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I tried to like it...


Jul 28, 2008 by zshen

I had the phone for over a week and I really wanted to love it. I did love the touch screen. Coming from a KRAZR, texting was very easy for me. I couldn't stand the slider, the same problem as with other sliders, the buttons are just to hard to get to (some of them). Thankfully everything can be done from the screen, except for easy edge.

Easy edge implementation on this phone was terrible. Having a touch screen does not help one bit here. Everything has to be done via the keypad or arrows to move around. WAP browser was completely missing. Fully functioning bluetooth was awesome. It makes life much easier to put tones and pics on.

Now on to sound. This is my biggest complaint. The speaker which is used for a ringer sounds cheep and not very loud. Certain ring tones would make the speaker crack and rattle. I missed countless text due to the incrementing ringer issue this phone has. Phone calls I have missed due to this as well. As I wasn't told there would be a fix, I had to return it. I can't afford to miss calls.

Overall, great idea with horrific implementation.

LG Glimmer US Cellular


Jul 23, 2008 by Baby Boss

I love this phone!

Touch Screen
Clear display & pictures
Wonderful camera
Easy menu
Durable frame

You cannot scroll through your contacts but I made it where I have the most important people on speed dial and they have it to where you can make groups of people in your contact list so it is easier to find the people you call or text most often.

The back of the phone to get to the battery is hard to get off.

The text message ringer is hard to hear if on a lower level.

Basically this phone is great. The ringer for phone calls is loud and I do not have the issue of missing calls. Its a great phone for a 20's crowd and I feel cool carrying it around campus where everyone else has an i phone.

Great Phone


Jul 19, 2008 by marctf8650

I recently got this phone. I resigned my contract with U.S. Cellular and got the Razr2 at the time. After about a week, I couldn't stand the Razr2 anymore and remembered why I have stayed away from Motorola for years. I brought that back I chose the LG UX-830. The phone works great. I love it. The best phone that U.S. Cellular offers along side the Samsung R610.

1) Good battery life
2) Great sound quality
3) Great reception
4) Easy to learn how the phone is set up
5) Touch screen

1) Ringer is too quiet
2) Bluetooth volume isn't up to snuff with competition

Overall I love this phone. I can stand missing a few calls and not always hearing when I get a text message for as well as this phone works. I highly recommend this unit.

Keep in mind for any and all rechargeable batteries to make sure they are fully charged before use and to fully drain the battery before charging, then give it a full charge for the first couple charges. Periodically do this throughout the month. This will dramatically increase battery life.

Wow Alltel


Mar 14, 2008 by jmneathery

Very impressive for Alltel. Usually they wait for th phone to have been out with another carrier for at least 6-9 months before they offer anything good. Their smartphones are ok but this phone is definitely their best phone all around. Got it yesterday( first day out).

nice look
great service
good sound
great features
nice slide
doesn't feel cheap
comparable to verizons version but better
offers a service so when you get a call or receive one it tells you what part of country its coming from i.e. Petersburg V.A.

very pricey for this type of phone even with renewing contract
not as good inner face as the I phone but what does
very smudgy (fingerprints)
kind of big
have to tie the stylus on to phone with a string that comes with it no built in hole

Overall I'm impressed as I have not come to expect great phones from Alltel especially ones exclusive to them. Wish they would continue this trend as Alltel definitely has a great network and prices and phones like this could make it worthwhile for other people to come to Alltel.

GLimmer Rocks


Mar 17, 2008 by DjJinkx

Great phone !!! Clear Voice
good battery life
great for media !!!

Anyone having problems finding a case look for LGs leather case for the Scoop it works great and any of the micro usb chargers for the RzrV2 will work for car chargers.
if you have problems looking up phone #s get a blue tooth it has some great features with this phone

Navigation bad for driving


Mar 15, 2008 by phonereviewall

First off I was very excited about this phone. I decided to get it the day it came out. After using it for only a day I knew it was not the phone for me. The main reason was that it is hard to navigate through your phone book without looking at the phone. This caused trouble during driving as I almost got in 2 accidents. The reason is that you have to scroll using your finger on the touch screen.

Pro's: Sleek, stylish phone with a touch screen. Does everything a normal phone does, with great reception.

Con's: Navigation is hard to use because you can't just scroll one up or down. I wish they would have just minimized the screen about a 1/2 inch and added a normal navigation button like mostly every other phone.

I hope this helps someone out, I ended up just getting the hue due to the great reviews and the fact that my wife has had it for a year with no problems.



Apr 2, 2008 by Tman

This phone is very nice looking and thats about it for the Pros

Cons: The face does not slide open far enough so it feels like you have to jam your finger into the send and end keys to reach them.

Also the Stylus hangs on the corner

The Touch senitivity is not very sensative and you have to press kinda hard on the screen to get it to scroll up or down or just to select anything in general.

Bottom Line.... Lg cant make a phone to save there lives!



May 19, 2008 by elchert07

The features and the phone itself is a great idea, and the look of the phone is great.

But the cons are too high. The biggest is the fact that you don't hear your phone ring until it is too late, even if your phone is right next to you.

When I called tech support about it they said "well it is made for the business man" I said well a BUSINESS MAN needs to hear his phone. Then they hung up on me.

Also about ten days later the touch screen barely ever worked, the stylus got lost because there is nowhere to put it. Then the touch screen started going crazy and selecting things I didn't touch.

In the end I returned it and went back to my blackberry pearl. Best phone ever.

ADVICE: Don't get the glimmer

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