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LG enV2 (VX-9100)


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Awesome phone!!! Read my review cuz mine has the facts unlike others!!!


Jul 25, 2008 by kihnen6

okay people this phone is amazing! They finally trimmed down the size like everyone wanted but all you do is complain!!!! And I am sick of reading comments like mommyskittles and such saying what they hate about the phone when they don't know how to run it is the problem and if there is something the phone can't do then it's your fault ya bought a phone without the features you wanted, idiots!!! For starters, the functionality is great and if you don't like it why did you buy it? You knew getting the phone how it would work and if you didn't then you must be braindead!!!! The phone has a great camera, battery life is amazing, reception is the same as it is with all LGs, it's why they are the best. The phone CAN ring and vibrate so ignore idiots reviews saying it can't! Sound is great on it and is the same as the original env so whoever says it sucks bought the phone with their [...]! The phone works amazing and it's just like they said it was so if you do your homework you can't blame the phone for any of your idiotic mistakes! Your fault not the phone!!!! The env 2 rocks and does everything like it should as well as the say or better!!!!!!! 5 star phone!!!!!

Ed. note: removed profanity / insult

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The EnV2 is Amazing


Jul 21, 2008 by evankyle21

I've had mine for a month and a half now, and I absolutely love this phone.

-The battery life is the best of any phone I've ever had (by far)
- Call clarity
- Reception
- 2.0 Megapixel camera takes great pictures
- Speakers sound great when phone is open
- Nice, big screen on inside
- So many cool features offered from Verizon for this phone (like VCAST, VZ Navigator, ESPN MVP)
- Qwerty keyboard
- Better, smaller size (than the original EnV)

- Weak vibrate (as compared to the strong LG VX8100 that I had before)
- Spacebar is right next to clear button
- Speakers are not very loud or clear when closed (as compared to when open)
- Music button on front

I would highly recommend this phone. I'd probably rate it a 4.8 overall, but it's worth it to round up.

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best messaging phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Jul 21, 2008 by BT20

i just got this phone 4 days ago and it is the best phone i ever had. i recently owned the samsung alais and the hinge was really weak and wiggled alot and eventually broke, so i decided to try out the env2.

1. keyboard is compact and great for messaging
2. vznavigator is nice
3. dedicated music button
4. vcast music and videos are easy to access
5. signal strength is nice- i live in alaska so this is impressive
6. picture and video quality is very good
7. txt,pic,video messaging is very easy and quick too verizon has great service.
8. battery life is the best. i charged it and after that i didnt hav to charge it for 4 days and i do alot of texting and calling

none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this phone has it all

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I love this phone


Jul 6, 2008 by sarah2323

I just purchased this phone on the 4th of July after doing a ton of research on this website before doing so. Prior to this, I had the LGVX8600 and if you read my review of that, you know how unhappy I was with it. I then purchased an older blackberry, completely brand new but the 2005 7750 model which is old and out-dated. But the service and battery life were pretty good and I liked getting my emails on my phone. However, I didn't really need the extra fees and all I really use my phone to do was text.

I was due for an upgrade with promotional pricing so I decided to just go for it after reading many of the reviews online.

What I love:
The smaller size, fits in my pocket
The qwerty keyboard
Ease of sending text messages, receiving messages, can go back to using traditional text message options (number buttons)
Bigger, bright screen inside
Ringtones are very clear, sound is very clear
Speaker phone
Great reception even in my lack of reception area

What I don't love:
The space bar is in a weird spot. There are 2 actually and they aren't where you would think they would be.

I am probably going to get a memory card and USB cable for it so I can use it as a music player as well, thereby cutting down the number of items in my purse.

I knew I wasn't going to get another phone until I had thoroughly researched all of my options and I am really very very pleased with this phone. I text message a lot, probably more than I email and this phone is perfect for that. It's also very cool looking! After being so unhappy for so long with my phones, I am totally 100% pleased.

I wish Verizon would include more things with the phone but like anything, they all have to be purchased separately.

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Very Decent


Jul 2, 2008 by XxXMrKittyXxX

Just upgraded to this bad boy about 2 weeks ago.. I was using the LG8300 for about a year and a half, then switched to the LG9400 because I liked the Swoosh flip up thing on it, and so here's what I thought:

-Battery life. Freakin thing lasts forEVER off of one charge.
-Texting on the QWERTY takes some getting used to, but I like it since I sometimes use words not found in your standard Webster's i.e. Dingleberry (or most swear words)
-You can set it up for texting on the fromt screen to default to T9 which I also love
-Speaker phonr sounds awesome. I never used Speaker before this one came along
-It looks like a calculator so grandma and granpa think you're just doing math instead of texting
-Music button on front. Very nice.

