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LG Voyager VX-10000


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The Best Phone Yet!


Mar 24, 2009 by Ladypradege

I switched from AT&T Wireless to Verizon and got the LG Voyager TiTanium, and let me say that this is the best phone I have ever had. I love how you can either do touch screen or open it up into a little keyboard. The camera takes clear pictures and I have yet to drop a call. I would highly recommend this phone and SERVICE TO ANYONE!



Mar 1, 2009 by ohxsoxamazingg16

dont get this phone, the one in the picture i mean.

the voayger titanium is an amazingg phone.

the one in the picutre is the first version and that would be the one that had many glithces.

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verizon's iphone killer


Feb 28, 2009 by alex.schwan

*great UI
*keyboard is big a easy to type on
*internet is almost 3g
*v cast is like the app store (almost)
*full HTML
*looks great,feels great
*camera is 2.0 mega pixel and it has its own photo shop built in to the camera
*works with rhapsody and makes a great mp3 player or shop for music and it can be shipped to your next bill

*the touch screen is a little lagy
*the touch screen graphics are slow

but overall it is the best phone at verizon, and its the cheapest for the data plan, I've had this phone for five months and it has not let me down once!

A Good, If Flawed Phone


Feb 10, 2009 by buzz73

I got a very good deal on the phone ($30) with all the rebates and for signing a new contract. So that being said, it does affect my feelings. I have had the phone two months now and have not had a lot of problems. I upgraded from the LG 8300 and that was a great phone and I do miss it.

Good voice quality.
As usual, a sturdy phone made by LG.
Qwerty keyboard and buttons that are decent size and easy to push.
Ability to make own ringtones.
Rate plan cheaper than iPhone.
Good signal strength compared to LG 8300.
I do not think I have had a dropped call yet.
Touch screen works well.
As usual, an easy to navigate menu like most Verizon phones.
Can be charged via USB cable. This came in very handy as I left my changer at someone else's place when I was snowed in last month.

No access to speakerphone when phone not open.
Rings could be louder.
No flash on camera and the night mode make pictures blurry and need good light for good picture.
Internet is slow.
A little on the heavy side, but lighter than an iPhone.
No copy and paste feature.
Battery life is awful if you use it for internet.
Phone will sometimes shut off when looking on the internet.
The phone comes unlocked too easily. I wish it had the slider option like the iPhone to unlock it as opposed to the simple touch button.
It can be difficult to scroll when using touch screen. I wish there were arrows that could be touched instead.
This is small, but I use the calculator a lot and this cannot be added to the short cut menu. I hope a software upgrade can change this.

I looked at different phones such as the G1 by T-mobile and the Blackberry Storm, but decided to go with this one because of the price. For the price, you really cannot go wrong. It is not perfect, but nothing is and I think I will be fine for two years.

Now, if Verizon didn't charge for data and make me get V Cast or pay for the data usage, I would be much more happy. I can't understand why I didn't have to pay with the LG 8300.

Sooo disappointed


Jan 27, 2009 by bsarboukh

OK, i see how many people are loving this phone, but i have to say: this is the biggest piece of crap i've ever owned. i mean, maybe the "titanium" voyager was processed a little different than the original and that's where my probs are coming in...i dunno. But i hate it. i've had this phone since August and i've replaced it THREE times already and i'm still having issues. the (first) main issue was the camera. So many pics i took turned out to be a white screen with a big "?" in the middle of it. that continued with the replacements. another is the fact that it will shut down for no reason at all...then start back up. one of the phones qwerty keyboard just stopped lighting up after 2 weeks of having it, so that was fun to text in the dark. and i'm having quite a few issues with sending texts. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 times for a message to successfully send. When i ask my other VZW friends if they have the same issue with the sending of texts (thinking it was possibly something wrong with the towers or something) they all say they have no unusual issues. I've had these issues with all 3 replacements of this phone. I'm over it. My contract is up this summer, and i'll get the new Blackberry Pearl Flip when it comes out later this year. Til then, I'm reconnecting my Samsung U740 (Alias) from about a year and a half ago.

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble of this phone. But I regret ever buying it.



Jan 7, 2009 by texaseagle80

Once you play with the phone and work with it then the phone itself it perfect. A touchscreen and a full keyboard for texting... doesn't get much better than that.


-good camera
-good keyboard size
-vibrate works good when turned on
-there is no lag with the touch screen. it works as fast as i do
-good variety of settings


-not impressed with the security settings. if you want the phone locked you have to manually lock it each time.

absolutely love it!!!!!


Jan 4, 2009 by mudslinger83

i exchanged the g'zone boulder which i really liked but decided to exchange it for this phone "the voyager" and this is a exceptional phone, i thought at first i would hate the touch screen and all but just took a chance and bought it, and very glad i did, reception is almost as good as the boulder which is nice, but its hard to find a vzw phone that can beat the boulder in reception but anyway back to the voyager, sound and call quality are excellent, just wished it also had external speakers along with the internal speaker to make ringers louder but they didnt so oh well, both screens look great, camera and video are good, touch screen is very responsive, never fails to work, it has restarted on me one while watching a video but maybe it wont do it again, and battery life aint to bad but aint great either, but to me this is a 5 star phone.


touch screen is responsive
sound and call quality
bluetooth works excellent
good camera and video
just about everything


i dont know maybe the battery life could be a lil longer
and the phone is a little bulky

bottom line
i highly recommend this phone

Good Phone


Jan 3, 2009 by Mr Pink2112

It's been the best phone I have owned. Had it for about 4 months now. Had a Motorola Q before this and that was the worst phone I had ever owned. I will never go back to Motorola. Anyway...

Outside screen is large and clear
Touch is responsive
Makes and receives calls well
Reception is great
Pic and Text messaging are great
Speaker phone works well
Blue Tooth
Pictures are good if your subject does not move and their is a lot of light.
Keyboard is great
Charge screen clock is cool especially when you travel a lot.
Size, the phone fits just right in my hand.

Pro and Con
Battery Life depending on usage can be any ware from 10 hours to 3 days. Blue Tooth sucks the power right out of the phone. When you are not using blue tooth turn it off.

Camera delay........long delay after you push the button
No Flash
Touch function in the contacts menu can be really annoying. Sometimes you can flick sometimes you can't. Sometimes it moves on it's own. Your best bet is to set up your speed dials to avoid this.
Mobile TV had reception one time and I live in Chicago. VZ should ditch it.

Side note: I don't use the Internet or mobile email on this phone even though it has those capabilities.

Love it!


Dec 28, 2008 by Roddy227

I've played with several, and recently got one of my own after canning a blackberry, and I love this thing!

Easy to learn UI.
Great memory capacity
Not your average touch screen based device.

The battery does drain fast.
It's kinda bulky.

The phone is effecient. Can't complain.


Dec 21, 2008 by enycertifiedg

*Nice screen display
*Great feel
*Tough phone
*Great reception
*No dropped calls yet
*Keyboard is great
*Touchscreen is pretty good (Could be better)
*Verizon service speaks for itself

*Internet browser
*Speakerphone is low.
*Phone ringer is low.
*Can't write texts over 160 characters
*Mobile Email is not to awesome

Overall, I would recommend this phone but I am a previous iPhone 3g user so it's a bit of a downgrade in my opinion. Nevertheless, it's a good phone.

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