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HTC Tilt 8925 / TyTN II


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The Tilt, Best phone on the market(After some tweaks)


Jan 28, 2008 by markdcv

Amazing phone is you know what to do

Let me start off by saying that this is the most capable device At&t has to offer and if you know hot use it then you will definately agree.
1.) For a gps, 3 megapixel camera, pda, and a cell phone..the size is VERY IMPRESSIVE.
2.)Build Quality: I have had the phone since release and the spring loaded hinge still feels like brand new.
3. Storage & Cpu: Once you remove all of the bloatware(I will explain how do so later) The phone is processing speed is amazing and the storage is fantastic for excel documents, pics, and music. Programs fly when loaded(Especially Opera Mini)
4.) Reception: I live in Dallas and I have not had a dropped call yet. Not to mention they are going to realease a software update here in the next few months that increase signal strength.
5.) 3g Speeds: Honestly after streaming you tube, using cingular video, sling player, and tether with my laptop, Their is no way I could ever go back to a non 3g device. The speeds are fantastic and it is capable of up to 3.6 MBPS!!!!
6.) Battery Life: For a Pocket laptop, it has got to be the best by far. I am contstantly on the web, making calls, and having my email pushed to the phone, and it still last the entire day.

1.) At&t's Bloatware: I seriously consider this to be one of the dumbest things at&t has ever done. They bogged this phone down with so much useless crap, should damn near illegal. As a buisness man myself, I want my phone to perform as fast and reliable as possible. It's kind of hart to do that though when I have Mrs. Pacman demos and At&t music taking up over 40mbs of storage.


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HTC Kaiser


Jan 2, 2008 by wheaties82

Previously I had owned the 8525 and enjoyed its functionality and versatility, however the phone began giving me the white screen of death and so I was forced to stop using it. So when I heard about the Kaiser (8925) I became excited, but hesitant. I have owned the phone about a week now and so far so good. I love that there is twice the internal memory capacity and the keyboard is a little easier to use than the 8525. Battery life is really good , speaker phone is decent, call clarity is superb, WIFI access is seamless and more dependable than my 8525. Although I have not paid for the GPS subscription yet, I am pleased that this is an internal capability rather than needing to use a third party GPS unit. I feel this is really a "all-in-one" package when it comes to a phone. The camera takes a little getting used to, but the pictures are pretty decent for a camera phone.

More internal memory
Dependable WIFI
Great battery life
Soft-touch keyboard
WM6 (not perfect, but better than WM5)
Internal GPS
Tilt-up screen is convenient for web browsing and watching TV

Front keys backlight doesn't remain on when keyboard is opened and then closed
Camera shutter takes too long to capture image
PTT button is not re-programmable
2 function keys on keyboard are a little too small for my preference

Overall I feel this phone is a well balanced package. It is a little more expensive than other phones, but I feel it is a justifiable difference.

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Great Multifunction Device


Nov 29, 2007 by Alatar

- Wide range of fatures make this a good option for "all in one" device
- Added connectivity with Wi-Fi: high data speeds at home with no air time charges
- Integrated GPS works well with WinMobile and web based apps (e.g. Google Maps)
- WinMobile allows wide range of applications, and Activesync is very easy to use for syncing with PCs
- Touch screen and integrated keyboard for input options - most only have one or the other
- Micro SD slot allows easy and memory expansion

- Large for a modern cell phone
- Accessories not easy to find

I bought this phone to replace my I-Tunes enabled SLV-7, my old IPAQ (contacts, spreadsheets, pics etc) and get GPS service. It's been a pleasure to use, and after a month I can see using it for years.

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AT&T Tilt


Oct 18, 2007 by ronr9286t

I recently (1 week ago) upgraded from the 8525 to the tilt. I also have the HTC 3600 that I used as my phone/GPS, but the phone functions did not work seamlessly on AT&T, so I got the 8525.

The Tilt is a very nice incremental upgrade from the 8525, specially WM6 and GPS.


1. Windows Mobile 6 has a few great features such as the Task Manager Tab on the Today screen
2. Seems to be fairly stable, although I do a soft reset every other day out of habit
3. TomTom works much faster with the Tilt than with the 3600
A. Much faster satellite lock on start-up
B. Faster re-routing
4. Smaller than the 8525, and the slide-out keyboard operation seems smoother
5. As on all of the Windows-Mobile devices I've owned with version 5 and above, seamless syncing with our exchange-server, either push or scheduled.


