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What a horrible phone!


Oct 1, 2005 by GuyinLACA

The phrase "looks can be deceiving" hold true with this phone. I know it's no longer offered but this is for those considering buying it off E-Bay. This phone actually started out as a great phone. It has a clean design, good size, and decent signal. The wow of this phone quickly passed as the phone got hot after 5 minutes of use. The paint was literally chipping off the phone! After a year with the phone the battery life got down to about a day. Then people who called me complained they could not hear me well and that I was fading in and out. The microphone was obviously shot, and reception got terrible too. Sure the phone worked fine for almost a year but went quickly downhill. If you bought a used one it probably would already be showing signs. Basically, I have no plan to buy another Samsung again. Sprint's horrible customer service was no help either. I switched to Verizon and got a nice Motorola phone and have had a great experience. Verizon has amazing reception and customer service.

-Clean, simple design
-Small & Lightweight
-External caller ID

-Phone gets hot after 5 minutes
-Paint chips off very easily
-After your warranty is up everything breaks down on this phone
-Sprint is horrible to deal with

Bottom line, Don't waste your time buying this one on E-Bay, get a Sanyo or switch carriers.

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Why I still use the SPH -A460


Aug 28, 2005 by FF

I am about to buy my 3rd A460 on Ebay. - I have had the screen blanking problem on two phones - both times after about 18 months. - I stick with this phone for two reasons: First, Sprint no longer sells a phone with an external screen but no camera - I like the external screen, but have no interest in camera phones which are expensive and generally thicker than non camera phones. Second, I have a great plan with sprint - from 3 years ago which is no longer being offered. $30 per month for 300 minutes, free nights and weekends and free sprint to sprint and free long distance. I can't get a new phone phone from Sprint with a rebate unless I am willing to pay more per month - When I can no longer get A460 phones, I will probably switch carriers - If I have to pay more, I'd rather be with Verizon which has much better coverage.

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The Phone Works.. And for a time it was good


Apr 11, 2005 by dXs

When i got my first a460 2 years ago i was blown away; beautifully lit keypad, an internal AND external display, great sound and decent reception.

The Good.

The menus are easy to navigate and with some intuitive thinking you can handle this phone without having to crack the manual.

Reception is mediocre, nothing to rave about, at the time of its release it probably had better reception than other phones introduced. But right now, i would consider it sub-par with what you can get now.

The task list and calendar are very handy, as is the large contact capacity and speed dial (hold down the number, or last number of the location. lets say you want to call the contact in slot 25, press 2 and hold down 5)

The message capacity is fairly large, don't know how much exactly, but its a lot. I text a lot and the T9 combined with the keypad allows the user to get VERY fast, especially when you have two thumb action happening.

Voice dial is nifty, but isn't very forgiving.

The Bad.

Kinda buggy. I've had my phone freeze up on me a few times, even WHILE a call is in progress and i have to remove the battery and cold start the phone.

The blank screen issue (first a460). A common problem, if it happens go to your dealer and request that it be sent out on warranty, its a free fix. Don't let them tell you otherwise.

The dead earpiece issue (second a460). The speaker likes to die, totally loses its amplified powered and sounds like weak headphone from the 70's. Once again, going out to repair under warranty.

Doesn't always send the text message though the screen says "Message sent and stored". Check your outbox to make sure it was sent.

Minor annoyance: The T9 likes to capitalize the first letter of ever word. Can't change that.

Good phone, good price. Nothing more than what you need a phone to do. I smashed the internal screen on my first a460 and bought another because, quite frankly, it was the most practical and affordable phone out there.

