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LG enV2 (VX-9100)


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10 weeks now


May 10, 2008 by jbaliski

Awesome Phone. This phone is really nice. I had the ENV and this is a true upgrade. I did not care for the voyager, I thought it wanted to be the iphone too much. It is also very costly. This phone is sleek, sexy and has great function, all at a great price!

1. Great screen on the front and back. great 2. quality.
3. Great volume for ring tones.
4.new front keyboard is awesome
5. QWERTY keyboard is a great size.
6. The phones size in general, it is perfect.
7. the micro USB connector is WAYYYY better then the junky charging port on the previous env (and several other LG phones).
8. Battery life is much better then the last ENV.
9. The rubber type of casing is much nicer, and i am hoping more durable then the regular plastic on the last one
10. Sturdy feel... and much more!!!

Ok.. there are a few things that bother me.That is why i gave it a 4.5. I would rater give it a 4.99 but thats not an option haha.

1. Vibrate is not as strong as the last ENV
2. The music button. I would prefer a programmable button, since i do not use the music player.
3. The front navigation button. I did like the Up down left right button on the last env. it was very. convenient. This one only does up and down. And you ca not change them. on the last env you could change them to whatever you desired.
4. I just wish it had come out sooner!

All in all you can see the pro's out weigh the cons by far. This phone is incredible especially for the price. Buy one, you will not regret it.

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I agree with Reviews!


Jun 3, 2008 by CoachHull

Time for me to give back to this site...reviews were so helpful I bought the phone based on them. Thanks to everyone!

VERY happy with this phone. Here are the pros:
1. Feels and looks cool
2. Impressive energy, brightness, battery life, sound levels, etc.
3. Front buttons GREAT DESIGN...i'm still faster outside to text than inside keyboard.
4. Inside keyboard is full, great design on buttons.
5. I like the charging screen desktop clock.
6. Decent camera

1. not the phone's fault but Mobile Web 2.0 is a sad joke that was funny at first and now it's sad that I'm stuck with that for 2 years. I should never have seen an iPhone then maybe it wouldn't have ruined me.
2. Defaults to 'abc' inside texting instead of 'Abc' which is weird
3. it's not an iPhone, but not the Env2's fault.

GREAT PHONE I am really glad I got this instead of the Glyde!!!

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Really Great Phone


Oct 8, 2008 by jrmontana18

This phone is one of my Favs. I owned the Env 1 and really like it. I didn't like it was so big, thats why this phone to me is great. The camera works great and just really like the overall functionality of the phone. What I don't like about it is the limited stuff you can do while the phone is closed. Other then that I really can't complain about it.

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Great Phone


Sep 24, 2008 by wackojacko13

Great Phone!
I being a teenager means that I text a lot, and I do! This is the perfect messaging device I have ever had.

(except for a few cons)

You can't feel it vibrating
and you are limited to navigation on the front scree.

But other than that, I highly recommend this phone to anyone! :)

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Great Phone, a breath of fresh air.


Sep 8, 2008 by MJ23KB08

I'm so excited about this phone! I had the original EnV for about 2 years and loved it, but I got a little frustrated with it's bulkiness. With the EnV 2 that's not a problem at all. It's sleak, stylish, and very compact. While the outside screen may be tiny the inside screen is HUGE. The speakers are also louder than the original EnV. There are only a couple of things that really bother me, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Pros: -Sleek Design
-Loud Speakers
-Beautiful (and big) internal screen
-Easy to use qwerty keyboard
-Large external buttons

Cons: -No camera flash
-Camera zoom does very little
-There's lag time when going between menus and looking through videos. Hopefully there will be an update soon.

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I'd reccomend it


May 22, 2008 by hramm01

I've had this phone for about a week now. I'd say that I'm satisfied with this phone. It's not like AMAZING, but it's pretty nice.

QWERTY keyboard is laid out fairly nice, only problem I seem to have is that the clear button is too close to the space button, but I can get used to that.

Battery life is great. I can go a few days without charging under moderate use, like sending a few text, getting on the net a bit, and making a few calls.

Call quality and volume are more than adequate, not as loud as my Samsung SCH-A930, but it seems like all Samsungs are loud.

It looks pretty cool, I get a lot of comments about how good it looks.

Has that soft plastic on the back so it feels good when you are holding it.

People say that this thing makes calls in you pocket since all you have to do is press any button then "OK" to unlock the phone. I have not had this trouble and I move around quite a bit throughout the day.

