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Motorola RAZR2 V9 / V9x


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Love My Razor!


Jul 23, 2010 by LittleDiva

How adorable is this Razor? I'm obsessed and seriously can't be parted from it. It is so stylish and actually made of high quality (mine is pink). I use mine on the Tracfone service so with it being prepaid, I save a great deal and get awesome coverage as well. I reviewed this phone to definitely reccommend it along with the Tracfone service to anyone looking for a fabulous deal that gives your money's worth.

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Solid Phone


Oct 3, 2008 by prodrigu03

Hello out there in Cellular Land. For those that are thinking about getting the Motorola Razr2 V9 here are some things to consider. Not in any particular order

*Good looking phone
*Excellent Reception
*Feels Great
*Screen is Bright and colorful
*Phone color is pretty cool (if you like that color, I do.)
*Music Player smart key on the left.
*Adjust levels of audio controls on the left
*Music is pretty loud.
*Downloads are fairly quick
*Texting is decent.
*Smart Options button once you flip the phone open has easy access options.
*Ample address space!
*Short cut keys
*Able to receive email and check out You Tube.
*Camera is awesome.
*Video is great if you have a memory (mem) card
*Removing (Mem) card is easy, there is no taking the battery out.


*Settings Menu, unable to place sub menu in personal order.
*Texting, does not hold the name of the person you texted last.
*When phone is open your unable to change the AT&T Logo, (my old Nokia 6126 was able to change the logo.)
*Battery Life, only 3 hours.
*Game & Apps sub-menu, again unable to place in personal order
*Unable to delete phones games or ring tones.

This is why I gave the phone 4.5. All in all, a great buy and phone. If those "Inconveniences" don't bother you... Well you get the idea. I hope this help you in your quest for a new cell phone

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Best Non Pda Handset


Mar 13, 2008 by phurst

As a Store Manager for At&t i carry a Blackberry Curve for my business phone. I use it for all my emails and even for entertainment purposes such as mp3 player and also to watch Dvd's. I recently purchased the v9 to use for personal calls so i can free up my business phone for sales. The v9 is a great phone. Aside from the obvious clarity when it comes to phone conversation, its easy to use and is a sharp phone. Now obviously motorola could have made the battery life a lot better but with all the pros this phone has its bound to have some type of flaw and battery life is it. Now if it was me a car charger would be a necessity which it should with all phones so if your traveling you can be charging, which a car charger gives a rapid charge so it should fully charge in less than 45 minutes. As far as reception, you should have no issue unless you are in a area which is limited to coverage. If you experience issues in a good coverage area, i recommend you stop by a At&t store and allow them to put your sim card in the reader and make sure it has received all its updates in a timely manner. Also, its recommended you shut your phone off 5-10 minutes per week so it can receive updates. A phone or sim will never receive an update powered on.

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Like a Lexus with a Yugo Engine


Sep 20, 2007 by fairfight

If you like a phone that looks awesome, is fast and user friendly but you don't mind charging it twice a day this is the one for you.

Superfast and friendly menus
Very good call quality on earpiece (when you get reception... see cons)
The 3G makes surfing very fast
The thing is beautiful

Hard to hold in one hand... at least for a girl.
Reception is sketchy in Los Angeles. I've had several dropped calls and a lot of static in places I never have before.
Speaker phone only works when open and isn't very loud
Must keep phone open when on speaker which is awkward cuz the phone is HUGE when it's open and the speaker is on the bottom.
I have yet to get a full day out of the battery and I barely use the internet. This is just from average amounts of calls and texting.
I had to return it 2x. Once b/c the camera, video camera and alarm clock didn't work. Then again for the alarm clock. Too glitchy for me. Now I'm waiting for my Ericsson 580i.

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Minor Learning Curve :)


Sep 15, 2007 by George Knighton

Users are going to find a minor learning curve moving to the V9 from a K1 or other P2K phone, I think. Although the V9 uses the time proved Synergy OS instead of the Linux/Java system of the V8, there are still many differences.

The menu system moves with a speed I have never seen before. Much faster than the K1, and slightly faster than the V3xx. Every change seems to be a change for the better, and generally well thought out.

