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Nice Phone


Feb 1, 2008 by GILEONARD2

I've had this phone for about 1 week and all I can say is "This is a nice phone!" I always thought that having a smaller phone was not worth it since I've been using the TREO 700wx. This phone is worth it! Yes, the major drawback is the battery life. For me that's nothing since I have to charge the TREO every night. So if you don't mind charging the Nokia 6555 every other , I recommend this phone. It has a lot of great features which I would list but I think it'll be better if one find out for himself/herself. L8R

Pretty good phone (and fast)


Jan 22, 2008 by conrad

Lightweight & pocket friendly
Very quick/responsive maneuvering through menus.
Vibrant and sharp display.
Logical and efficient menu system.
Call quality is excellent (ATT/Chicago).
Camera is on par with other camera phones.
Very little lag time after taking pictures.
Battery life is similar with other 3G phones of this size.

Smaller font size in the address book.
Battery life could always be better, on any phone.

Summary: I really like this phone. I'm a Nokia fan and I think this is one of best I've owned. Most complaints I've read are fairly trivial and are overshadowed by the positives aspects. And face it, be prepared to charge your phone more often as power consumption increases compared to battery technology.

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Great Features for Mid-Range Phone


Oct 16, 2007 by opdaddy

Got this phone for free at my local Walmart, with 2 year extension. So far I am very happy with this phone. Been using it for a week and here's what I thought.


Very nice style
Screen is beautiful
Keypads are nice to press
Handset speaker is loud
Processor is very fast
Symbian s40 UI, very handy and easy to use
Camera takes great pics with good lighting
Many games available for this model
Alot of PDA-like features, calendar, notes, etc.
Great animated themes available with slowing down phone
Mp3 player has been updated from previous s40 versions, very easy to use.
Improved internal memory from previous phones.
The phone is easy to text with one hand.
Call quality and signal is amazing


Battery life would be the biggest con. I would recommend getting a 2nd battery, a car charger and an extra wall charger.

Camera pics are below par in low light situations, although the night mode works well, the object your trying to take a pic of needs to be really still.

HSPDA would have been nice instead of the UMTS.

The memory card slot is under the battery, so you have to take the battery out. This is kind of annoying if you don't have a data cable. I have a USB memory card reader.

Phone can get a little warm if using for an extended period of time, which was annoying at first, but I got quickly used to it.


I would recommend this phone. It's very easy to use, very fast and has a lot of high end features in a "mid-range" phone. I would certainly like to see an update that fixes the warm phone/battery issue and battery life issue as well. I am hoping also that the next version has a hot-swappable memory card slot.

Hope this review helps.

Short Battery life is the ONLY drawback.


Nov 12, 2007 by deansmith1010

It looks cool....lots of features....battery needs recharging every other day....battery recharges in about 50 minutes.

Good phone for cheap


Jun 8, 2008 by twalker294

When I purchased this phone I was looking for something inexpensive and small that I could carry in my pocket. I have a Blackberry for work and I needed a personal cell so small size was very important to me. The 6555 is a great little phone. The display is excellent, the T9 prediction is very good, and the sound quality is great as long as you don't try to use the speakerphone, which is awful. Yes the battery life is short but I am in the habit of charging my Blackberry every night so I do the same with the 6555 and it's not a problem. I've never had the phone die on me during the day.

Now for the downside -- I am on my THIRD 6555 now. The first two would turn off randomly. From what I have been able to find this is not an uncommon problem with this phone so if you get one that does this, contact AT&T and they will ship you a replacement. Both times I have gotten replacements they have arrived the next day even though I chose ground shipping so I can't complain at all about their warranty replacement process.

* Decent camera/video
* Small size
* Excellent screen
* Very good predictive text input
* Charges very quickly (about an hour)
* Shortcuts make texting quick and easy

* Might turn itself off -- if so you will have to get a replacement.
* Speakerphone sucks.
* Will have to charge it nightly if you use it a lot (but how much of a problem is this really?)

Overall I highly recommend the 6555. It has the quality typical of Nokia phones. Just don't buy it if you rely on the speakerphone much because you will be disappointed.

Mobile Email Mess...


Mar 28, 2008 by textmaniac

I've had this phone for almost 6 months now...and i'm having some issues with the mobile email and i found this site while i was looking for reviews for a new phone i'm getting...