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Recall needed A460!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 4, 2005 by gmorrison

Nice looking phone but beauty is only skin deep.
Phone heated up after a few minutes of use. This wasn't the main issue. I unfortunately bought two of these. After a year 1st phone screen went blank. Sales person stated that it was a rare incident. A month later my second phone screen went blank. Back to the sales office again. While waiting for the person in front of me to air his complaint, I noticed that he had the same phone. His screen went blank also.
I ask the sales rep about a recall and he states that this doesn't happen very often and refuses to repair the phones. I told him that the odds were not good having three phones same model , same problem in his store at the same time.
He suggested I call Samsung myself. I did so and they directed me back to my sales rep who said call samsung etc. etc. etc.

My next phone will not be a samsung of any make

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Tough little phone!!!


Nov 14, 2004 by royal1dude

Overall: Great phone. Takes a lot of abuse and keeps going strong.

Strengths: Small, lightweight, solid feeling--not cheap, simple to use. Good sound quality, good battery life.

Weaknesses: Keypad does get a little warm after about 30 min of continuous use but not enough to "burn" you, ring vollume could be louder.

I have had these two a460's for two years now so I feel qualified.(my wife has one too) We have had zero problems with our phones. Used every day and still on the original batteries! It's an older model so it doesn't have all that fancy stuff but what it does have is easy to use and reliable.

Summary: If you are looking for a cheap, basic phone for use as a backup or replacement until your contract runs out, I would recommend this phone. Otherwise, you can get one with a lot more features for free when you sign with a new carrier.

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Sep 19, 2004 by frankakaantdogg

This phone has alot of PRO's and Con's... Which include

Phone has fun games.
Phone can connect to MSN Hotmail Msn Messanger AIM messanger AOL and Yahoo!
Its Simple which can be a pro and a con depends
It has some OK screen savers

phone get HOT after a few min.s of usage
my screen doesn't even work! alfuw! some times the out side screen does but rarely... the phone is OLD and is only a SPRINT PSC phone not a SPRINT PCS VISION. the phone has a short life (Battery) and if fusing to use!

over all the phone is great at 1st then just wares out easily... i would say NOT to get it its a joke... but i guess its great if u a short lasting cheep phone...
all in all it has more cons and less pros!

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I wish i styll had this phone


Jul 1, 2004 by Motoman

Well after Sprint pissing my off and cuting off myphone i styll miss this phone i wolud get 7 days standby time 10 Hours talktime it need some better ring tones be i grow to love the ring tones that is had "comeing Home " ect i carryed this phone from Janury 2003 to July 2003 about 7 months un till sprint messed up my account and stuff but i styll miss this phone i'am useing the motorola v60 i have had this phone about 8 months and i'am styll i love with it Needs better stand by time so if you have this phone keepit for EVER the best Sprint phone ever

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Nov 2, 2003 by blaze445

this phone Ive had for 6 months and ive had nothing but trouble the internet on this product is so complicated the menu is the easiest thing to use on it

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Oct 16, 2003 by vvante

real nice neat little package for someone just looking for a phone. i used it for about two year and loved it imeasurably. only changed out phone due to the wear and tear that was placed on the phone.

if you just want a phone this is it
does have connectivity features but i never used.

color screen would have beent great

this phone was dropped and scratched on numerous occaasions and it stills works.

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Samsung SPH-A460...lacking


Sep 16, 2003 by Wayne Kelley

The Samsung SPH-460 is a horrible "upgrade" to the A400. I have owned the A400, A460 and N400 by Samsung and currently have the Sanyo SCP-4900.

1) While the Samsung SPH-460 contains the look of a slick upgrade I noticed right away that the signal strength was considerably weaker than the N400 and even the A400 in all the familiar places I would use the phones. 2) The battery time was simply horrible. Non of the other phones were this bad, and nope...trying a new battery didn't improve things.
3) The phone would get quite hot after a very short period of use.

Why worry about features and the neat blue color when the fundamentals are lacking!

The sanyo SCP-4900 works so much better in terms of battery life and signal strength that I will not buy another samsung no matter what gimmicks they include with it (any good sprint rep will tell you sanyo works better with their network). I will have to wait for the Sanyo-5400 to upgrade (don't want a camera on my phone).

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