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first impressions


May 15, 2007 by SpyPet

PRO: I use Nextel phones during construction, and wanted a ruggedized phone for personal use. This model does not disappoint with a firm hing, recessed shell screen, lockable battery cover and attached rubber flaps on all power and I/O ports. Nice selection of built in ring tones you can assign to different contacts. Build in tools like alarms, countdown timers, and stopwatch, calender, and simple calculator come in handy. Voice memo feature can also be used to record phone conversations, but does beep to alert listener as per current laws. There are many great Data Services available from Sprint for this model that this reviewer was too cheap to pay for. Rubber surfaces keep phone from slipping out of your pocket. Keypad feels wonderful.

NOTE: The font on both the large main screen and small shell screen can easily be adjusted so any 10 digit phone number will display properly on the same line. Large bold font used for time display is great. Screen is crisp and clear so any multimedia content will Pop, however its brightness is not better than most phones thus keeping sun lite viewing difficult. all GPS data functions are unavailable unless you pay Sprint extra Monthly. "Built-in" games are all demos you still need a Data Access plan to use. A separately available USB data cable can also be used to recharge the phone. While the antenna is extendable, I have not found a need for it here in NYC.

CON: Sound on both the ear speaker and speaker phone is more muffled than most phones, however Sprint's own network may be partially at fault as I found Verizon is much clearer on the same call from the same time and location even when calling Sprint's own Customer Service Department! (Bluetooth speaker/mic, sounds comes through crystal clear on my Plantronics headset, or as well as the Sprint network will allow.) No alternate wallpapers or screen savers accept one useless demo. 4oz weight can feel heavy if you don't need the ruggedness of this model.

great phone...


May 14, 2007 by fivesecondzero

I've been using my Sanyo RL7300 for about 2 years, when the charger jack finally gave out, I decided to switch to the 7050. Boy was I surprised.

Very rugged, built to 810 spec
Outer display is BRIGHT
Able to scroll through call list without opening phone, make calls as well.
Great battery life, even in digital roam
Great reception, even in digital roam
Great screen, nice res.
Very nice flip, easy to open.
Able to custom set vibrate patterns. Also able to set vibrate on all ring volumes. Nice feature.

Phone speaker doesn't seem as loud as my 7300, not a huge deal but still.
Speaker phone SLIGHTLY muffled.
Phone has cover over charging plug. Great for keeping out dust, but I wonder over time how that is going to hold up.

Overall this phone does most everything that I thought my 7300 should've been able to do. I love being able to scroll through the recent calls when pressing the talk button (instead of seeing just the last made call like on my 7300) and I can also scroll through the recent calls and MAKE calls w/o ever having to open the phone.

If you are looking for a great phone and don't feel the need for a silly mp3 player or a toy camera than this is a great choice. Not the most attractive phone in the world, but it does what it came to do. Great job Sanyo!

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It's met the exact market that it intended. And we are happy!


Apr 13, 2007 by cokato

Amazing! A phone company figures that there ARE people out there that could care less about a toy mp3 player and cameras that have never proved themselves as a product with any sort of quality?! We don't notice, care, or think about the fact that our wonderful blackberry's don't have a camera.

It has the rugged feel of a nextel rubberized phone, and it's delightful to hold onto and talk on. Its as close to "Jack Bauer" as i've ever felt.

It's a basic phone with a useful and complex Sanyo user software, almost immediate call connection (as you get with most sanyos) and good battery life. Makes us wonder if the sanyo 4940 is on the brink?! And if it will herald some ridiculously wonderful 9 hour battery!

On the negative side...
I guess that Sanyo hasn't yet figured out how annoying it is that the font on the outside caller id display shouldn't be too large to fit onto the screen! It's just a delight to have to get to the phone within the first ten seconds so that when you look to see who is calling you have to it out by guessing their what the letters are at the end of their last name.
Its just remarkable that a company that has such a wonderful track record earning itself some of the highest compliments available to the cell phone, can be so shortsighted in such an obvious thing.

It's a great phone if you don't need a camera or mp3 player. I wish they could have avoided the antenna, and its important to keep in mind that the rubberized part of the phone sometimes makes it hard to fit into tighter jean pockets.

