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Not a long term phone


Apr 12, 2009 by Mmcdowell

This is the 2nd one I have had. The first one and the second one after about a year, died. The flip screen somehow gets messed up and goes blank.

*has had good signal service (at&t) although I live in a well populated area
*records sounds great
*holds lots of text messages

*does not predict my texts too well
*can be slow to change menus sometimes but not as bad as other phones I have had
*I can hear others on speaker phone but they cannot hear me worth a hoot.
*camera is not so hot
*have to push too many buttons to put info in the calendar
*battery started out great, then went downhill from there. have to charge it everyday
*screen hard to read in the sunlight. Does not adjust the contrast well enough.

I don't use this phone for anything other than calling, calendar, texting and the occasional picture. I am really frustrated that the screens on the flip portion wear out so quickly. When I get a phone, I want it to last more than a year.

I will not be replacing it with another Nokia.

Better than Imagination


Mar 27, 2009 by icedoghans

OK, being a series 60 fanatic does not help in buying and using any other phone. But I bought this on a whim for a friend to use in Europe, for emergency reasons. It was factory unlocked so it does not have the ATT mumbo jumbo. When she got back she gave it back to me.

It has been my reliable phone ever since.


Opera Mini works great on it.

Loudspeaker is loud ... I listen to MP3s this way... great noise maker for naps. I am using a 1Meg microSD.

Signal is the best I have seen in this hell of a cell phone hole where I live. Prior to this phone I was considering VOIP capable cell phone on Tmobile [my current service].

photos are great for VGA.

Battery life is incredible. It is amazing how long a phone will last if the antenna is designed correctly.


I wish series 40 had an application to post directly to my wordpress.com blog. Currently I use Flickr to work around this, sending an MMS of a photo of one of my paintings in real time.

I wish this phone had a 1.3mega camera.

I wish Tmobile would buy a clue and get a series 60 phone with a camera in their lineup for the USA.

Waiting for a Nokia E55 USA to come out. Hey TMO wake up! Right now I am obviously a Nokia guy who prefers magenta over blue.

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A BIG Disappointment from AT&T


Feb 8, 2009 by madmama276

*has a camera (still pics/video)
*flip style
*ringers sound good
*music player (can use memory card)

*battery life isn't as good as what it says on specs (have 2 recharge EVERY DAY)
*only 4MB memory (have 2 delete pics & messages daily)
*not that user friendly (too many buttons to press to get anything)
*not attractive
*mobile e-mail is slower than slow
*no 2.5 mm jack 4 headset
*speaker phone isn't that good

I had the Nokia 2600 which was damaged. Assurion sent this phone as a replacement for it because I have insurance. NOT comparable if you ask me. The 2600 is far superior. AT&T should discontinue this phone!

Cheap Workmanship / Great Phone


Jun 26, 2008 by gunr5

I've had this phone since May and got it unlocked from Nokia. It has been a great phone and done more than I expected.

Music Player
Flash Support
Games Aren't Demos (At least on the unlocked one)
Great Reception
Micro SD Slot

Tiny, Washed Out, Crappy Screen
Camera was put in for the hell of it.
Boring, Simple Menus (You can re-organize them though.)
When you send a message it says "Message saved for sending." and that's it, you see a box with an arrow shooting out at the top and you don't even know if it's sent or not.
After normal use, the chrome on the navigation keys (the chrome shiz) is flaking off.
Tiny amount of memory, get a card!!

This is definitely a talkers phone, the keys are large and easy to get used to, so it could be a texters phone. The inbox is great and lets you hold as many messages as you have room for (and since everything of mine is on a 2GB SD card, I have about 5.0 MB for text messages!!)

The music player works well and allows you to sort by artist, album, that sorta thing, the navigation is slow and simple, you wait about two seconds before the song actually changes.

Oh, and on other (older) Nokia flip phones (6102/6102i/6103), you could close the phone and it wouldn't do anything, there is a setting in this phone that makes it work like every other phone.

I like this phone!


May 31, 2008 by camper54403

I like this phone - I'd say majority positive.

Negatives - I think that this phone is a little 'thick' would prefer if it were thinner. I bought a cover for mine, because another family member has the same phone and again it makes it even more bulkier.

