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LG Voyager VX-10000


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Overall.......Very Satisfied


Feb 24, 2008 by dquickNC

Before I begin, I want to thank Phone Scoop and everyone who took the time to post a review of the LG-VX10000 Voyager. I have used this site to review the last three phone purchases I have made and it has been VERY HELPFUL in my decisions. With that said, I reviewed all posts on the Voyager on this website and others, but found Phone Scoop most helpful.

Since I researched this phone extensively before purchasing, I knew what to expect and decided to go for it. I've had my Voyager for a few days now and so far......I'm very happy with it. I ordered my phone on-line through the Verizonwireless website and it came with software version VX10KV05. From reading the Forum section, I see that version 7 is available, but I haven't been able to update it yet.

As far as my review goes, I knew what features this phone had and I knew some of the negative aspects as well from all the reviews. For me, the "PROs" greatly outweigh the "CONs" with the Voyager. For anyone considering purchasing this phone, I highly recommend reading ALL the reviews posted on Phone Scoop and make your decision from that. I have for my last three phone purchases and I haven't been mislead yet.

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Voyager is the Best


Feb 15, 2008 by SForsyth01

If you are looking for an iphone, buy an iphone. This is not going to be a smartphone, and it is not designed as such. What it is designed to do, it does flawlessly.

-Great Screens
-Large amount of memory (upgradable to 8GB)
-TouchScreen functions beautifully
-Seamless Bluetooth Integration (especially stereo)
-QWERTY Keyboard - Much better than iphone's virtual keyboard
-Best Reception I have ever had
-HTML Browser with ways to make it faster and ways to optimally display on the small screen
-Very thin for having a flip open querty and 2 screens
-Camera takes great pictures
-Pricing for the plans is great - $15.00 for unlimited VCast and full HTML browsing - and even less if you get a premium plan.

-Screen freezes - but rarely
-No Flash interface on the browser- but it is a phone, so what do you expect
-No flash for the camera - WHAT WAS LG THINKING????
-No Lens Cover for the camera - step back from the enV.

I can't comment on Mobile TV as I am not in an area that has it yet.

Overall, this is the one of the best phones I have ever had. I have no real complaints with it. If you are expecting something that you can add 3rd party software to, buy a smartphone. If you are looking for a great multimedia device, this is the best one on the market right now.

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Phone is awesome extras are nice!


Feb 8, 2008 by peanut4

This phone gets very good reception, better than my old Envy. Screens are gorgeous and menus work smoothly. I just got my software update today, version 07 and it made the phone even better. Ringers are loud which I like and TV is pretty kool. I like this phone, go get one its fun to use!

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Generally Good Phone


Jan 25, 2008 by Veejer

Will never be an iPhone killer, at least with the current software. Any review that says this comes close is a bit misleading. But I like this phone and will certainly keep it.

Touchscreen for me has been responsive. I like the feedback mechanism.

Call quality for me has been very good and good signal even in areas I've had problems with signal in the past.

QWERTY is great for texting and email.
No external speaker phone option is a con but a small one.
Grouping of applications could have been more intuitive - having to go down 3 levels of menus for email is goofy.

Email app is good as long as you can live with only text. I cannot see any graphics in the emails in any of my accounts. But for checking email and sending text emails it is quick and straight forward.

Browser is really lacking. The touch entry can be tricky unless you zoom in on a web page. Graphics again are a big issue - I have yet to be able to display anything with Google Maps. Tried to look at a traffic report web page and it did not display any of the pertinent info I REALLY needed to see.

However, the Navigator seems to work pretty well and you can move around on those maps quickly and easily with the touch screen.

I know this is not a PDA, but my OLD LG phone had a Notes area that was pretty handy.

The camera takes good quality pictures, but it does seem a bit slow to focus and snap the picture. A flash would have been nice but it's no big deal either.

Contacts feature is nice and the scrolling on the touch screen has been fairly easy. Occasionally it enters a contact when I just want it to scroll, but mostly works fine.

MobileTV not worth it for screen size.

My brother has an iPhone which overall has a nicer user interface and better web browsing and some nice email functions. The Voyager keyboard is a nice plus over the iPhone.

Bottom line, if you want an iPhone, buy one. But the Voyager is a nice phone with lots of nice features. Play with it at the store before you put down the bucks.

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Love the phone


Jan 20, 2008 by roachman

I just now am getting used to touch screen.
I love the size of outer screen for having pictures of my family without opening.
Tv and V cast work great.