Don't pay any attention to the older review...


Apr 3, 2007 by danbfree

This is a great rugged phone for the user who doesn't need a camera.

Pro: GREAT call quality from Sanyo as always. Has Bluetooth.

Con: Speaker phone sucks.

This is how it is DESIGNED. IT IS NOT A DEFECT. Sprint does NOT do "warranty work". They offer a service plan for repairable items, not under any warranty or for design flaws. WE have been specifically instructed that this device has a limited speakerphone quality and you will be sent away with the same phone. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY if speakerphone is important!

built for abuse


Sep 4, 2008 by lj

This thing is very durable. I've had it fall off an extended scissor lift a few times and sent it through the washing machine once and it still works as it did out of the box. Hands down its reception is the best, I have used it in the interior of British Columbia where reception can be spotty at best and this phone is the only one working on the site. The front and interior screens are still scrath free. Its got one of thhe loudest ringers on the planet good for around heavy equipment.
Cons: The front speaker will fill with metal shavings from grinder dust and anything else magnetic. A contractor phone really needs a camera.

Contacts -SCP-7050


Feb 12, 2008 by ALN

The only problem I seem to be having with this phone is the contacts.
First Sprint stores had a devil of a time switching my contacts from another phone on to this one.
Then I find out that the only way to back up my phone numbers is to us Sprint's online back up.
Through contacting various 3rd party software dealers they are having problems with it also.

Every phone I have had in the past, I could download the contact info to my PC for update and storage, this is a first.

Other than that I love the phone. I just hope the software catches up with the rest.



Jan 25, 2008 by jordan28

I love this phone. It has all the features that i am looking for. the battery life is amazing and the durabilty is great too.



Dec 20, 2007 by sprint_2007

Well I purchased the Sanyo 7050 from Sprint. I've had it for about 2 weeks now..Let me start off by saying that this phone is my little new best friend. I heard this phone has excelent battery charge..Well I put it to the test..I left Salt Lake City on Thursday Morning. My 7050 charged overnight while I slept. I drove from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles and my battery showed only 1 stick had gone down by Saturday....wow..This phone truly is amazing..The reception and the clear calls amaze me. I had roaming signal all along I-15..In the middle on nowhere..but my calls were excellent and clear. I finally decided to charge my phone on Saturday..just because I felt like it, otherwise I'm sure I could have gone another 1-2 days before my phone went dead..The keys are big and the screen is excellent..I previously used the IP-830W..I work for Sprint Telesales..so yeah....But my Sanyo 7050 will always have a special place for my tough standards on durable phones..THIS PHONE WILL LAST YOU A VERY LONG TIME..forget upgrading your service..This isn't your typical wympy stylus/pink face plate flimsy phone..It was built strong..BEST PHONE OUT THERE..END OF DISCUSSION

Sanyo SCP 7050, Great Little Phone !


Dec 13, 2007 by bg

I must say, I have only had this phone for a few weeks, but I am very pleased overall with the features and quality of this phone. I live in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania and I have been a Nextel customer for about the past 4 years. I no longer use direct connect due to switching jobs, so I decided to switch over to Sprint. I previously had a Motorola i530 because I use a cell phone for basically just a phone and nothing else, yet I like a phone to be rugged. The Sanyo has not dropped a call yet, the calls are clear to me and also to whomever I am talking to, and the ear piece is loud and clear. This phone feels good in your hand and is fun to use. I have absolutely no complaints about this phone thus far and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a tough phone with decent features and cares first and foremost about clear and reliable calls.

Glad I purchased it


Oct 12, 2007 by SCP7050

First off let me say I am very content with the SCP-7050. This model replaced the 8100 which I had for 4 years. This model is perfect for what I need and the only comments I have are PRO. Didn't give the phone a 5.0 rating cause I wanted people to believe my review. Even though it doesn't have a camera you can still use sprint pic mail to transfer photos to it. I also have a Palm T/X with the dial feature. The Palm will not dial a number through the SCP 7050, but just transfer the contact from the Palm to the phone or vice versa and you will be able to accomplish all types of things. As long as you use phonescoop.com to select the type of phone you want if the SCP-7050 comes up you will not be disappointed.

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