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*I love it*!


Feb 8, 2008 by sbf1187

Once I played around with the Samsung R610 on the display @ US Cellular I was hooked, had to have it!


*Unlike the LG Chocolate, the keypad on the R610 is SO easy to use. The buttons are a good size for a slider and my fingers have plenty of room to move around. I can reach every key without bumping into the bulky top section when the phone is slid open

*Nice slim design

*Customizable! There are different dial fonts, display themes, and the camera options are awesome. Lots of fun frames and you not only get color/black&white/sepia tone, but you can give the photo you take an aqua tint,green tint, negative look, embossed look, and sketched look on top of the regular categories! Lots of different things you can do with the camera options.

*Decent Camera for a phone

*Nice large, clear screen

*The overall look is very cool. It's simple and I like that.

*Outside keys lock when the phone is closed

*Solid slide feel

*Phone is very easy to use

*One thing I really liked about the menus, that at first I didn't think I would like, is that menus remember what option you were last on. For example if I am texting and I accessed option 4 (Drafts) and I cancel out of that menu screen, when I go back to the text menu it will go right back to drafts instead of starting at the top of the list. I found that it is actually really convenient!

*Clear calls

*Large dial font

*Good battery life. Could be better..but then again, battery life is never long enough :-)


*I wish the vibrate feature had stronger buzz

I really am very happy with this phone choice from US Cellular. It has a lot of cool options and features that are unique compared to other phones out there and it does everything a phone should do. I have had the phone for about 2 months now and I have had no problems with anything. I am very satisfied.

Losing my orange enV with the full keyboard was difficult, but I have to admit, I am sold on this slider.

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I guess I'm a PDA snob now


Jan 16, 2008 by BellGeek

Overall the R610 is a great phone, I just don't like the Carousel Bell added. I've been using the Moto Q for the past few months and definitely got used to the features of a PDA. Any basic phone user would love this phone, I'm just afraid to give it to a friend/family member because you can't remove the browser shortcut from the carousel.

-Sleek, comfortable design.

-Coolest slider phone available (in my opinion)

-Camera has a flash

-Surprisingly not too hard transitioning from a full QWERTY keyboard to this phone.

-Full of features and capabilities

Pro/Con: No buttons respond when the phone is not slid up (even the power button). I thought my first phone was DOA because it wouldn't turn on while the phone wasn't slid up... But once you know that, it's nice because you don't have to worry about any "pocket mayhem".


-No Launchpad! The keys around the menu/ok button

-Carousel is not customizable enough (only has select preset options you can add/remove), can not be removed, and has a slight delay in response time

-Battery meter goes from 2/3 to dead pretty quickly.

-Having the weather on your homescreen seems to drain the battery a bit faster, nothing too dramatic though.

Overall it's a great phone, I just personally don't like the carousel. If it wasn't for that, I'd probably love this phone. I used its counterpart the M610, but like I said, I think I became a snob after using the Q.

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Beautiful phone but...


Apr 3, 2008 by foxylady23

I purchased the 610 just over 2 weeks ago. At first, all was well:
* Slider feature is fun.
* Stylish appearance.
* Bluetooth headset syncs up automatically (after being paired) once turned on: convenient.
* Texting isn't so bad once the T9 is on & the ability to text message while you're talking to someone (on the phone) w/o the other party hearing you text is very nice.
* The image quality is clear (camera).
* Ability to use memory card effortlessly.

* Cannot press a key to get the face to light up so you can see the time (like other flip phones and the Moto Rokr).
* Cannot record a sound and make the sound into a ringtone (like the LG phones). (Tried using a mp3 file--a cut file--and still didn't work.)
* Slider feature, while appealing, makes the phone feel a bit slippery when trying to answer it quickly.
* Once the bluetooth feature is on it's hard to turn off.
*Battery life great.

These are the problems (and why I'm heartbroken):

* Back of phone gets absolutely hot while I'm on the phone--regardless of using the handset or the bluetooth.
* I hear people okay (most times) but they cannot hear me. I've had several complaints about people hearing lots of static on my end while I have full signal and they sound clear.
* I drop calls where I usually have perfect reception.

I really like the phone but I've been told that I have to send the phone off to repair and get a loaner phone.I'm outside of the 15 day policy (?)--however, I can exchange the phone for another type of phone because I'm within the 30 days. (U S Cellular.) I contacted customer service to find out if they could make an exception when I was only 2 days out of the 15 day policy and was told by 2 customer service people and 3 managers that I would have to send to repair. Why can't I get another phone like the one I have? Why can't an exception be made? This phone is bad--not all 610s--just this one: a bad apple, so to speak.

I have to change phones now against my will. Bummer.

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Love It!


Feb 20, 2008 by Ryanocerous

I love this Phone. I have had LG phones in the past and I guess I just got used to how crappy and flimsy they are. This phone is strong and sturdy. The slider action is still crisp and tight (and I am hard on my phones). I figured the slider would become loose, but it's great. The speaker is LOUD, the vibrate is strong, and the calls are nice and clear (Verizon, California).

1.Strong and Rugged.
2.Good volumes on speaker and strong vibrate.
3.Easy button access for texting.
4.Impossible to press buttons in your pocket while closed.

1.Battery can go from 2/3 to empty kind of fast.

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let down.