The front screen attracts fingerprints pretty good, but thats to be expected.

Sometimes it says that I have no service when I do. I will have zero bars, but my texts send really fast and calls still sound great. So I guess it can just be confusing as to whether you really have service or not.

Speaker phone volume isn't all too loud.

Overall, I think the phone is great, the cons aren't really that big of a deal and are easily overlooked for the pros. So for those who are looking for a good QWERTY phone, or just a good phone in general, I'd recommend this one.

btw, I use Verizon service in Flint, Michigan.

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env2 will make everyone jealous


May 8, 2008 by jgojcaj

Had this phone for about a week and it is FLAWLESS. I had the Voyager for about two months prior to this and it was nothing but a problem and headache. I kept receiving a heavy echo while conversing on the phone. Had it replaced for a new one and the same issues occurred.

When VZW asked if I would like to try the env2, I was hesitant at first. Now, I'm in love.


- CLEAR/ LOUD call quality: The reception is perfection and I don't hear any echos!
- CAMERA: For such a tiny phone, this has a camera is pretty good compared to most 1.5-2 mega pixel out there by Motorola and Samsung.
- DESIGN: Love it. It screams fashion. Love the compact and usable QWERTY. I have big fingers and it oddly works PERFECT.

- MUSIC BUTTON: Kind of wish it wasn't there. Would have rather seen a contacts or message button instead. NO BIGGS!

If anyone is contemplating on getting this phone, DO IT. Try it for 30 days. If you hate it, return it. But I know you'll love it, because you're already jealous at how much I love this phone.

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May 4, 2008 by BigRed83

I recently said goodbye to my beloved green enV (someone got lucky on eBay), I snatched up this little puppy in black.

First of all, the battery life: FANTASTIC!! When I got it Friday (after checking out the Glyde), it had three bars. As of 7:00PM EDT on 5/4, I still have two bars on it. The keyboard size is great, better than on the predecessor. Size/weight are better, and I’ll have to get used to it after the larger, older sibling.

I like the camera just fine, and was able to blow up a photo to 8x10 size without grit showing up. I don’t miss the flash, it was no better than a flashlight, compared to a real camera flash.

I don’t know about regular call quality, as I live in of one THOSE states requiring bluetooth, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.
The speakers sound great, and I love the new ringtones.

CONS? Nope

Recommendation: BUY ONE BUY ONE BUY ONE!!!

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Good phone


Aug 13, 2008 by heidelj

I would certainly recommend this phone.

Pros: Great, easy to use interface with good sized screen.
-QWERTY keyboard is great for texting. I didn't even bother with texting with previous phones because it was too tedious.
-2 MP camera takes good pics for a camera phone.
-Looks good and has a good size and shape; doesn't feel bulky in my pocket.
-MP3 player is pretty easy to use.

Cons (most of which are minor):
-Only comes in 2 colors, black and maroon (at least where I got mine).
-When using earphones, the lowest volume setting for the MP3 player is loud. Don't know if earphones with their own volume control would correct this or not.
-Vibration could stand to be stronger.
-No sound alert for low battery.
-Unable to edit song info (artist, title, etc) in MP3 player.
-If the phone is in vibrate mode, the alarm is in vibrate mode as well. Be aware of what mode the phone is in before going to sleep if you plan to use the phone as an alarm clock.

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May 9, 2008 by chilepablo

My 2 cent review...
The form factor and looks rates high in my book. Finally VZW comes out with a candybar style (flip too) that is cool. Perfect size, sleek black and silver coloring. Don't mind the smaller external screen. It does what you need it to and actually functions more than a regular external screen on than most flip phones with access to Contacts, Messages, Recent Calls, Music, Bluetooth and Keyguard from the front. Texting is easy from the front on the fly. If you want to get extensive with your text, just flip it open. Inside the screen is bright and alive with usual VZW UI. The qwerty keyboard took some getting used to (I've always used T9), but I'm getting faster and it really makes some types of texting easier. Signal strength and call quality is high. I get 4 signal bars at my house, but I think I'm close to a tower. Around town is fine. Battery life is off the charts for VZW phones. I get 3-4 days easy with heavy use between charges. Haven't checked out Bluetooth or Music yet, but I hear it's fine. Even downloaded a couple of games and they play nice on the internal screen and keyboard. Overall, very pleased with VZW and the enV2.

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