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Great Basic Camera Phone


Nov 8, 2007 by facethewoods

It looks nice and get's lots of compliments. It receives a signal where Sanyo's don't.

Good sound quality.

The back of the phone scratches easily.

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An excellent phone for those who want to talk


Sep 16, 2013 by greenewr

I have used this phone for many years. It gets good reception in remote areas, has taken significant abuse (dropped more times than I care to think about) and has a simple to use intuative operation. I've had it long enough to wear out the original battery.

Standby life varies considerably, but seems to be mostly a factor of how it's carried. If the phone is stuffed into something and doesn't have a strong signal to a tower it goes flat fairly fast (8-10 hours). If carried with decent signal path access (I carry it in a cloth pouch on my belt) it can last several days without significant power loss.

Idiotic things about this are the camera, which is so difficult to get the photos out of, I've long since given up using it.

The address book has a quirk when attempting to search and dial numbers requiring and extra cursor and push that don't seem necissary.

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Don't buy the M300


Feb 2, 2010 by btmsc

I have never had a worse experience with a phone and phone company. The phone froze up before it's one year warranty expired. The only key that worked was the on/off button. Sprint had me send it to Samsung for warranty repair. The phone came back and within a week the phone locked up again. I again sent it back to Samsung for repair and again within two weeks of reactivating the phone, it froze up again. However this time Samsung wants me to pay a service fee for the repair. Had Samsung replaced or properly repaired the phone I wouldn't be in this situation. Stay away from Samsung, I have had two LG phones one that is over 4 years old and still works great.

simple to use,
the alarm works well

I was never able to get the phone to text properly unless the text contained only the letters A D G J M P T or W.
Horrible customer service.

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Dont get this phone


Dec 4, 2009 by lovd 1

okay i got this phone about 2 or 3 years ago and it sucks. its the worst pone ever i dont know any one but a old person who wants to get it . its bad as they say

has a camera
easy to take a picture
puts the numbers in the ABC order

its ugly
can only hold a little bit of pics
texting is the worst a word just pops up and if u keep going it keeps it there smudges easily vibrates loud and annoying ringers
messes up on the inbox and in text messages when you try to stop a senting message it doesnt do it right away

this is a bad phone dont get it read all the bad comments and compare them to how many good dont get this you will regret it.

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Battery is really sucks


Jul 24, 2009 by sucksamsung

I have this M300 for 13 months. Yes, just exactly out of their smart warranty policy, my cellphone can only call less than 40 minutes per charge. So I have to charge it more than twice a day.Thanks their smart product, Samsung can make more from you. What a great product it is!

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Not impressed!


Apr 21, 2009 by seagirl

I switched to this phone because I needed one that would work with Bluetooth in my car. It was very difficult to pair this with my car--a 2006 Infiniti. I tried to pair this phone with my car several times and could only get it to work on outgoing calls. On incoming calls, the voice would not go through the car speakers. I did it 3 times with both the Infiniti and Samsung books in front of me! Then I went back to the Sprint store and their employee/tech tried with exactly the same result. The Infiniti website said that they had tested this phone with the car and it worked. I finally got it to work with instructions on the Infitini website, but the Menu on the phone was not easy to navigate even then.

I am still considering switching to a different phone. This one looks nice, I have red. It is compact and voice quality is fine, but it feels flimsy and I am concerned about how durable it will be. I also wonder if there are other quirks in the software like the ones that made pairing so difficult.

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Horrible phone - DO NOT GET THIS


Apr 7, 2009 by 009898

This is the crummiest phone I've ever seen. All the previous bad reviews are, unfortunately true.

I couldn't hear my phone ringing while walking in the mall. I'm getting rid of this phone. My old LG phone was far more superior.

Please don't waste your money on this phone. It is of poor quality overall & I'm being kind. I'm disappointed in Samsung.

-Looks nice
-Has a decent size LCD display at the front

-Front easily gets finger prints, grease marks
-Easily scratched
-Volume on both the ringer & speaker are not loud enough even on maximum setting

-Buttons are not sensitive
-Voice Recognition / Voice Dial is not sharp enough
-Short battery life

-Horrible speaker phone & volume
-Bad ring tones
-Poor workmanship overall

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wanting a new phone


Apr 2, 2009 by nemrac

liked at first now looking for a new phone. The is unreliable, you can fully charge it and one time it lasts (used lots) and the next time (not used @ all) you get half a day of charge. It is slow and noisy to text on. Erases the entire message too easy. Terrible reception, can barley hear the person on the other end, echoes, and to much crackling. Bluetooth features hard to use. Also bad quality pictures. Unhappy with ringtones, volume It has been getting good "dead spot" coverage sometimes. It seems like such an old phone and it should not, basic phone if you never need to use it. Easy, simple phone to figure out

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Ok starter phone for camera users


Mar 4, 2009 by cerridwen

I'd never had a camera phone before getting this one at Walmart so I thought I'd try it out. At first I was pretty excited but then I started having problems with it. I couldn't upload photos online and had to talk to 3 different people about it and was getting very frustrated with it before it finally got solved. Then I've had problems accsessing websites on the browser, such as facebook. Its an ok phone for those who dont use much of the features but I wouldn't recommend it for the camera features.

Looks sleek and is thin for its size.
Nice colour screen.
Easy to read time on the outer screen.

The ring volume and vibration is not very strong. I've missed many calls because I couldn't hear it.
The outer screen is very hard to keep clean.
There seems to be only one background colour to choose from for the outer screen.
Menu button is fiddly to say the least. Not very practical.

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Nov 9, 2008 by 1barchamp

This phone is not a good choice if you love to text. My m300 broke after 6months and i had a two year contract. This is a good phone for beginners, but other than that, don't buy it, its a waste of time and money.

pros -
-flat keypad
-small / light weight

-speaker sucked
-after sending like 100 texts u for some reason don't get any or can send any
-freezes in the middle of texts
-scratches easily
-doesn't get very many firmware updates
-highly priced for a bad phone
-vibrate was too loud
-battery life is short
-t9 works so-so but not good enough (cant add words so u have to switch back and fourth from alphabet to t9)
-camera is very bad
-no flash
-INTERNET takes 5 mins just to get to home page
-turning on the phone takes 4ever
-glass front scratches easily and will break if dropped on it
-recordings come out choppy

I hope my review helps you. And helps you make a good decision on weather u want to buy it or let it sit in its box*

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