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Be Careful


Aug 22, 2003 by JC

I bought this yesterday and returned it today. I have a Sanyo 5150 and was going to start a second line with this rig.

Unfortunately it just didn't work. It sounded awful, it dropped at least 50% of the calls I made, and it had the strange habit of signal fluctuation. I could stand absolutely still, but the signal was all over the place.

I'm sorry it didn't work. Its a nice looking phone, and I was looking forward to having a nokia with sprint, but sanyo's are the only ones that work well with the service. theres a brand new 6400 right next to me, and I'm very satisfied with it.

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Nokia 3585i


Mar 14, 2021 by VHORocks   updated Mar 14, 2021

Carrier: Sprint

Nice all the time.

Best screen!
Best condition!
Speed is good.
Great battery life!
Best volume control!

No camera.
Buttons often get dirty.
Where might be the power button?

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One of the best sound you can get at this time


Sep 29, 2010 by Chillinpape

love Love LOVED this phone at that time this phone was release this was the best phone that was nice and clear. At a time where cellphone companies sold phone clarity before getting online with a phone or using a camera blah blah blah



Dec 23, 2009 by narn3049

I gave it to a friend because i upgraded.

the games were good and the phone experience was honestly pleasant.

nokia made a mistake


Mar 23, 2007 by phoneguru55

pros: cute, stylish, fun, great service

Cons: died on me in like 6 months

Keep It Forever!


May 14, 2006 by Aithne

I work with the SprintNextel company and I had a Nokia 3585i for about 2 years. For phone use, that was the best 2 years of my life as far as I'm concerned.

There are really no cons about the phone at all especially considering the time it came out and it's readily apparent if you've gotten this far in the reviews. I've seen 2 honest to God complaints in this whole listing and rightfully so. '

The 2 fore mentioned complaints were really nothing more than simple grievances and factory defects.

I have a lot of praise for this phone so here's some CON's:

The phone gets bad signal in areas with a lot of trees. (but so do all sprint phones)
and it's impossible to get signal on the subway. The cases sometimes like to fall off it you drop it often and it has no color screen and no internet.

That's the WORST I can do!

The phone gets wonderful signal and battery life, is easy and fun to use, has many ways to customize your phone to best fit your wants and needs, gets beautiful reception and that little thing is brick house.

When I say the phone is a brick house, I really do mean it. During my time with the phone, I dropped it over 15 times, twice into more than 4 inches of water and the thing still worked fine, no damages except a few surface scratches. I have also dropped the phone from the second floor of the apartment building I live in (no joke) and the thing came apart - face plat and battery scattered, cracked the faceplate pretty badly but the phone worked like nothing had ever happened and there wasn't even a scratch on the screen.

This is a good phone to have around teens and children for the above sated reasons.

I have to say that the only reason I don't have the phone anymore is that the THIRD time it was submerged in water it finally gave out and I couldn't find another one because they've been discontinued. I'd use that phone FOREVER if I could and I suggest it to anyone who can get their hands on it.

If you have this phone, KEEP IT! :)



Mar 31, 2005 by tyman

I bought this phone for my grandmother who lives in a very rural area of kansas. It was on an Alltel network. This phone has an amazing ability to keep a digital signal. The ringers are loud. The display, even though not color, is bright and clear black on white. It downloaded new ringtones easily and even has a few games. After having the phone 2 years I upgraded her to a LG VX3200, the LG doesn't keep a digital signal where the Nokia did even after 794 hours the nokia could get a stronger signal. I use the Nokia now on a cellular one network, it still works flawlessly and I use it alot.

Nokia 3585 (Decent)


Sep 14, 2004 by cellgeek

This Nokia was not a terrible phone but it did have its ups and downs.

Good ringtones
Internet Capable
Lights up on sides of the phone
Very hot games (4)

Sort of big
Not a whole lot of features

Very good!


Aug 22, 2004 by citylovngal

This is a great phone! The only downfall is that it's not color.

Nokia 3585: Impressive


Aug 14, 2003 by Lea Tea

I've been carrying the 3585 since March 2003 and have been impressed.

Pros: Talk Time, Battery Life, Organizer, Phone Book Application, the convenience of the 4-Way Scroll Keys and the predictive text capabilities. The speaker and ring tones are great (polyphonic ring tones a plus but annoying over time because the selection includes old Nokia ringtones one might find on the 5185i +) while the large buttons and lights eliminate guesswork.

Cons: the alarm clock tone (one tone allowed, should have multiple tones because the one is highly annoying), stop watch only (a timer--like the one on the Kyocera 2235-- would be very handy), the speaker (I had mine replaced within 3 months), on occassion the universal head jack interfers with speaker performance.

I have sold numerous 3585/3585i phones because I am confident in the brand name, quality of the phone, consumer-friendly value and the performance. When faced with the choice of either a Motorola 120e/c/x or a Nokia 3585/i, I steer my customers toward the Nokia hands down! For the value and the quality, it can't be beat. Very few have come into the store for repair. However one out of every 50 comes in with speaker failure.

Also the pre-packaged/included headset is great but breaks easily. I'd only been using mine for a month when the rubber around the earpiece split and exposed the wires. I would've liked to purchase another one but cannot find them in our retail stores.

All in all, it's not a Kyocera 2235 but handles just as well. Very pleased with its performance.

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