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LG VX-8700


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like a dumb blond, the only + are its beauty


Jul 13, 2007 by JACORY

this phone is gorgeous. plain and simple. it really is. so much so, that i am going to be sad when i return it.

this phone is horrible. the battery life is unbelievably bad. the functions are preset with no ability to change them. the speakers are about as good as the tv you used to play your atari on.

i guess we should have expected this from a ripoff copy. mind you, its a great copy of a razor. its sleek, its clean, its lovely. much better looking than a razor. but that hardly makes up for its phone ability lacking and depressing functionality.

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May 31, 2007 by gaspwo

Wow! This phone is seriously sleek looking!

My favorites:
-Sleek, brushed metal finish
-Call reception and quality
-Great Camera
-Very sharp display
-Buttons on keypad feel just right

Overall, this is a super phone!

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Sleek phone


May 31, 2007 by merstys

I decided to go with this phone and I sure am glad I waited a little longer to get it. It's a super sleek and slim phone with a brushed metal finish that looks shiny but yet does not get smudges.
Besides the look, I love just about everything else about this phone with a special mention to the camera which takes great great pictures.

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Truly wowed by this phone!


May 11, 2007 by flowerzen

This is why I love this phone:

-Awesome sleek design
-Very stylish...It's a head turner!
-Brushed metal body makes it shiny but it stays that way because it's smudge free!
-Display is very crisp and clear
-Call quality is superbe
-Light weight

One thing I need to get used to is the different location of the Clear button ... not a major drawback.

Overall Great Phone!!

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Very stylish


Apr 25, 2007 by bitsybity

I just got this phone and I can't get over the super stylish look of it. Finally a great phone out there which can truly qualify as an "accessory"!!

Best features:
Slim Design with Brushed Metal Body
2.0 Megapixel Camera & Camcorder
V CAST Music and Video

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Overall Decent Phone


Apr 10, 2007 by gocanes

Overall, this is a good phone. I am not sure if it is worth the $179.99 I paid for it, but I like it. It is a better phone than the RAZR in my opinion, with a better UI and nice lines. However, it is a magnet for dust and does begin to show fingerprints on the front and back. Overall, I would say wait for the price to come down. However, if you like getting looks and having people ask about your phone, this may be for you. Otherwise, I am not sure if I will keep the phone or not. The jury is still out.


Sleek design

Great screen, clear with a high resolution

Easy to use

Slim and easy to carry around

Light, but has a nice weight to it

Friendly UI

Keys are responsive and easy to use

Good reception

Very good sound quality on calls


Keypad and screen get dusty very quickly

Outside picks up fingerprints

No good UI features, like games, out of the box

Limited number of ring tones and not very good ones

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Great Phone


Apr 6, 2007 by stephenr

The best phone Verizon has ever offered! I just got mine yesterday.


Superior build quality and finish

Not a finger print magnet

Great, bright display

Sound quality excellent, including speaker-phone

Very responsive buttons

Nice weight and feel

There are no cons! This is LG's flagship phone.

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I love it!


Sep 8, 2007 by peanut4

Great bluetooth, very good call quality, awesome reception, super nice screen. I dont have any problem with phone getting hot as others say. Very solid phone!

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This phone SUCKS


Jul 28, 2007 by willypguy

I had the Env before this and I loved that phone, but wanted something a little more compact. So I tried the 8700. Went through SEVEN of them. 5 of them were in first 30 days. I used this phone for 3 months.


Very nice QVGA screen.

Thin design.


Scratches very easily.

Camera is awful with no auto focus compared with Env, produces awful photos especially in low light conditions.

Call quality is awful, this is NOT the phone to use in a loud environment. When you turn the volume all the way up it is distorted.

The speaker phone is the worst I have ever heard on a phone.

No external music controls, and the music sounds awful on this phone anyway.

Battery life is terrible.

I went back to my Env, and am very pleased with it. If anyone wants a good phone with good battery life and call quality, get the Env.

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Nice Phone - May Have Software Bug Tho


May 25, 2007 by graywulffe

As indicated in the many reviews already present for this phone, I also think the 8700 has many merits. I especially like the big, sharp screen, and excellent camera. However, I may have stumbled across a software bug. I took the phone into the local Verizon store and showed the problem to the people there. It's real. But I don't know if it's limited to my phone. If it is, I'll trade it for a different one (I'm still in the 30-day tryout phase). So, if anyone else has encountered this problem, please let me know.

The issue: (Follow these steps)

1) Activate camera and take a picture.
2) Hit send.
3) Pick someone to send the photo to (->Add ->From Contacts ->Mark ->Done).
4) Hit "OK".
5) Start typing a message...

Then, about 60-75% of the time, my phone will temporarily freeze-up. After a few seconds, the start-up animation will snow... In essence, the phone reboots and brings me back to the "desktop."

I've tried it a few times while writing this piece, and I can't seem to get the phone to do it now, but it's happened enough times to make me think it's more than just a random quirk on this phone.

One other con to this phone:

The 8700 does not have as great a reception as the Motorola V710, which was my previous phone. I suspect the VX-8300 has better reception than the 8700, too.

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