I LOVE(ED) THIS PHONE. I would totally keep it but there is a software corruption within the mobile email (on the 6555b) and I must email all day long so....good-bye to this phone. Other than that...I really did love this phone.

navigation is basicly like all other nokias
phone is sturdy
buttons feel nice - the phone is a little more narrow than other phones and it allows for easier one-handed texting
texting response - keys and such, is nice and fast
T9 (yesssssss)
music player - eh...make sure you turn off the song rather than just closing it or the songs keep going
memory card slot (expandable to 4 GB) - never personally used it...but its there
call quality is like other nokias
vibrate is strong
external/internal display - crisp
service is AMAZING with this phone
web browsing is good
bluetooth capable
very customizable
IM is pretty standard
video recorder is average but better than some that i have seen

PTT button is easy to push in your pocket...i don't have mine activated so it doesn't really matter.
e-mail client is cool and easy to use BUT...software corruption renders it useless eventually.
scratches easily
did not come with wired head set or DATA CABLE!!
battery life sucks...i can't go a whole day without recharging.
camera is not good on high resolutions(fuzzy)
video clips are only 20 seconds
phone heats up sometimes in heavy use

-i really did love this phone...up until issues with the email client. muh....

Short Battery Fix


Feb 25, 2008 by meredit77

Okay I have read a bunch of reviews for this phone that say that the battery life sux, well it is actually curable. You have to go into your connection settings and change your data packet to only when needed instead of always. What is happening is that your phone is always looking for 3g service and you are probably not in a 3G area, therefore your phone is working twice as hard. If you can't figure it out just go to nokiausa.com and they can help you with it.

Pros: Compact and very durable (the nokia rep took hers opened it up and flipped it upside down and banged it on the table a few times and it didn't hurt it at all.) I am impressed as always with the reception and call quality.

Cons: I really don't like the choice of only two colors, I would have liked to have seen purple and pink as well, maybe even an electric blue too.

I have to say that this is a really great little phone from Nokia and is my choice for people in low reception areas which around here seems to be everywhere but in town.

Solid basic phone.


Feb 10, 2008 by coggins

Easy to use.
Good call reception and voice quality.

Feels light.. too light.
Concerned that it will scratch and damage easily.
Camera is so-so.
Takes 2 hands to open.

I like a phone that feels more substantial. I also prefer slider phones that I can open with one hand so I don't have to stop what I'm doing to answer my phone.

Nokia 6555 Review for AT&T


Dec 4, 2007 by sullivan16xxx

well i finally decided on this phone after looking on phonescoop. i almost dident get it when every one complained of the poor battery life of this device. well actually i would say that the battery life is about average...not that good but not that poor. i use this phone heavily such as using hundreds of text messages a day and being on the phone 3 hours a day. i have to charge it EVERY night. it usually takes 50 to 70 minutes to completely charge. if you get poor battery life i strongly recommend buying an extra battery.the phone uses alot of juice because of the incredable resolution of the screens. besides the battery problem i do believe this phone is a great choice for its afford ability and features. here are some pros and cons

navigation is basicly like all other nokias
phone seams sturdy and strong
buttons feel nice
texting is nice and fast
music player
memory card slot (expandable to 4 GB)
call quality is like other nokias
vibrate is strong
external display looks GREAT
internal display is 24-bit so looks nice
service is AMAZING with this phone
EDGE is fast but the wcdma is crazy
web browsing is failry good
speaker phone is loud
bluetooth capable
very customizable
e-mail client is cool and easy to use
IM is pretty standard
video recorder is average but better than some that i have seen

guide does not help much
cannot deleate extra themes
stock graphics and tones are weak
scratches easily
did not come with wired head set or DATA CABLE!!
battery life could of been better
camera is not good on high resolutions(fuzzy)
video clips are only 20 seconds
phone heats up sometimes in heavy use
memory card slot under the battery

overall i think this phone is a great choice and i have owned it for 2 weeks and soo far no problems. i do recommend a extra battery and to leave on the protective stickers for a while because the phone scratches easily. and turn the camera resolution down to save space. this phone rocks!!

Great phone; poor battery


Nov 10, 2007 by fazzio

I give this phone a 4 star rating because for light to moderate users, it is simply a great phone. It has all of the features one would need in a voice-centric device. The only downfall I can find is that it has poor battery life for heavy users.

Pros: Beautiful, bright screen, both inside and out. Easy OS, lots of great features such as bluetooth and speakerphone. EXCELLENT reception. I have never had any dropped calls or poor service, and I travel frequently.

Cons: Battery will NOT last a day for heavy users. I am on my phone at least 2 to 3 hours each day. My 2.5 year old 6230 would go for 2 days without a charge. I travel all day and I cannot make it home with a single charge. It has the same battery as the 6230, so it must be the software and the screen size.

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