Battery life is good, slightly lower than the K1. The battery life can be compromised by the phone's trying to hang onto a low strength 3G signal instead of holding the stronger GSM signal. This can be mitigated if you buy a version of the phone with the network options unlocked, allowing you to manually configure the network to hold 850/1900 GSM instead of looking for 3G in fringe areas.

I got my phone from the eBay seller Aria Cellular. Costs a little more, but ships unlocked with menu options opened up and with full rate already forced. Since there is so little software support for hacking the V9, this might be a good idea for people looking for that little bit more. :)

Exceptionally good RF signal capture. I can hold a conversation straight through an (evidently) zero-bar signal area where every other phone drops a voice call.

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Very Nice Moto!


Sep 10, 2007 by slotfixr

I recently purchased this phone while switching from Verizon to AT&T, replacing an LG EnV. I've experienced drastically better reception and faster data rates, probably largely because of AT&T EDGE -vs- Verizon EVDO coverage in the Green Bay area.

It's nice to see this RAZR appears to have none of the quality issues of it's predecessors, such as loose hinges & keypads, although it HAS been only a week. According to the AT&T rep the phone is similar to the V3xx in terms of function, there are a couple differences so you may want to look at a side-by-side comparison before purchasing.

Sturdy phone, great build quality
Nice keypad feel
Large, nice-looking outside screen
Good call quality on both sides, even while on speaker
Loud, clear ringer
Improved address book, more info for each contact

Shows fingerprints (not really a con, just an observation)
Pic quality is better than previous RAZRs, but still not as good as some other Mfr's

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Sep 16, 2007 by sam912

I am extremely impressed with this phone. I already had an iPhone, but I purchased this phone because I needed a smaller second phone. I purchased this phone after trying the underwhelming A-717.

-Call quality
-Overall build quality
-Music Player
-XM Radio
-Screen (external and internal)
-Voice Dial


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I like it!


Sep 14, 2007 by KennyS001

I really like the feel of this phone. I am not a high tech user, but I am an early adapter to cool stuff (I bought an iPhone the day after it came out). I moved up from the previous Razr v3 and this phone is a great next generation. The screens both inside and out are bigger and better. I have about 600 #'s stored, so the syncing issues described earlier were a big problem, potentially. I called Motorola for phone tools update info and they had none. I went to an AT & T store and they suggested that I did a SIM card load and dump 3 times (250 numbers per dump) and that was not happening! Then I found an authorized dealer in my town (Westboro, MA) and he had a phenomenal gizmo that works in transferring all #'s in the correct format AND all of my phones pictures and ringtones. (the non purchased ringtones that I moved from iTunes to Mobile Phone Tools through Multi Media Studio). The gizmo is a Cellebrite. If you can find a store with one of these, you can convert now!

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Sep 7, 2007 by G2smooth

Feels great and sturdy. Speaker is clear and sounds good.
iTap (T9) allows user generated dictionary.
Nice looking screens.
Callers say I sound very clear while talking.
Excellent reception so far.
I absolutely love the voice and digit dial feature is sweet. (hold down the send key and say your demand)
Improved contact list.

Easily smudged glass and finish although I consider it minor.
No car charger available with micro USB. (Have to incur additional cost by using an adapter)
Can't get Phone Tools to recognize it yet so I can sync my contacts from Outlook.

I am very happy with my purchase. I rated it a 4.5 because a car charger was not included in the box.

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Love It!!


Feb 8, 2010 by Motogirl25

I have had this phone for 6 months and love it! It offers all the same reliability and style of the original razr with some perks.

easy to use
Looks good/sleek and thin
Loud ringtone option
Good music player
Larger outer screen
Clear call quality

Battery life
Fingerprint magnet
SD card is under battery door

Overall I would highly recommend for someone who uses their phone as a phone and not a computer. Navigator works well, but it isn't a smart phone.
Battery seems ok on standby but talk time is very limited so you definetly want to have a charger on hand often. The charger also isn't the same as the original razr but adapters are readily available.

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