Cons- I don't like the way group contacts work on this phone. Select a group and it sends to all. On my EnV and other LG phones I was able to pick a group and select which contacts i wanted to send too. I find it very slow to do on this phone as you have to pick individual ones, and I have 130 contacts.

I will get used to that too, so all and all a great phone with bigger screens, bigger keys and great looks.

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Great Verizon Phone


Jan 15, 2008 by theprizeblog

I have owned the Voyager for about 3 weeks now and I really like it. I don't usually write phone reviews, but since I have had so many phones in the past I figured why not.


Touch screen is great.
Great call quality.
Great battery life.
(2) Large display screens.
Really fun to use.
Friends are impressed.


Texting is difficult with the touch screen.
Slightly heavier than most phones.
Slightly thicker than most phones.
Speaker sounds bad at high volume.

All things considered, I think the phone is a home run for Verizon. Not an "iPhone killer" but certainly one of Verizon's best phones to date. In the future they should try to make it more slim, and light. Perhaps a slide down QWERTY pad instead of the regular flip.

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Great Verizon Phone


Jan 6, 2008 by christyxcore

I have owned this phone for 3 weeks now. I got it as an upgrade through CSR because the store was out of stock.

- large screens
- loud speakers
- fast menu
- more inbox space
- ability to change fonts
- html browser (well, half html)
- mobile tv (though i don't have the service)
- good camera
- thin
- touch screen
- loud ringers
- strong vibrate

- touch screen sometimes not responsive
- browser doesn't display some web pages right (www.twitter.com) or lags
- no flash on camera
- small glitches when typing with QWERTY (it always adds "i)" when I type out "(" in a text message)
- when receiving a message the entire phone freezes for a few seconds before getting the notice of a new text message
- takes a bit of getting used to scrolling on the touch screen
- only 2 display themes (Color and Black & White)
- lack of ability to multi task

Overall I like the phone. The cons are just things i've noticed. They could have done a better job on the things I listed though (don't know about the typing glitch though, anyone else have this problem?)

Overall it's good. I prefer it over the iPhone because of the presence of a physicall keyboard. But the browser is only decent. One of the better Verizon phones out, IMO.

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The Voyager


Dec 27, 2007 by kbreeze415

First off let me say that i think there are some biased reviews for this phone. For the most part this phone is great it does have a few flaws but nothing is perfect. call clarity and signal are great havent had any problems in those areas. ringtone volume is pretty loud to me and from reading these reviews i see some people dont feel the same. i dont use speaker phone so i wont comment on that. i also cant comment on the tv service since it isnt available where i live. my only complaint is that the touch screen can sometimes be unresponsive.

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Impressive and beautiful


Nov 27, 2007 by pomellis

Tons of multi media features,
very sleek touch screen with vibro feedback,
full keyboard that feels great and comfortable from the first time using it,
stereo bluetooth,
gigantic internal and external display ... and much more!

I really like my new Voyager and the only con I had was : What took you so long!!

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Mixed emotions...


Nov 26, 2007 by dollface219

I previously had an LG VX8600 (Chocolate flip) and was in love! Then saw the Voyager... I have become a texting freak the past six months, so the keyboard was really appealing; and I didn't like the "bubbly" look of the VX9900 (enV) and didn't like the small front screen.

I must admit, I use my phone more for texting rather than actual calls, so even though the touch screen on the front is AMAZING I don't use it that often. I do like the fact that it's as "sleek and sexy" as my old 8600.

Anyway, to business!

~Speakers sound AMAZING for songs! Love the 8GB feature for a card too.
~The look of the phone is incredible. Definitely an eye catcher.
~I love the size of the front screen! Do-able because of the touch feature. It's big, it's bright, and pictures are amazing--well better than the 8600.
~I like the lock button on the side--handy!
~Hit the right space bar and your phone talks to you! Might be old for some of you, but it's new to me!
~How you take pictures with the phone horizontaly :)

~Like others have said, RINGERS ARE TOO LOW! I was really suprized! I blare my music in my car, so that's why I can't hear my phone... lol.
~The sound doesn't go off when you have "vibrate" set as "on" for pix/flix alert messages (let me know if you can change this or if it's just a defect in the phone I got). So it's either a sound or vibrate for a pix/flix message, but not both.
~Delay in picture taking
~I honestly do wish you could turn the "Touch to Unlock" feature off since there is the side button to use to lock the phone if you want/need to.
~A heck of a lot of scrolling on the external screen in contacts if you're trying to make a call! Would be better if the scroll bar was activated by your finger moving up or down instead of having to slide your thumb/finger all the time.

All in all, it's a good phone!

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