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LG Shine CU720


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Great but got some problems.


Sep 1, 2008 by hallebruscotte

I got this phone and was veryyyy excited.
At first glance ANYONE would find it extremeeeeeeeely attractive.

- attractive & sexy
- slide feature is handy
- joystick is OK to use
- awesome features - mp3 player, 2.0 mp camera w/ video, voice recorder, big LCD screen.

- it is HEAVY. For a phone, that is. It's over 4 ounces, how do you explain that?!
- it's WIDE. at first glance it's skinny and thin and compact but after a while it looks WIDER AND WIDER. I'm not kidding.
- The joystick is so bothersome. It's tiny and super sensitive. I wish navigation on this thing was easier

so i have the pantech c150, but it needed to get repaired so i borrowed my friend's lg shine for a day. my pantech is better - who knew that SIMPLE IS BETTER! i don't need fancy stuff although it's nice to have.
3.5/5 stars from me ^_^.

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Awesome, but wheres the keyboard?


Aug 30, 2008 by LuvBug08

I used to have a kyrocera lingo with cricket. My fiancee and I purchased to lg shines. love the phones, they are loud enough--ringers, alarms, everything.
The web is awesome.
I wouldn't change a thing about the phone, as is priced reasonably.

Ring Level
Web in html
basic organizer
center wheel (neat!)

no free default games
texting difficult
mines not in red :(

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Would Not Recommend For Anyone


Aug 27, 2008 by sheldonr

I purchased this phone less than two months ago.

I must admit, the phone did seem to have pretty nifty features. But they come at a cost.

First of all, if you're in public, it will nearly be impossible to hear it ring. The vibrate function is also so soft, you won't feel it vibrating. The flash on the camera is virtually useless, and you have to find your own light source to take a decent picture.

The biggest deal breaker, was today, when I removed it from my pocket, the screen no longer worked. The screen had cracked, and have a million white lines running through the screen. I have never dropped, bumped, or abused my phone. After reading the forums on AT&T's website, I found out I was not the only one with this problem. If you don't have insurance, the warranty replacement doesn't cover it, as AT&T views this problem as customer neglect. AT&T is fully aware of the problem but refuses to do anything about it, except but to call the manufacturer.

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Too hard


May 17, 2008 by chadwick27

I was undecided btwn this phone and the BlackJackll. I chose this phone and played with it for a couple days. The feel is solid, the look is clean (i got the all black one), the screen is great, the camera is good too (has a flash). LG does a great job with their interface as susual.

The BAD: Texting is quite bad on this phone. I had never used a razor before, and this key board is much like it. It was way to hard to text on. The keys are smooth and i constantly pressed more than one key at a time. This killed it for me because i text quite a lot.

If you need/want a good looking phone, with a good camera, and dont really text a lot then this is the phone for you. Other wise i would look elsewhere.

P.S. The BJll is sick!!!

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The screen broke in one week


Apr 10, 2008 by itzjerm

I had owned the LG Shine which I found to be a good phone except it doesn't have good signal strenth. Also it broke easy. I tried the Motorola z9. I am only interested in a good camera and good signal strength and call quality. I do nothing with internet My review:
Sample photos from the camera can be seen at


*Takes photos quick, you don't have to open the phone. Quick time.
*you can zoom in on photos awesome!
*good camera and video camera quality. To bad at&t downgraded but still acceptable.

*Cover glass is really weak. I don't even know how it broke. This is why I returned it. I'm not hard on phones and have no clue how it broke!
*Signal would not get out from areas with low signal. My wifes Motorolla V3xx works fine.

I really wanted to keep the camera part, but i'll just go buy a camera. Wait I'm a pro photographer i have several. The lack of picking up signal and the fact the screen breaks so easy was the killer for me.

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Great But Not Perfect


Mar 6, 2008 by rwalterk

I upgraded from a Samsung D807 slider which I liked and had for 2 years. I wanted a 3G phone, better screen and updated functionality. It's probably the best compact slider around.

* The look and feel. Mirror finish and brushed metal housing are impressive. It's heavy but I like how dense it feels.
* Beautiful high resolution screen (240x320). Graphics, text and photos all look sharp; more text fits on the screen at once (great for web stuff).
* Great camera with flash; its pictures fit flush when set as wallpaper.
* Receiver volume can be made loud enough to make you deaf. My D807 was comparitively hard to hear at times.
* Loads web pages quickly, even on Edge.
* Holds a signal better than my D807 did.
* Some of the demo apps and games are really cool. I especially like the my-cast weather (shows animated radar maps), myspace mobile and pacman/ms. pacman.

* The phone auto-switches between 3G and Edge, but where the 3G signal is weak where I live and I've missed calls completely while the phone was trying to cling to a weak 3G signal. I used Google to find the engineering code which allowed me to change the network settings to "2G" only.
* I wish it would autolock the keypad immediately when the slider is closed (closest thing is a 3 second delay).
* Cramped keypad (but what do you expect for a compact slider). Since the Call, End Call and Clear buttons are integrated into the keypad they're a little too easy to hit when trying to press 1/2/3. The D807 had them on the top part of the phone (the part that slides away).
* Battery life is mediocre, but I knew that going in because the talk time is only rated for 3 hours.

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Feb 14, 2008 by meltymint14

This phone is awesome in so many ways... it has the very cool and sophisticated look that we all want and is useful for calling, texting, etc. The slider is very sweet and I would recommend this LG shine to anyone!!!

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LG Shine


Feb 5, 2008 by kimmyhitz

I bought the sony ericsson walkman and played with it for about 2 hours and hated it, I turned it off and used my old one until I went in to the AT&T store and played with the shine and decide I wanted this one. I've had this phone for about 2 weeks now and I love it! It does everything my last phone (motorola L6) did and more. Easy navigation. I recommend this phone to everyone!

Battery life isn't as long as I'm used to.

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the volume


Jan 30, 2008 by annie754

I love this phone...but.....i cannot hear it ring when its in my purse,my pocket or if im in a noisy place.I need a loud ringer.IM still trying to figure out how 2 do it.I have it on the loudest ring volume number but its still no good.Cant there be something done? I really dont want to return it because i really like it but I have to be able to hear it.

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Very Slick


Dec 23, 2007 by joe_daddy

I had a Moto V3XX and just had to get this when it launched. Overall I am very satisfied w/ the decision.

-Sleek design, sturdy build, great call quality (I live in what's considered a poor coverage area), good camera for a cell phone (functions kinda like a digital camera), slider works like a dream, great battery life (average user, charge every 3-4 days), quick responsive UI

-Screen gets smudgy whenever touched
Not much else to complain about. It's on the pricy end however it turns out it is well worth it. LG did good, significant improvement over previous models they typically rush into production.

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