-QWERTY takes some getting used to - going from old T9 (naturally)
-Front screen is not the best for accessing the menu.. you gotta flip it open to use most applications
-No flash on the Camera (though it takes great pics in the light!)
-Only up and down on the front. No side to side.

All in all I stand behind LG on this one. I like it more than I really thought I would..

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very well thought out phone


Jun 17, 2008 by slipaway172

i have had this phone for 5 days now and it has been great.

-easy to use front screen for reading txts, answering calls and checking phone logs
-great feeling keyboard
-beautiful front screen
- BEST every sound quality and microphone
-great stereo speakers
-2mp camera
- blazing fast UI
-solid hinge
-excellent reception
-5+ hours of battery life ( best battery life of 99% cdma phones)
-solid construction
-takes okay photos
-able to take photos while closed
-can use external screen as view screen
-able to make calls in fringe area
- OTA firmware upgradeable ( no other verizon phone can do it )

- camera lacks autofocus and takes okay/not so great photos
- typical verizon UI
-uses microusb ( very hard to find quality chargers and usb cables)
-2.5mm headset jack. Prefer 3.5mm
-stereo speakers could be louder

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Perfect little phone


Jun 16, 2008 by kmcnulty25

I've owned my black enV2 for a little over 2 weeks now...I had the Voyager for 2 months before this, but unfortunately I accidentally spilled water on it, and...yeah. But I have to say I think I like the enV2 a little better...I never really did get used to the touch screen on the Voyager, and it was a bit bulky for me.

-Perfect size, and with a QWERTY keyboard to boot...which is great for me because I'm a chronic texter, and I like compact phones like this...so I get to have my cake and eat it too
-Decent ringtone selection
-Camera quality is good, although I really don't use it...but it comes in handy when you're in a pinch
-Call quality is very good
-Battery life is also very good...I've gone 3 days in between charges
-Screens are nice and bright...also comes with animated wallpapers
-LOUD alerts/ringtones

-Like a few other reviewers here, I too have had the issue of it unlocking while in my purse a few times...no phantom phone calls were made, but I still think it's a pain
-The music button on the front is kind of pointless, but that's just me
-Word of warning...if you use Mobile Web at all, you don't want this phone. I don't really use it anyway, but I tried accessing it one day when I was away on vacation and didn't have access to a regular computer, and there's really no easy way to access it at all...unless I'm just not doing it right.
Other than that, it's a very good phone for gaming and texting.

Despite the cons, I think it's a great phone and I'm very happy with it.

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fantastic phone


Jun 13, 2008 by bigack

alot better than the env, smaller, better build, ok camera, no auto focus :( having trouble with the send pic, i get a error when it trys to save to memory card, but when it saves to phone it will send a pic no problem?? over all fantastic!!! well worth the price!!!

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The enV wasn't enVious enough 4 me


Jun 11, 2008 by enV2fanatic08

Let's see, i've had a total of six phones since August of 07, 3 enV's and 3 venus!!!! The enV's would freeze and stall on me, the venus...well lets not evenm go there lol!!!! But anyway, i just got my new enV2 about 8 hours ago and already i know the phone like the back of my hand!

Pro's:-spacious QWERTY keyboard
-2.0 megapixel camera
-large internal screen
-great mobile im, text, pic, video, and voice messaging
-lots of shortcut keys/options
-takes great pics
-holds over 300 messages in the inbox (so u dont have 2 constantly erase your messages)
-practical exterior screen
-great menus
-love the desicated music button (the venus had me used 2 that)
-very clear speakers
-call quality is astounding (can even change the voice quality)
-music player is astounding
-verizon vcast
-slim, sexy, lightweight phone
-battery life is AMAZING
-sturdy hinge feels like it could handle constant flipping
-micro sd slot goes up 2 8 gb's
-pc sync
-2.5mm headjack
-comes with loads of ringtones
will let you know if i think of anything else

Cons: -cant see wallpaper on externaL screen (no biggie)
-have 2 resend messages if u get an incoming message (no big deal, it politely asks you if you want 2 try sending again and you hit yes and your good to go)
-and thats it, the phone is practically a perfect match 4 me!!

This is an awesome phone, i recommend it highly (unlike the enV and the venus) 4 messaging fanatics such as myself. Blackberries were made 4 bussiness people, not media/messaging phones such as this one. I LOVE THIS PHONE and i am writing because i wanna help people who cant make decisions such as myself because these reviews sure did help me!!!!

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Love the env2


Jun 9, 2008 by mkmirich

I have had the LG ENV2 for over a week now and I think this phone is just awesome.

Looks stylish
Easy to use
Texting keyboard is great and fast
Small Size
Good sound and ringers
Camera Takes good pics
Phone locks so no phantom calls

No flash for camera
No cover for camera lens

I read a review that said with the env2 you weren't able to delete contacts, but i was able to.

Overall, i would recommend this phone to anyone!

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