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LG Voyager VX-10000


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Mini review


Nov 22, 2007 by ferndog

After trying 7 Iphones, the Voyager is a welcome addition to the Verizon lineup. What makes the Voyager a solid phone is the network. Thank god for Verizon!!!!!

The Voyager I am sure will get pasted by the people that want it to fail. The pro's of the phone outweight the con's.

Call quality is good, vibrate is decent, screens are wonderful, texting is a dream compared to the fruit phone, speakerphone is decent, touch screen is not perfect but it is fun to use. Firmware update can probably fix it.

The browser is slow if you do not have EVDO. Scrolling requires patience, battery life is awful.

Overall, good job Verizon and LG.

"Voyager" Best Phone Ever...


Nov 23, 2007 by loverlover

I have chosen Voyager over iPhone and I can tell I have made the right decision. I have used many phones including LG, Samsung, Moto etc.. but this is the best phone I ever seen so far. I only have used 2days and here are the my reviews..

1. Very Precise and user friendly Touch Screen. => I have tried my friend's iphone and Voyager's touch screen seems work more precise.
2. As the series of QWERTY phones from LG, it works well as I expected and easy to send TXT messages.
3. Innovative phone: has many function such as TV, Navigation, Full Browsing...
4. 2 Speakers make good Speaker phone mode and MP3 and 2M Camera seems great with large displays.

So far cannot think of any negatives and i will let you guys know if i find it in the future..

Overall, I personally think it is very innovative and user friendly phone, the greatest phone in the market so far and LG seems did great job...

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Don't Want To Let This Phone Go!!!


Jan 9, 2011 by daisy33

This has been the best phone and even though there are so many phones with more bells and whistles, I can't bear to let go of the LG Voyager. A year ago it was constantly crashing when accessing the Web browser and drove me crazy. When Verizon upgraded the software to my phone, the problems were history.

I've tried the droids and they seriously do not like me. The touch-screen QWERTY buttons do not hold a candle to my touchable LG buttons. I love the touch screen on the external screen for other features such as reading texts, checking email or sports scores or the weather.

The resemblance to a mini-laptop is the greatest feature because it's so convenient to view the screen hands-free, especially reading the VZW Navigator details. Love it Love it Love it!!! I've been lucky in that I have never had to replace with another one. Please please please Verizon, please develop an upgraded Voyager or similar clamshell-style phone and I will buy it!

worth the $$


Dec 11, 2010 by knjblazer

I've had this phone for over 2 years now and the only problem I ever had was after my dog chewed on it a bit and it had problems shutting off at random times.

Time to post my review


Aug 11, 2010 by narn3049

Have had 2 of these devices, altogether adding up to a 5.0.

AWESOME PHONE. It has a couple cons being that sometimes my sound on inside speakers is fuzzy and then the tv mode goes on. It the only 2 cons that this phone has.

a total failure


Feb 13, 2010 by whats_in_my_pocket

I purchased my voyager in Jan 2009. I finally got rid of it Jan 2010.

I had a total of 3 of these before Verizon would let me get another phone.

Phone 1: it would stop ringing. While I was getting this one replaced the 2 people in front of me were also getting their voyagers replaced. The store I was at ran out of the phone that day and had to order them.

Phone 2: would randomly turn off

Phone 3: same as 2, and the touch screen did not work most of the time

Verizon wanted to give me another voyager. That would have been 4 of the same phones in 1 year. After I asked to have my service canceled they were able to give me and EnV3. I am much happier with the new EnV3.

hands down, the best phone i've EVER owned!


Jan 15, 2010 by HU4L.CT

let me start off by saying that i absolutely love every single thing about this phone! i've had a billion different phones in the past--all different styles, carriers and capabilites--and BY FAR the Voyager is my all-time favorite.

-bright, vibrant screens
-adjustable haptic feedback on touch screen
-loud, clear ringtones
-generously spaced out QWERTY keyboard
-takes excellent, crisp pictures for a phone (2.0 megapixel)
-fully customizable
-speakerphone is loud without being distorted
-strong vibrate
-comfortable to text/browse internet/play games/etc on
-SUPER convienient key lock slide button for touch screen
-charger port is on the bottom (i hate when the charger port is on the side.. it makes it so awkward to use the phone when it's plugged in)
-solid construction, doesn't feel like the hinges will come loose
-having the choice of both a responsive, fast touch screen or the qwerty keyboard is super handy
-you can have your texts read out loud to you (i mainly use this just to laugh.. but i could see it being extremely handy when you're driving)
-a bunch of cool different fonts to pick from
-memory card slot

-the placement of the camera is a little funny, i always end up covering the lens with my right hand when holding the phone
-i wish they offered colors other than just black or titanium
-a flash on the camera would be nice

as you can see, the only cons about the Voyager are pretty much just personal preferences of mine (that i can just deal with perfectly fine and get over) if you're considering purchasing this phone, i would advise you a thousand times over to get it!! you will NOT be disappointed!!



Dec 15, 2009 by etzelryan

HMM what is there 2 say about this phone it was good for texting and it was my 1rst touch screen i have had! But the phone its self was overall not a great experience the phone was 2 bulky and just not a fun 2play with plus the screen size was not good 2look and text on/.....

Touchscreen was good gave u that vibrate hepatic feed back that u need when you have a touchscreen. battery life was aight it last really long at some days and other days it dieded way to quickly but the very last bar lasted the longest and the camera was really good for that year it came out 07/08 and it had what it needed for me and the speakers were boss loud crisp not crackley. the keys were great big really good spaced apart and u diffently need that in a good texting phone but it could use some major work for the next generation of the voyager.

call calulity wasn't its best it dropped alot of calls. the keyboard and the space bar in the phone was well off 2 the side and you need the space in the center like on a regular keyboard. the touch screen its self was great but the con about it was the virtual keypad and it didn't respond like every touch screen user likes it.... the screen size was good but the clerity of it was horribal. nd finally the camera on the touch screen suxed boo it was cloudy and couldn't see what u were taking a picture of when u were in sunlight and u had 2 cup ur hands round the screen and see wht it was and the flash on the camera wasn't very good it made the pictures turn out bad ....

ok phone i guess


Nov 24, 2009 by rocket23

i had the phone 4 months before the outside screen broke then a month after the senser that tells if the phone is closed or open stopped working

pros ok price
deacent battery life
nice qwerty keyboard
deacent touch screen
good reception
nice shiny design

easily broken
slider would have been better
doesnt have a camera flash

Bad Bluetooth


Nov 9, 2009 by Coach13x

Of course just after the 1yr warranty is up, my bluetooth became inop AND my battery life plummeted. Even the extended battery i purchased needs to be charged EVERY night. I am not a heavy phone user or texter. To get my bluetooth to work I have to turn off the phone and back on. Sometimes this works and sometimes I have to remove the battery and reinstall as well as turn it back on. Most of the time this works, about 20% of the time it doesn't. Not impressed with the quality of this LG product. Have used them for the past 7 yrs, but this is by far the worst phone I have used. The customer service at the Verizon store is very little to be desired as well. Even as a NON phone technical expert, I can spy the BS they are selling. I feel sorry for the average non tech savy person that has to deal with them.

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