1. The screen often becomes un-responsive for a few seconds
2. Overall system speed is acceptable, but with the extra memory and faster chip, I expected much better response. Could be related to the incredible amount of AT&T "bloatwear" pre-loaded on the device
3. They did not include the "old-phone" ring-tone, which was my favorite.

All-in-all a very useful business tool.

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Another win for HTC


Mar 19, 2008 by thedeadknight

Amazing phone. The phone's flexibility is definetly its strong point as you can get the UI to function any way you'd like with so many free modifications. Phone plays nice with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I currently have my tilt's GUI running like Gentoo(search for it) and I'm loving every minute of having this phone. The GPS reciever seems to have an extremly strong pull..even under bridges and short tunnels. the 3.5G chipset is definetly more than welcome. I'm able to stream video via slingbox or mobiTV(blah) without any latency or lag issues. I plan to eventually be able to make this phone plug into the back of my 360 so I can connect to XBOX LIVE! wireless using at&t's 3.5g service(you're lucky if you have it..it whoops sprint's RevA).

I personally havent used PTT but then again I dont know who has. I have the ptt button remapped to boot up my "Wireless Manager".
key pad could be a little more solid..but I understand HTC made the keyboard so the "dial pad" felt different on the keyboard..which was definetly smart but took a slight learning curve getting used to.

Definetly worth upgrading to if you've ever have had an HTC 8125 or 8525...no real complaints..like I said the strength in this product or any GSM HTC product is its flexibility.
This is the kind of phone that makes me happy to have AT&T.

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Total Package


Nov 15, 2007 by fishwc

I own a small business and I don't know what I did before my tytnii. This phone has it all. I want bore you with another pros and cons list but I will describe some of the key features and some software that has made my experience even better. First the GPS is key if you travel or have a residential service business. I teamed it with Odyssey Mobile with unlimited updates for $55 bucks and could only be slightly more impressed (if odyssey only spoke the street names when it tells you to turn, but an update is rumored). The machine runs Opera mini beta 4 like a dream. My companies intra net sight was hard to manage on mobile i.e. but opera mini with touch flo makes me glad I didn't go Iphone. The HTC home screen puts everything right where you need it and is customizable to add more things you want and get rid of what you don't need. I could go on and on about this pda but you need to try it out for yourself. I must admit though if you're just looking for a cool phone this ain't it. This is a mobile office that can tell you where to go and lets you have alot of fun on the way.

The only dig I have about the machine is the cut off of the screen after only a few seconds into a call. But I will be downloading a tweak to fix that later this week. I can't think of one more feature that could be added today that could improve this phone and I would recommend it completely.

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Tilt-TyTN II-Kaiser


Oct 18, 2007 by Versed

Screen is excellent for QVGA
Phone is clear, no drops.
Internet and media is fast.
Keyboard is a slight improvement over the 8525
GPS works great.
I love the tilt function.
Feels solid, no shakes or wobbles.

Well the AT&T software an no basic touchflo. I know the later can be done on one's own.

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Good phone


Oct 13, 2007 by sicher

I find this phone to be quite exceptional. It is very fast. Running Mobile 6, it syncs with the exchange server faster and more reliably than my Blackberry. I think the touch screen could be a bit more sensitive. But other than that, no complaints

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Jan 22, 2008 by fat_nerd

I cannot possibly say enough good things about this superphone. It has EVERYTHING that you could possibly even consider wanting in a phone. It will run on nearly any network because it's quad-band (which is great because t-mobile has TERRIBLE phone selection), built in GPS, expandable microSD slot up to 32 freaking GB, 3 MP camera, Office Mobile, the list just goes on and on. With most lower-end HTC phones that I have used in the past, they crap out on you often and require CONSTANT rebooting. However, witht the Tilt, I have only had to restart it once but that was to refresh for my bluetooth.

In summation, this phone is stellar and will not become obsolete for quite a long while. For me, it's tech specs are like a ps3 and will be state of the art for many years to come, outliving and leaving all competitors dead in its wake.

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Best one Yet


Jan 11, 2008 by Pernel_1

I have had every phone from the i930 to 7290 , from the 6700 to 700wx , from the i830 to the 700p , from the 8700 to the 8525 and then the treo 750 , but this phone out ways them all

Pros -

Big screen and good sound, loud not and clear
Email is easy to use

Cons -

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