Aug 17, 2009 by raychill

Loved the phone, but ended up getting screwed over in the end.

-okay camera
-never had a problem with reception
-okay for texting

i really did like the phone.

after i used the phone for a while

- constantly froze up
-gets extremely hot when used for long periods of time
-battery doesnt hold charge all day. Not even one day..
-after about six months of use, couldn't even type one text message without phone freezing up.

I had to buy this phone three times, thank god i had partial insurance.
First time I got it it was in my pocket, looked at it about ten minutes later and the entire screen was cracked!
Got the phone a second time and there was a black circle in the middle of the screen.
towards the end of my contract, third time having the phone i could no longer place calls. the other person couldnt hear me.
every once and a while all my pictures would turn green, and they were inaccessible.

for me, personally, i know im not even rough with phones. But with a contract, I would never reccomend this phone because it just can't last. especially if you use your phone a lot.

sad, it was a cute phone.

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An awesome phone


Mar 13, 2009 by Smiles16

I love this phone. It does what I need it to. I'm quite impressed at the quality of the phone. But there are cons to this phone I am sad to say.

Pros: Great keypad and nice buttons on the front. I know I won't accidentally call anybody if the phone is in my pocket, due to the locking mechanism. Excellent screen quality and sound quality.

Cons: Can't listen to music from my micro SD. I've had a few people try to make it work, but they couldn't succeed. US Cellular said that they could do something to fix that, by calling Samsung. The battery life does go from 2/3 to zero pretty quickly so that sucks. Other than that, great phone.

Summary: I love this phone. A phone that is great for a person who texts a lot.

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Best phone i have owned


Sep 9, 2008 by Ramie

Great phone with lots of features.

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I really like this phone


Jul 2, 2008 by underthesea08

I got the samsung SCH-R610 around two months ago. I have so far been impressed with it over all performance.

- It has learned some words for faster texting

- Pretty good service

- Long battery life

- Great features for picture taking which include a 1.3 MB camera, flash, a self timer, multi shot option, resolution choices, white balance, color effects which include: normal, black&white, sepia, green tint, aqua tint, negative, sketch, and emboss., a wide arrange of fun frames, and a zoom.

- An amazing screen

- And good sound.

- You cannot bluetooth songs from a motorola. Or well any other type of phone besides a samsung really.

- It had a nice slide but then the spring that held it open came out of mine.

- You cannot set different ring tones for each contact, for when they text you(?). only for calls as far as I can tell, but, maybe I haven't figured it out yet.

I have only had this phone for a short amount of time, so I hope to get more familiar with it, over the next 2 years I have contracted for with US Cellular

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pretty sweet.


Apr 28, 2008 by tebbles

Okay; so i got this phone today and i'm actually pretty pleased with it.
all these comments are the same so
as a recap

-its sleek, almost to sleek when you're sliding it
it has a little grip to help you out but meh

its good that the phone buttons lock when you close it and actually
they do work
when you have it on the mp3 mode dealy
so it works out perfect because the front is alot like an mp3 player.
thats probably why the buttons turn off when you close it.

its insanely easy to access the songs that you put on the mini SD card
only bad thing is that you can't get your mp3s to be your ringtone
or at least i havn't figgured it out yet.

the menu is really easy and simple, my mom could probably figgure it out.

it deffinately does get pretty hot so i dunno if i should be worrying about listening to music for more than a half hour haha.

another bad thing is that theres no nubs on the keys so it makes it a little hard not to press the wrong buttons. which could be fatal if your'e trying to send something with the hotkeys and you accidentally press the delete hotkey lol i've already done that.

the cameras decent 1.3mp pretty much standard nowadays. though i wish it was better.
Oh! its actually kindof shitty that the camera is located inside the slide
so that means that you have to have the phone open to take pictures no matter what
ehhh (n)

Also its kindof weird that it has that little motorola rokr look at the bottom of the phone below the slide dealy.

when you're listening to music the screen stays on even though its closed
and does a little screensaver thing
it looks cool but i'm sure it'll suck the battery pretty hard.

mmmm overall ya its a pretty decent phone; i like it
probably dont like it enough to keep it for my three year plan, but we'lll see

uhm;someone should post how to get the mp3's as ringtones
that would be gnarly.
if its possible anyways. i dunno.

sound quality is really good:)

i absolutely LOVEE how big the LCD screen is
its beautiful.

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A Good Choice


Apr 20, 2008 by ljessome

A very good choice that I made chosen this phone. I've had it for a while now (5-6 months) and everything is still working the way it should.

> The slider is amazing, very strong.
> Very thin phone, good for slipping into pockets.
> Good camera + Flash!
> Easy to text, add contacts..etc, on the keypad.
> Everything you need in a phone.
> Impossible to made a phone call, press unwanted buttons, or anything in your pocket!

> The launch pad (up, down, left, right, menu) have some functions that can not be removed, very annoying when you hit one by accident!
> You can't use then phone when it's slider is closed. (nothing, and I mean nothing works when it's closed, not even the time on the main screen!)

I would definitely buy another one of these phones, the second "con" that I wrote may also be a good thing. Other phones with their "key guard lock" sometimes can be deactivated in your pocket, this phone makes sure that nothing gets turn on that is not to be on when it's in your pocket.

Over all, amazing phone, good job samsung!

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