and recent calls in order.

Like the fact that it charges very fast.
Design is great and color is nice

-Outside screen
-Music player
-Great camera phone
-like how the rubber feels (LOL)
-Sound Quality of the music player and ring-tones

-Can't organize or rename ring tones
-Battery loses it's charge quickly
-Seems to get grease right away ???
-Takes some extra time to delete text messages and other storage items.

I have Alltel here in New Mexico and it's reception is OK, but I live in a rural area and my friends and other Navajo's are just jealous of this phone, especially that I got it for like 48 bucks, and yes that is American dollars.



Jun 27, 2009 by almixin

I'm DONE with Motorola... either they're all just bad phones or I've had the worst luck in the world with this brand.

I've owned three V3's, two V3(RED)'s, two V9's, three V950 Renegade's and now the VE20, all with Sprint. They all freeze and crash when either texting or using applications. I just got the VE20 7 days ago and already it's freezing and rebooting when sending text or adding or editing alarms... I'm DONE with Motorola for sure!!

I've also owned Samsung, Sanyo and Palm and never had any problems with them other then extensive normal wear which prompted me to replace them.

OH!! but I do have at least 1 pro... the camera. It takes better pictures then some of the digital cameras I've had in the past. Maybe I'll just keep this one as a conveniently light & small digital camera Without the service. It takes AWSOME still pictures with absolutely NO blurriness.

Best Razr I've seen yet.


Nov 18, 2008 by Money_Pit

I have this phone for about a month now through U.S. Cellular and so far it has been one of the best phones I have owned. I have owned many AT&T phones and used many U.S. Cellular phones. It has not frozen up on me yet(was a little worried by some of the other reviews), and the battery life seems for be pretty average(3-4 days with about 45-60 mins a day on calls, 10-20 texts, and some games played throughout the day).

- decent battery-life when compared to the Razr2.
- easy-to-use interface(fast menus)
- All voice commands do not need to be learned by repeating names into the phone for each contact! already knows how you pronounce names and commands!!(only phone I ever owned like that)
- quite a bit smaller than the razr2 in width, while still being a bit thicker so theres more to hold on to.

- Wish the external touchscreen incorporated more operations other than checking missed calls and camera.
- like the majority of phones, would not consider to be very durable with the external touchscreen, don't really see this as a con(although I take very good care of my phones)
- Fingerprints!!! I constant wipe my phone on my sleeve to get rid of them.

All in all a great all around phone and I believe the overall operation of the phone is great!

not so happy


Nov 13, 2008 by cellphone101

I have had this phone for several weeks now, since it was just out in stores, and I have had it long enough to give a ewview.
In my opinion, its not so good with reception, the ring of the phone is not nearly loud enough- to hard to hear others while on the phone, it's quite confusing, and the xtra features are not to great.
I basically wanted a good phone, but got this insyead. It feels cheap and has constant freeze up, or shuts itself off.
I am on my 3rd one...if that tells u anything! I would not recomend this phone to anyone. The front screen smashes and breaks easily when dropped, and the fingeprints are awful on these phones...even when u constantly are cleaning it up. I thought they were supposed to be an upgrade for the razr v9m, but no way.
this phone is worse thay my razr V3A, which my v3a will get a much higher rating than this ve20. Pass this one up folks.... a better phone will surely come along soon.
None compare to the razr v3m- that was a darn good phone. Hope this helps!!!

its motorola
looks good till used
not for those with rugged jobs or lives

Cons_ too many to mention but as you see above you have plenty of cons to think about. Good Luck!!!

Its ok for a Razr..


Nov 12, 2008 by 7phonesin11months

Just want to make this short.

Make sure when you decide on this phone to have a memory card along with you, by the time I got this home and tryed to put in a memory card, the phone will not recognize the memory card there for it has to go back today. (i even tryed the memory card from my new Q9c and it didn't recognize that either)Hope that US Cellular Agent will replace it. As it is not even 12 hrs old. (I paid cost for this, already have a plan)


-Small, fits anywhere
-Somewhat more customizable
-If I could use the mp3 part, the touch screen sounds nice tho..


-NEW CHARGER (again!!) and that means new USB cable too!!
-A little slow on sending pic messages.
-Could use a few more choices for SKINS, (maybe can be downloaded???)
-Battery life isn't very good

Over all for my husband, it will work,(if they replace it, if not, maybe time to switch carriers!!) for me I will either stick with my Q9c or go for the Motorola QA 30 coming in December. (No $24.99 data plan to pay!!)



Nov 10, 2008 by articulate08

Love this phone!!! This phone works great and is very responsive. No lag like most older Motorola phones. Reception and sound quality/clarity is better than most phones (typical for Motorola phones). SprintWeb loads fast and Youtube videos load perfect. The keypad lights up red when you have the camera or camcorder open and white the rest of the time (cool feature). The touch sensitive exterior screen also works really nice. I have owned the RAZR, RAZR V9m, ic502 Buzz, all from Motorola and I must admit, this phone is a definite improvement!!!

(My opinion)
I've had this phone for a month and a half now and have yet to find any negative things to say about it.

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