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PCD Shuttle CDM-8964 / CDM-8965


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Not Too Great


Apr 22, 2009 by bry1023ny

This phone has a lot of features (3G, video, music, nice screen etc.) but for me the cons outweigh the pros...

The touch sensitive buttons are a REAL pain - forget about putting this phone in your pocket otherwise when a call comes in and you slide it out, you'll have already dismissed or ignored the call.

But worse yet, the phone freezed when dialing out a couple times - and also freezed when attempting to receive a call! The only way to fix this was to take the battery out and do the hard reset.

I returned this phone within a couple of weeks to Best Buy. Voice quality wasn't that great either, with an audible hiss heard within the call.

I wouldn't recommend this phone unless you treasure 3G, video and music more than making and receiving calls!

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Best Virgin Mobile phone yet


Mar 2, 2009 by got_it

I was very surprised with this phone. After paying 106.00 with tax, I felt guilty, upgrading from the Wild Card. Let me just tell you the Wild Card isn't even comparable to this phone.

-Memory card slot makes it very easy to utilize the stereo blue.

-Media player is very functional, I can watch You Tube videos from the memory card and enjoy my music. Able to watch videos "wide screen" by turning it on it's side. Also can "hide" music player and continue texting while listening to music.

-The camera is very nice for a 1.3 mega pixel

-Screen is flawless and displays videos with ease

-Internet is fast and doesn't consume too much battery. I recommend you download the Opera mobile browser for free to the phone, it is much better then a open wave supplied with the phone.

-T9 is easy to add words too and is very adaptive.

-Touch buttons are neat and you can change the sensitivity.

-Gets slightly better service then the Wild Card, which got great service anyway.

- Battery life is very good, even after playing music for 4 hours at work through the blue tooth the battery only went down one notch. Battery indicator will change depending on what you are doing, to show you how much battery life you have if you keep watching videos or surfing.

-Looks cool, I get compliments on it all the time.

-Regardless of the sensitivity you get the touch keys to, they can still screw you over by answering calls when taking the phone out of your pocket or sending text messages with out meaning too, once you are used to it, it not much of an issue.

-Videos do not play through stereo blue tooth, I don't watch videos often anyway, but you would think if you can listen to music and make calls in stereo you would be able to watch videos?

-Outdated charger style that is prone to breaking

-Good luck finding accessories for it!

Virgin Mobile is cheap and has pretty good service. $45 a month for unlimited internet+texting and 300A/T+1000N/W good enough for me!

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Pretty Good Phone


Feb 18, 2009 by J. Dub

Have had this phone for about 2 months. By far the best phone offered by Virgin Mobile (excluding the Ocean 2). The 3G speed is great, and now that you can use Opera Mini on this phone, browsing the web is a breeze! I especially love the push e-mail feature; I don't have access to my personal e-mail accounts while at work, so it's nice to be able to get notification whenever I get a new e-mail.

The design of the phone is nice, though I do wish the battery cover were a little sturdier. Slides off VERY easily (my 3 year old son has popped it off without even making an effort). Takes good pics and videos, though I wish you could get streaming videos.

All in all, a good little phone. I've listed some pros and cons below:

- Manageable size
- Love the touch sensitive keys
- 3G
- Push E-mail
- Video Recorder
- Good reception
- Sleek design

- No streaming video or flash available
- Freezes constantly when using Java run apps
- Flimsy battery cover
- Screen could be a little bigger

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Dec 22, 2008 by BigMike

I have been using this phone now for 2 months,and still cant put it down.I just love this phone.We all know that Virgin Mobiles service is through Sprint,and man oh' man the 3G speed is awesome... FAST... (I'd like to see more 3G phones from virgin mobile.) I however bought,and installed a 2gig t-flash memory stick and it wasent recognized. Not sure why. Gotta say holding this thing in your hands pressing the vibrating buttons gives me a chuckle,love itt... I will make a pros and cons list.
1.) Very easy to use.
2.) Responsive true touch keys.
3.) 3G SPEED-And it works......
4.) Video camera takes very clear video.
5.) Camera takes decent pictures.
6.) Charges quickly....
7.) Internet gives you alot of added favorites,some worth playing with..
8.) Internet is fast, and hard to-put down.

1.) A few web pages would not load up..?
2.) Side by side to another phone,shuttles web pages looked modified.(note:this may just be different web-browsers-dunno..?
3.) texting was alittle cramped,but still ok..

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Apr 24, 2009 by xxhwarriorhxx

SLick Design!
3g speed!
1.3mp camera!
feels sturdy on your hand.
----THE BAD---
-picture you take and set as a wallpaper doesnt fit full screen.
-If your like me that loves to chnage your wallpaper everyday, your going to come with a problem where the phone has a glitch and says "user data being restored" and you get that by changing your wallpaper. I had my device replace twice because of this situation, took it back to bestbuy. Eventually got my money back. Other than that sensitive buttons sumtimes are a pain but over all is a nice device, if it wasn;t for my issues with it.

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Aug 29, 2009 by chia

Usually UT Starcom and Pantech make pretty good devices, so I figured this one (branded UT Starcom, but actually manufactured by Pantech) would be solid. Initially, it certainly seemed so: had a nice feature set, 3G, cool design, long battery life, decent camera, and memory card slot- all the trappings of a high end device, but with relatively low price and no contract.

The actual device feels solid and has some interesting features, such as touch-sensitive softkeys. It has an mp3 player, micro-SD slot, dedicated keys for camera, speaker, volume, and music. The battery life is superb- I usually only have to charge it once a week, though admittedly I don't talk all day. Most of the features work decently well: the camera takes decent pictures; better than pretty much any other Virgin device (I've used at least 5 other camera phones in their lineup) and basic functionality is there.

The problems start with the speakerphone, which often refuses to engage when you activate it; pushing the buttons does nothing, as does the softkey with the speaker label. The music player would be nice, if the device actually had a decent headset. On that note, do NOT buy the UTS headset that Virgin offers- it is obviously a very cheap piece of hardware that has horrible sound quality and only one earphone. When I try to use it, the person I'm talking to always complains that I'm breaking up. One minor issue surfaces with the touch-sensitive keys- if you have them set to anything but lowest sensitivity, it's very easy to ignore calls while just pulling the phone out of your pocket.

The showstopper is a very serious issue with calls. Sometimes (about 1/5 the time) when you receive a call, the handset completely freezes up- only removing the battery can recover it. From what I've read online, this is apparently a known issue and it's a really bad one. What good is a phone that sometimes can't receive calls? This alone makes it impossible to recommend the Shuttle.

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Best phone ever had!!! :D


Jun 2, 2009 by coolphones3710

this phone rocks!!! got it a few days before my birthday. first thing is the AWESOME design. internet blazes very fast (thxs pcd for adding 3g to this phone). touch sensitivity keys can be annoying sometimes, but it works great. battery life is ok, but sometimes goes very low when using it almost every hour. call quality is BLASTING AWESOME. speaker sounds a bit choppy, but works awesome. I definitely recommend this phone who loves 3g speed internet. camera is not so great, but i love it when its built in so i can watch videos when it closed or not. also when watching videos, if you close it, it does NOT stop the video, which is FREAKINGLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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