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Love This Phone!!!


Aug 25, 2008 by cerebralplayer

As a recent convert from a Windows Mobile device (the 8525 - a great device in itself), I was a little skeptical when I purchased an 8800. Now after 2 months of use, I can honestly say I made a great choice when I moved to this. It can do almost all the things my 8525 could do and more. My pros and cons go like this:

GPS - I love the fact I can use Google Maps on this phone and have it follow me around ( which I could not do on my 8525)
BATTERY LIFE - I have used this device for almost 4 days without having to recharge it (and that was while using the GPS function, media and heavy browsing, not to mention actually making phone calls)
FONT CUSTOMIZATION - I like being able to see what I am doing without having to strain, so changing font sizes is extremely helpful...
EMAIL - Nothing beats getting your email right away, and the BB is designed for that (THANK YOU PUSH TECHNOLOGY!!!)

NO CAMERA - Would be nice, but is not really a necessity.
BROWSER - the BB browser is not the greatest in the world, but no big deal - I have been using Opera Mini, and I recommend it to all BB users!!!

Other than that, I would recommend it to anyone considering a PDA...You cant lose!!!

Love Love Love this phone.


Jul 30, 2008 by Phone_Revenger

I've had this phone for about 2 months and I absolutely love it. I use it for both work and personal and so far it is the best for sound and signal quality. I was on a conference call for about 1 hour and 12 minutes (I checked), on a full charge, the batter meter only went down 1 bar, I usually charge the phone once every 4 days. The media aspect could of used a little work though


-Amazing Battery!!!
-Bright Screen
-Simple to use
-Very functional browser
-Contact list holds a ridiculous amount of detail
-Sound is loud and amazing! I never had a phone this loud.


-Camera would've been nice
-Keys could of been a little more seperated
-Media player kind of sucks
-Hate it when the SD card is on the back
-Needs Flash support
-FM Radio
-Edge still sucks

Regardless of the cons, I would never trade any gimmick feature for it's battery and sound. It is worth the buy

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Little Things Make A Difference


Dec 22, 2007 by mxzimm2

BB got so much right with this one... but ultimately, a few little details that made it cumbersome to use quickly and easily caused me to return the phone.

*clear screen with great colors
*extra storage for video/audio files
*fun games and accessories available
*sleek and sexy
*Handy Mute button was easy to use
*Lots of keyboard shortcuts made it easy to get to different lists and phone call tracking features

*Poor reception on Verizon network (tested in Denver, Dallas and Fort Worth) -- lots of static and more dropped calls than with my older BB7130
*Poor connections to bluetooth headsets, tried two headsets and didn't get the same quality is BB7130 with either -- more static, less range from headset to phone before static kicked in.
*no keyguard/lock without scrolling through the whole menu (even called Tech Support, checked online, and asked at Verizon store -- there is a way to LOCK the whole phone, but you then can't use the phone as a quick clock as it keeps the screen black until you enter the unlock key)
*no way to display the menus as lists instead of icons. UGH (again, asked Verizon techs and tech support, still no answer)
*You couldnt' scroll to unlock -- had to press *send, unlike old BBs where you could scroll up and hit "enter" to unlock.
*Would have liked a camera

If you uncover solutions to any of these challenges (keyguard, unlock, and lists instead of icons), let me know, I really liked the phone otherwise.



Nov 23, 2007 by mr_refi

i had this phone since june or july and it was a great upgrade from my pearl data is good little bulky but manageable email is awesome all around a great phone

great screen
awesome battery life
great reception
easy to use and multi task

no camera

if this phone ha a camera it would have been a 5 all day

BB 8800


Sep 30, 2007 by Lyrica57

A great feature about the BB 8800 is that i can't get bored of it, because of the BB homepage always adding new programs to download for your BB your always updated. I wish it had a camera but i guess thats what the 8820 was made for!!! The BB 8800 is all i need and more, i will always be a loyal BB customer as long as they stay loyal to us as customers just as they have been since they hit the market!!!

8800 disappoints


Jul 23, 2007 by saa001

I am an avowed Blackberry user and even though I try other phones, I keep coming back to the Blackberry.

I eagerly anticipated the 8800 when it came out but I was disappointed in its performance.

Fantastic screen
Plays sound and video files
Separate storage (micro SD card)
Great battery life
Looks sexy and sleek

The phone part is poor compared to previous models.

I have used the 8700 and the phone part of it is great. I can hold conversations for long periods of time and not lose the connection.

When I got the 8800, I was looking forward to the same phone reception. I had calls dropped in the middle, I had call failures in trying to dial, calls cutting in and out. This is not what I expected from RIM. Since my Blackberry is my only phone, I need good reception (something I was used too on my 8700).

Because of the poor phone reception, I have switched back to my 8700 (anyone want to buy a relatively new 8800 from T-Mobile?). I am back to my great reception and have not had any problems since switching back.

RIM does great on the email/data part. I have absolutely no complaints about that part of the service. RIM needs to maintain the phone part of it. The phone part is very important, otherwise I will be switching back to the bad old days and using two separate devices.