What A Phone!


Mar 20, 2008 by hardcorehavok

Nokia is the best handset manufacturer in my opinion. They have the best media phones (N Series) and some of the best basic phones. The 6085 is one of those great basic phones.

Great signal
Great call quality
Music player w/ Micro SD support
FM Radio
Stereo Bluetooth
Big, comfortable keys

Only a VGA Camera, but this is a basic phone
Screen resolution could be A LOT better



Mar 20, 2008 by rainboznbuniis

I have had many nokia phones and this was was promising at first. I really liked the texting and the buttons and predictive text have improved from previous models. I first noticed phone flaws when the top of the phone piece started to get loose and break off. This has happened with previous nokias so i was not completely surprised. Next the battery cover became loose and wouldnt stay on and the battery would fall out in the middle of a phone call, which is extremely obnoxious. The last straw was definitely when the screen went all wonky. It happens after about 6 months, and randomly the screen will go blank or be in negative colors. This was by far the worst thing to happen and i can say i will never again purchase a nokia phone.

Great texting
easy to use
great speakerphone(only occasional echoes)

VERY breakable
unreliable connections
easy to scratch up
parts break off easily
screen scratches easily

Technology of the future


Mar 18, 2008 by jsunhearst

Nokia 6086 with wifi from T Mobile
NJ Metro NY area.

I have tried many cell phones and carriers and none of them gave me more than 1-2 bars in my own home and I was dropping calls often. I learned about this dual cell/wifi phone so I decided to give is a try about a month ago.

Using my own wireless router, I had the phone hooked up in less than 5 minutes. I can now count on 3-4 bars at home and the call quality is excellent.

I have always shied away from from T-mobile despite living in a highly populated area because of T-Mobile's limited coverage. I have been comparing the signal strengths between my Verizon and T-Mobile phones side-by-side and so far they show about the coverage. However, with the Nokia's added wifi capabilities, I can now also make cell calls deep inside steel/concrete buildings or in the middle of the Catskills or Poconos (or at any Starbucks) as long as there is a wifi router I can sign on to. Since I am a low volume cell user, I did not add the Hotspot@Home service for $9.99 which gives you unlimited calling while you are linked from any wifi router. I still have access to the same routers but my minutes are used up the normal way from my plan.

I travel to Nova Scotia, Canada, every summer for vacation. There are very few areas outside Halifax with coverage. And when I am finally able to get a signal, the roaming fees are around $0.69 a minute which is quite high. However, most small communities there have public wifi hotspots at the libraries and motels which would allow me to make full signal calls all while not incurring any roaming charges. I can't wait to try it out.

Ability to call via Wifi Router
Feel of buttons
Built-in FM Radio
Comfortable size and weight
Nokia PC Suite and ability to customize phone

Dust accumulates behind the display screen
No Speakerphone button

great phone


Feb 9, 2008 by Hawk6169

great battery life
great mp3 player
great call quality
great speaker phone

none yet

Good phone, questionable Hotspot at home service


Jan 19, 2008 by kickinmelly

I bought this phone in November mainly for the HotSpot @ home feature, basically the phone works well and I haven't had any major problems except dropped calls (at least 2 per day and I am on the ph approx 200 minutes per day) The dropped calls I attribute to the Hotspot at home service b/c I had the Pebl before I got this phone and hardly if ever dropped any calls. I have called Cust Service and they are all really nice but it can't be troubleshooted unless I call from a different phone which is a lot easier said than done!!
-Non shiny surface and buttons do not leave fingerprint marks (big issue for the Pebl)
-Programmable profiles and ability to change profiles just by holding the * key for 2 seconds
-radio feature works really well, very intuitive
-you can close the phone and still be on the headset or listen to the radio (this may seem minor but its really annoying to have to carry your phone open when you are using the headset)
-Phone is definitely bigger than I like (I am a fan of tiny 'girl' phones and this was one of only 3 hotspot at home phones offered at the time)
-phone unexpectedly switches profiles when charging
-takes a long time to charge battery to full
-Sim card a little difficult to put in the first time but this is pretty minor

Its a good phone overall but TM may have some kinks to work out with the HS@home feature.

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