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Best Phone I've ever owned


Jul 16, 2004 by tekeella5

I've had this phone for over a year, and it has lasted better than most of my friends phones. I don't like flip phones, I like a phone I can hold well and this is it. I had my previous nokia for 4 years, and I think its a great company. I'm 19 and rough on my phones, and this has held up really well. it did crack in the cover, but it hasn't impacted the phone at all, its just a little crack I don't even remember is there half the time.
PROS: Ring-tones
Phone book
screen readability and light
service, i get service everywhere it seems, better than all my other sprint friends
easy customized
sturdy, shows no sign of failing me yet.
ease, its so user friendly.
CONS: I've had the screen freeze up a couple times when i first got the phone, but oddly enough it seems to have disappeared.
its suddenly kind of shut down, but not really a few times its a tiny glitch compared to the rest of the phone, besides you just hit the power button and 2 seconds later its back to normal.
its heavier, but like i said its pretty sturdy, i guess the casing could be a little sturdier, but its very inexpensive to change the faceplate if something happens, compared to other phones which the casing cracks your screwed.

all in all seriously it might be an older phone, but if you pick one up on ebay or something or the newer models i doubt you'll be disappointed.

Nokia customer...changing my mind


Dec 4, 2003 by blinkbaby

Being one of the fifty whose speakers tend to blow, i have encountered this problem twice with the last two Nokia 3585 phones i have had. US Cellular replaced my first 3585 due to ring tone failures and gave me a new 3585 which has now malfunctioned in the same way. I have had three models of Nokia and my two other models never gave me these problems - one being a 5100 series which lasted close to 2 years before retiring it and a 3590 which i had for a short time and got rid of not because it was broken, but because i changed wireless dealers. I am currently debating on which phone that US Cellular carries to switch to and I know that for at least right now i cannot trust the Nokia Speakers seeing as my two friends also have Nokia (both different models 3360 and 3390?) and they both have experienced problems.

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NoKia 3585 its.......ok


Dec 4, 2003 by C1Lopez

I had this phone right before I switched to my audiovox 8410 and I have to say that this is not a bad phone at all BUT, it is what it is JUST a phone but a good one doesn't have all the features that I hoped it would have but very very close I LOVED this phone for about 3 weeks and after that I couldn't stand it. But I am also a "gadget" guy which means I like to have all the most advanced stuff out there and compared to most this doesn't even put up a fight.

PROS: good reception, easy to operate (like all nokia phones), lots of extra acessories, loud ringer, voice dialing is easy, and holding 500 contacts is really good.

CONS: this thing is a lightsaber, I try to drive and operate this thing and I almost go blind, ONLY 3 chords for polyphonic ringtones (my audiovox has 36 chords), its not very compact, NO COLOR SCREEN, and yes I know about the 3586i and I sell these all the time and I am not impressed with the screen on that one either.

in closing.... its a good phone for someone that doesn't need all the advanced gadgets that coming out lately. But if you do, look at something else.

Great phone!!!!!!!


May 16, 2003 by chris jettitino

I work at U.S. CELLULAR and i sell a large amount of these phones, Yes a couple have came back but i swap them with new ones, and they were just fine! Its a great phone! I just cant wait to get the 3586!

Sprint Nokia 3585


Dec 17, 2002 by Matthew Baharlias

I've had my 3585 for almost a week and it has not disappointed me at all. I am a longtime Nokia 6185 user and was very happy with it, and when I heard Sprint was finally getting a new Nokia phone, I made re-signing with them contingent on my getting the 3585 the moment it was available. They were true to their word and I received the phone via UPS well in advance of stores and activated it the same day. The great part of owning a Nokia phone is that the user platform is so intuitive and consistent from phone to phone. Using the 3585 is second nature, although there are more features I'll have to get used to. The 3585 has the brightest and clearest view-screen I've ever seen on a cell phone, period! I've also gotten many ooh's and aahh's over the MIDI ring-tones and the sides that light up in concert with the view-screen. If I have any complaint about the 3585 is that it seems to be built rather flimsily compared to my previous 6185. I must have dropped the 6185 half a million times over the last 4 years (and once into water) and it just kept ticking...BUT I think one good fall and the 3585 might shatter into a million pieces. I am going to try to fit it into one of those neoprene cases for extra protection. Otherwise, this is another great phone from Nokia. I've heard that Sprint might get another Nokia phone during 2003, possibly the 6385. If this happens I will upgrade to this model because it seems sturdier. If not, I will happily keep my 3585.

