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Kyocera Tempo E2000


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Oct 1, 2009 by macosx

Now i won't say what wireless company i work for but i sold this phone. We finally stopped ordering it because customers would come back complaining.This phone has many issues, most notably the slowness of getting to menus. The battery is absolutly horrible. On one phone when the bluetooth was turned on it would kill the battery and you couldn't stop it until you took out the battery. Web problems on this phone as well. This phone is just poison, trust me i used to sell them. STAY AWAY FROM KYOCERA PHONES!!!

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kiocera e2000 Both phones would not work


Sep 26, 2009 by janicehawley

Both my son and I got these phones when we signed up with US Cellular. The phones worked ok for about 11 months. They get light use only. They were not that easy to use, the dial pad was flat and you could not feel the keys. We don't do music or fancy stuff so I don't know about that stuff however, at about 9 months my phone started acting up and dialing numbers while it was closed and put away. It dialed my husband 7 times in a row. They one day it dialed my son and I was no where near the phone, I rean to the phone, the red light was on and I picked up the phone, opened it and had a connection with my sons phone.. hmmm,, possessed? It would also shut off during a call. I took it in just under the warranty and US Celluar sent it off for repair, they said it could take up to 3 months.. I have an old dinosaur phone until then. Then yesterday, (1 week after warrant was up) my sons phone died on him. will not turn on at all. It was shutting off during phone calls as well. US Cellular says they have no record of problems with this phone, however all the reviews state otherwise. My son has an even older beat to death MOTOROLA loaner now that still works fine... Funny thing, during all this my husband picked a Motorola and his phone works great.. This is his 3rd one and never a problem. I will not pick Kiocera again. Even if it is a free phone, because now I'm stuck with a beat up loaner until the end of my contract unless I go buy another on. Bummer.

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Mar 26, 2009 by ejs_als89906

I hate this phone. It is a piece of CRAP! I've had this phone for a week and I can't stand it.
Decent camera
That's it.

Hard to text
Doesn't keep battery charge for very long.
Often won't send my texts or let me call out.
Often Have to turn it off/on to receive/make calls and texts.
Alarm rarely works.
Doesn't make noise or allow incoming/outgoing calls and texts when charging.
Drops calls when charging
Slow to navigate.
Difficult to plug in to charger
Difficult to take back off to get to battery
Get very low/no signal where my old phone always got strong signal
Very cheaply made
Very low volume
Often just shows number, not contact (no idea who is texting me)

You'd be much better off getting something else. I'm so sad that my LG conked out (best phone ever if you want something simple). Now I'm forced to deal with this junk for two years-- as if it'll last that long.

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this is a decent phone!


Mar 10, 2009 by novakd

i like this phone. i have had it for a month now, and i really do like it.
-takes great pictures, with flash
-soft keys, don't click loudly
- good volume
- can receive downloadable ringtones

- outgoing texts sometimes don't go through, have to turn phone off and resend.
-calling and service overall sometimes doesn't work, but it's better in a little while after

i also see that people are saying that the battery is really bad, i have texted nonstop for the past three days and at the least it gets down to halfway by the end of the day.

i say give this phone a chance! it's really nice.

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JUNK! JUNK! JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 15, 2009 by msx15626

This phone is probably the most horrible phone I have ever seen. I got it because it looked different and also for the music player that was a mistake.


camera and video is ok

SUPER slow when you want to go from the main screen into the menu.

If you receive a text message from someone even in your contacts their number not their name appears. So if you are like me you have to go in to your contacts to find out who sent it to you.

No adapter or head phones for music player.

Ringers SUCK!

Wallpapers SUCK!

I dropped it on the ground and nothing happened, but when I dropped it on my soft couch the screen broke

All I can say is do judge it by its appearance.

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Kyocera Can Do Better


Jan 4, 2009 by inner_pyro

The phone was a great concept but didn't follow though all the way. The E2000 has pretty much the same layout as its previous version the E1000 except with the addition of a MP3 player and external navigation keys. The phone overall in my opinion is over priced and unpractical. So here lets get started.

-1.3 MP camera, its about average when it comes to quality.
-15 sec video, the reason it is 15 sec is because it is limited for messages.
-T9 text
-Can access funformobile.com and 3gforfree.com and save the ringers.
-Blue tooth ringers and pics
-Flash for the camera

-MP3 player is really hard to use, and it doesn't come with a data cable. You have to format the card while its in the phone then plug the micro SD card into either a laptop or desktop and side load the music. Sometimes this still doesn't work
-RECEPTION is horrible on this phone
-2 and 5 Keys kinda budge from the middle
-Small external/internal screen
-Backing is extremely hard to get off
-Have to remove back to access Micro SD
-Need to mail free offer to receive a adapter to use for 5mm headphone jack...thats right you need another adapter to go to a standard 3.5mm headphone jack
-Accessories are hard to find

Overall I have to say to the developers at kyocera that they can do better. This phone is poorly made and laid out.

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Sep 19, 2008 by j_putmon

This is the worst Phone i ever had. during the 1st 5 months of having the phone it had huge crack in and then 1 month later the screen wnet white and i couldn't use it so please Dont buy this phone

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horrible! just horrible!


Aug 27, 2008 by ren

This phone is just horrible, plain and simple.
the carrier i had it with was mertro pcs and i honestly thought it was pretty advanced for a metro phone, but apparently i was wrong.
tthe only reason i gave the phone a 1 is because it has a video recorder.
other than that this phone is terrible its hard to even think of any pro for it
but here we go:
1) video camera
2) able to download from funformobile.com

1) horrible reception you're around other sounds
2) phone crashed constantly so much it actually messed up my SD card so i had to reformat my card)
3)would not play music from SD card no matter what format the music file was
4)color format was horrible
ex- if i took pictures on a digital camera and put the SD card in the phone, the pictures came out really choppy.

honestly this phone has many problems just ask me about and i can tell you.
i would not tell anyone to get this phone, even others i know who had this phone have turned it back in.
its just a bad phone i actually spent hours going to different metro stores trying to replace this crappy phone. believe me this phone is not worth the hassle that you'll eventually have with it

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Jul 15, 2008 by Marcus2008

Kyocera E2000 is a horrible phone. I dont have to sugarcoat it or nothing

forget the pros now heres the cons


1.Battery is HORRIBLE!!!

2.They said they offer games well its only one game

4. It took me 15 minutes to send off a txt message



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Worst Phone Ever Dont Even think of buying 1


Jul 11, 2008 by preskodiak

Cheap plastic garbage. Cracked and then a peace of the body fell off within 30 days of normal use. No support or warranty. pure junk. By far the worst phone out of the 20 or so I've owned

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