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great phone


Aug 17, 2007 by eddynyc

I love this phone!! I used to have a sidekick 2 but upgraded to this one. First of all, I love that I don't have a camera. The camera on the sk2 & sk3 are not that good. I'm glad that it doesn't have a mp3 player either (in my opinion, that just wears out the battery!) Speaking of battery life, the ID has a longer battery life. Not that much longer, but considerably longer. I also love the new keyboard. I was a little hesitant with the new keyboard cause it looks a little cheap, but once you get typing it feels really comfortable. The reception is also a lot better on this phone than on the sk2 & sk3. All in all, I am very satisfied with this phone!!

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Just What I Needed!


Aug 14, 2007 by AdamLP1111

I have had my Sidekick ID for about 4 days now, and it is exactly what I was looking for. I really needed a phone that would allow me to access my corporate email, and this phone has been an answer to my prayers. I am not bothered by the fact that it does not have a camera or mp3 player. I am not allowed to have a camera phone where I work, and I have an iPod, so I have no need for these features on my phone. For those of you who believe that the ID is just a cheap version of the 3, you are exactly right, THAT IS WHAT IT WAS MADE FOR! Not everyone needs all the features that come with the 3, nor do they want to pay for them. This phone allows middle class people such as myself to have a cool phone.

-Great reception
-changeable bumpers
-decent factory ringtones
-access to corporate email
-QWERTY keyboard
-browser (although slow at times) effective
-good storage capabilities
-some cool hidden features

-Speakerphone could be louder, but still okay.
-Only comes with 4 backgrounds and new backgrounds can not be downloaded.

Overall, this phone has exceeded all of my expectations and will be a favorite of mine for a long time.

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sidekick id


Jul 16, 2007 by ash uhh leey x

I haven't gotten my sidekick id yet, but I'm disappointed about how theres no three-way calling available on the sidekick id. As opposed to, the sidekick 3, which DOES have the three-way calling. My friend has a lot of trouble with her boyfriend, so I'm usually making the three-way call, asking questions, and being the middle person, so, to me, it's very unhelpful when you NEED to make a three-way call. Other than that, i take most of my myspace pics from my phone, so i don't like how theres no camera on the sidekick id. My friend has a sidekick 3, so we were taking pics with it one time, when i was at her house, and the pictures didn't come out so bright like I'd hope. So i guess i don't really need the camera option.

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Sidekick iD Gets a "B"


Jul 12, 2007 by StarbucksSam

I would like to preface my review by stating that I will not take off points for what the Sidekick iD does not have (camera, bluetooth, EDGE, etc) because it's not fair to dock a phone for features that it intentionally does not have. Therefore, I will review it "as is".

The long and short version: The Sidekick iD, in my opinion, holds a signal better than the Sidekick 3 and is a great phone for anyone who lives in a decent signal area, messages a lot, and does not drive.

I think that the Sidekick iD, while it does not hold a signal exceptionally well, is competent at doing so. It is definitely not of Motorola quality. Calls do sound pretty decent, though.

Reception: 7/10

The messaging on the Sidekick iD and the keyboard is better than that on any other phone I've ever used. AIM is a lot faster than it is on a Blackberry.

Messaging: 10/10

The user interface is great, though there are a couple of shortcuts that might make use of the device easier. The track ball proves to be annoying when you're trying to dial a number while you're driving but is otherwise very good.

User Interface: 8.5/10

The speaker phone is atrociously bad. It's grainy and it's really not loud enough to use while driving.

I wish this phone had voice dialing, but as I said, I won't take off for that. I also wish it had EDGE.

Browsing is slow and pages don't usually render exceptionally well.

Browser: 5/10

E-mail comes through at a random and unsteady pace but works perfectly and is easy to set up.

E-Mail: 7.5/10

The phone book stores a lot of entries and the fact that it's synched instantly to T-Mobile's server is great. When I put my SIM in the SKID, it remembered my information from the SK3.

The ringer volume is pretty loud and the vibrate is great. It's nice that the track ball lights up.

Ability to notice that you're getting a call: 9/10

Overall, this is a decent phone and an even better messaging device.

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good enough for government work.


Jun 5, 2007 by ginzero

In addition to the positives already mentioned the fact that this phone DOES NOT have a camera allows it to go places where camera phones are not allowed.

Its getting harder and harder to find feature rich phones without cameras and other recording devices and there really is a sizable market for non-camera phones.

Would be great if someone made a ruggedized case or bumper replacement for this unit.

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Sidekick ID A Big Waste


May 3, 2007 by T.S.L.

I think the Sidekick ID is a big waste of money because for a little bit more u can get the SK 3 I'm mean come on it doesn't even have a camera or mp3 player, the SK 2 is even better.
Its a cheaper version of SK 3
Changable rubber sides
No camera
No mp3 player

I think Danger and T-Mobile should have released the SK 4 instead because a Sidekick without a camera is not even a sidekick at all even the SK 1 had a camera attachment. So if I were you I would go the few extra money for the SK 3

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Sidekick ID


Apr 26, 2007 by juggolow22

OK i think this phone was one of T-Mobiles worst decision's ever.

Cheap and Affordable
Faceplate Changeable
Weight Same as the sk3
Track ball
Good keypad

No Camera
No Mp3
Web Browsing speed Still the same
Waist of money (even tho its gunna be cheap!!!)

I think instead of Sharp/Danger waisting money on this phone they should have made a sidekick 4 with better web browsing and a way better camera.

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good phone overall


Mar 11, 2008 by hpdeskjet3650

the sidekick id is a good phone. it's amazing for messaging and iming. the internet works fine and the aim is great. there are only a few cons. one, the calls are terrible. it will say you have 5 bars, but you can't hear the person on the line. i live in pennsylvania in an area that gets good calls on many other phones so it's not my location. i'm not sure if that's a signal problem with the sidekick or the speaker. sidekicks aren't known for great calls though. also, it's a little big. couldn't danger have made it a little smaller? there's phone that are smaller and have more packed into them. lastly, there isn't any picture messaging. you can only send and receive pictures through email which is annoying if your friends don't have email on their phones.
it's a good phone overall and i'd recommend it to anyone who wants a good priced phone that is great for messaging.

keyboard is very convenient.
internet works great.
always-on aim is awesome.

terrible call quality.
sort of big.
no picture messaging.

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