Come on RIM, improve the phone part of your phones.

8800 blackberry is the best


Jun 23, 2007 by Sir Stokes

have had every phone from the i930 to 7290 , from the 6700 to 700wx , from the i830 to the 700p , from the 8700 to the 8525 and then the treo 750 , but this phone out ways them all

Pros -

Big screen and good sound, loud not and clear
Email is easy to use

Cons -
NO WIFI -Over rated , 8525 has wifi saw no benefit , phone kept jumping from connection to connection
Battery life

A Key board

Great Buisness phone garantee


Jun 5, 2007 by Meatwad

This phone is awesome, my frends dad has this phone and wen i used it for texting my frend to see how the phone feels, i thought it was frggin awesome! the only complaint i have is that the keyboard is to compact, but everything else is great. and my frends dad owns a buisness, so its great for him.

Pros: (that i observed using the phone for 1 day)

the phone is slim and feels awesome
theres a qwerty keyboard
the internet is fast, but not that max internet
screen is pretty big
good theme
looks really new
good for buisness, cuz u get emails a lot (my frends dad has over 250 emails on the phone)
really good bluetooth connection
overall this phone is GREAT FOR BUISNESS! prolly the best of all blackberry phones, maybe the best of all buisness phones.

Cons: (of what i saw)

No camera (but wat the hell u expect, its an buisness phone)
i wish the internet was fast to the max
keyboard is too compact

overall thnis phone is awesome,

any phone that u can imagine in the markets or not perfect.



May 5, 2007 by T Will

I resisted the " Crackberry crowd " if for no other reason, just not to be a groupie !
I always do the opposite of what's trendie.
Well I'm a mortgage banker and since the market is in a downward trend, I've left my office behind and became more mobile. Going out, beating the bush for business. I had the T-mobile MDA. Absolutely a wonderful device. I loved the Windows software and how Outlook, Excel, Word etc. all seemlessly sync with my laptop. Really kept me organized.
But when I became more mobile, the need for email on my MDA became more important. I have an I.T. background but my skills along with T-mobile's outstanding I.T. department were only able to get the device to show me the subject line of the email. I would then have to go to the website ( yahoo, hotmail or my corporate website ) enter my username & passwords etc. to view my email. But even then, I had trouble viewing attachments.
Meanwhile my competitors or coworkers with their little "Crackberries " would have read the emails, downloaded appraisals, titles, inspections etc. while I'm still accessing one of the 4 email accounts I have.
Then T mobile introduced the Blackberry 8800. The nicest looking Blackberry I've ever seen. I purchased one the 2nd day after T moblie introduced it ( they are on backorder now, one week later ).

In one week's time, people can officially call me the owner of a "Crackberry" because I'm addicted ! It took me all of 1 minute per email account to set them up and "VOILA" CORPORATE EMAIL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL, GMAIL...EVEN WITH ATTACHMENTS !
2. software sync's seemlessly with my laptop/ Windows software. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks....EVERYTHING !
3. GPS...I won't get lost going to a closing anymore.
4. Beautiful bright screen that automatically adjusts to lighting.
* 4.5 = having fun still playing with other programs,
No camera. But in my business, some banks will not allow camera's / camera phones anyway. So,no biggie.

My First BB and Loving It


Apr 4, 2007 by mjoseph10

Ok, so this is my first BB and I love it so far, here is a list of PROS and CONS that I think the phone has... Keep in mind that I'm a phone junkie and have just recently used a TREO 680 before the BB and before that a W810i.


Battery - Nothing really compares to the battery life of the W810i I had but it wasn't a smart phone and I didn't use it like one (never web-surfed etc.) The TREO 680 had the worst battery life of any phone I think I've ever had on a GSM network. I HAD to charge it every night even if I used it lightly. The 8800 would easily last two days of decent use. A BIG PLUS!

Push E-Mail - It works almost TOO WELL. I get emails IMMEDIATELY. I almost don't even like how fast I get them, I feel almost bothered by the fact that I get so much email. But obviously if EMAIL is a plus, BB is the ONLY way to go.

Sound Volume - The phone is excellent and I've yet to strain to hear anyone. The ring-tone volume is crazy loud and I've always had my phones on the highest volume but I can't stand having it on high with the 8800, it almost sounds like its going to blow the speaker its so loud. PLUS I can make my ring-tones an MP3 etc., something you can't do on the TREO.

Screen - The screen on the 8800 is AWESOME, maybe its just the themes (which are awesome, this phone is EXTREMELY customizable) But the interface is gorgeous.

Customizable - You can customize EVERYTHING! The ring-tones the themes the wallpaper and the fonts. And when you change the theme or the font it changes everything and everywhere! Truly awesome and always keeps me happy. The w810i was pretty customizable which was nice but not as custom as the 8800 and the treo 680, well haha, you can change the color of the background and title bar, thats about it...


Feel - The phone is slim and extremely comfortable in my pocket but it does feel very fragile I worry about it breaking.

I'm out of space so I guess thats it for cons! Ha!

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