Great new Nokia, for a great price!


Dec 13, 2002 by Jennifer Lynch

I have had my Nokia 3584 for about a week now, and I am very impressed with the voice clarity this phone offers. I have had several Nokia phones, and this is by far the best.
I have service with US Cellular, so I have not been able to use the Mini Browser feature yet.
It is a lightweight, smaller phone that fits easily into a pocket.
It has a cool white back light, instead of the green that is usually offered on other Nokia models. The only drawback with the display is that it tends to have lines running up & down the display while you type, but they go away when you stop pressing keys.
It is packed with features, like a phone book that can hold up to 500 different entries, with each name able to hold 5 different numbers.
It has 30 different ringers, that support MIDI format. Some of them are so musical that they are hard to hear in a louder setting, but they sound pretty cool. It is wireless web enabled, X-press on covers, that are easily changed to fit your mood, 4 games (bumper II, Snake II, Space Impact II, and Kart Racing), down-loadable ringers, down-loadable games, and down-loadable JAVA applications.
It also has voice dialing, which is really handy!!
I paid 149.99 for this phone at US Cellular, and it is worth every penny!!
It did come packaged in the Navy Blue, instead of the red.. but you can change the faceplate if you wish.

Not Bad...


Dec 15, 2002 by william wardle

Just picked up the 3585 from my U.S. Cellular store in Madison, Wi. I love the white backlight. Very handy in the night time or low light areas. The menu has typical Nokia ease of use. My last phone was the nokia 6360. The 3585 doesn't seem to have the same signal strength as the 6360. The 3585 does have better sound quality and one of the loudest ringers I've heard. Can't wait to find some ringtones to download! I think this is a good phone but I'd wait for the price to come down a little bit. I had to pay $169.99. Also wish U.S. Cellular would have had the red phone that was on their web site as an option!

A Job Well Done


Feb 23, 2004 by ms_samantha

I love the nokia 3585. I think its the best phone yet!!! Its not to complicated and straight to the point. I love the capacity of the phone book and also I love the icons for the caller groups which shows hearts for family and handshakes for meetings. No it doesent have every new latest gadgit that has come out for the new millineum, but it does inlcude voice tag, a minibrowser and many other cute features. What even makes this phone more awsome is the light on this baby is great!!!!! Nomore struggle with the mean green face; the floresent blue light is sure to get your attention. I think the nokia 3585 is cool and I sell it alot to my customers here at action wireless. I recommend this phone to any one who wants a phone with great features, but does'nt want the whole windows xp in there pocket.......... Great job nokia.................

Standard fare, good phone.


Sep 19, 2003 by Demonfeed

This is a pretty good phone. I bought this after my 4900 as my second phone so I could share minute and whatnot. The phone is bright enough for me to see just fine, and the standard features of the phone really shine. The battery life is superb as well as the signal, which is also top notch. The only downside is there is no wireless web...which means no new ringtones... that hurts. The phone comes with quite a few ringers, but most of them are corny songs nobody would want to have ringing when they are out on the town... But other than that, its what a phone should be, and for you new customers, this is the phone you want. For existing customers, try your hand at the 9155, its a little harder to use, but you have a few more features for the same price.

Good, easy to use cool phone


Sep 10, 2003 by Matt Moris

I am very happy with my Nokia 3585i used on the AllTel network. I have had a 5165 for about 2 years and have never had a problem. I love its ease of use and cool white backlights, animations, cool new games, voice dialing and much much more. Signal strength and call clarity are great! Check this phone out!

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