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Beautiful phone, but flawed


Jul 24, 2007 by geminisign75

I anxiously awaited the arrival of my LG-8700 phone. Being a RAZR VM3 user, I thought that the LG was such a beautiful phone.

However, I was very disappointed in many areas.

-Beautiful phone inside and out.
-Gorgeous, clear, inside screen.
-Back light on keys was very nice.

-Outside screen is useless and ugly.
-The phone scratches easily.
-Sound quality is horrible compared to my RAZR.
-Ringers are not loud.
-Standard ringers are horrible.
-Battery life was not good.
-Removing the cover to charge the phone was a task.
-Did I already say sound quality is horrible?

After a week of owning this phone, I returned it back to Verizon and reactivated my RAZR. I know several people have complained about the RAZR, but after owning mine for over a year, I have had no problem. Hands down, better call quality phone over the 8700.

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lg 8700


May 18, 2007 by dburdeen

i purchased this phone yesterday and returned it today . it sounds like you are talking in a tin can. battery talk time is 1 hour. and the phone gets warm in your hand. the speaker can only work when you are talking. this is the worst phone i have ever owned give yourself a break and do not even consider this one.

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returned it


May 7, 2007 by peteagus

I had this for a few days, but people complained about poor sound when I was talking to them. And the build of the phone was just lacking. The phone also froze up once, and a few times when I opened it up, the screen was "ghosting" (the wallpaper was "almost" visible, but it was mostly black). I just closed & reopened the phone and it went away, but this seemed like a bad sign to me.

I wanted something I could keep for 2 years, and I wasn't confident that this would last that long. The appearance of the phone is really swell, but its AWFUL with fingerprints! I thought the metal shell would be stronger and less prone to fingerprints, but it was the opposite. Someone on here mentioned the phone was only 85% aluminum, which is true, but the aluminum shows prints worse than plastic.

I wasn't impressed with the camera, either.

Other than that, the phone is gorgeous, especially when opened. A great keypad and screen. Just not for me - maybe I had a lemon?

Returned it for the Razr Maxx. Mostly because I wanted something with a better camera.

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Head Turner Lacks Some Practicality


Jul 14, 2007 by jadfly

Had hard time picking between the VX8700 and VX8300. If the only thing you about are the looks, then go with the VX8700 (I am coming off an Audivox CDM9900-the highest rated phone ever-and the best features you will ever find). I'm still in my trial period and I am on the verge of going back for the VX8300. Here's why:

VX8700 PRO

Solid feel; razor thin (you could almost shave with it) but not compact (same external dimension as E815)
Handsome or pretty; your choice
Incredibly clear screen
Decent ringtone selection; yes, you can hear them
You can enlarge the text font, and it is bigger than the LG8300s enlarged text.
Good flat keypad except for 4-way menu button (too close to CLR and Spkr)

VX8700 CON
No labels on 4-way menu button. Huh?
Slightly top heavy when open
Form factor not as comfortable in hand like VX8300; somewhat hard to open
I agree that the Clear button is in an odd place next to send button
No speaker phone unless on call is a BIG minus (not so on 8300)
Speakerphone a bit tinny; distorts on hi
Funky external screen: Other than horizontal setting, the other front clock settings are useless
No 2.5mm plug; have to use adapter
No external music controls
Back gets real hot when on call. Dubs as hand warmer in winter?
No vibrate, then ring setting. I have no idea why LG did away with this feature; everyone wants it.
Camera button is on side; none on the inside panel
No external silence button
Case can get dented (saw this on the store demo model)-and it will get dented.
No key lock? Phone does strange things in pocket.
No user customizable Group list
Can't look up contacts page by page
Has Voice Dial: Can't figure out how to set up.
Battery life so-so; extended battery would be good-and the plastic back would preserve the case.
Decent holster to go with it.
Got the LG730 B/T headset, but folks complain of background noise.
MicroSD behind battery, but then how often do you remove. It must enjoy getting cooked during a call.

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8600 vs. 8700... 8600 wins!


May 25, 2007 by NY8100GUYS

The 8600 is a gorgeous phone.. black "ebony" like a Steinway grand piano!

First, I tried the 8700.. the screen was the best, but the keypad felt "tinny" to me and looked like the Razr. Also, I didn't like the vertical front screen.. it's useless! The lower edge of the phone was fat, ugly, and annoying. The stainless steel was nice at first, but I grew tired of the "brushed" look quickly. BTW, it picks up as many fingerprint smudges, maybe MORE, than the 8600! The sound quality was very good, but not excellent like the 8600.

I had a hard time hearing while outside with the 8700. When I got the 8600, I tested it in the same outside area where there is a lot of ambient noise.. and I could hear perfectly!!

Now, to the point.. the 8600 is a sleek telephone that functions PERFECTLY as a telephone. While it's not made of "stainless steel" like the 8700, it is nevertheless quite sturdy, and in my opinion, more attractive and cleaner-looking than the 8700.

I added the leather case to the 8600 which gives the phone a bit more bulk and feels great in the hand. With the case, it's absolutely the perfect size for handling.. and less likely to drop.

The leather case for the 8700 fit poorly, and because of the fat lower edge (which I believe is where the intenna is housed), the case had nowhere to grip and kept coming off.. very lousy and annoying!

Since I'm not into all the gizmos of the phone, I can only say that the 8600 is a GREAT telephone with great sound, beautifully designed, BT works well with the car BT system. I feel it's the best flip phone Verizon is offering right now.

All in all, I rate it the highest (5.0), and I would rate the 8700 at around 4.0.

If you are considering either of these two phones, I highly recommend the 8600 over the 8700.. and you'll save a few bucks also! Get it while they are still available!!

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Major and Significant Design Flaw


May 16, 2007 by pupkinator

The VX-8700 is certainly a beautiful cell phone with an exceptional array of options and features covered endlessly in others' reviews. However, considering the most states in the U.S. now have laws that require hands-free usage while driving, the speaker-phone issue is simply too significant to rate this phone any higher.

LG used to have a "driving mode" which provided full-time speaker-phone operation, including, most importantly, the announce feature, where the phone would announce incoming calls by name and/or number over the speaker without any interaction necessary. It is either a bad case of arrogance or pure ignorance to assume that everyone either will simply switch to bluetooth operation.

The elimination of full-time speaker-phone operation from the latest LG phones makes them thumbs-down losers in my book. For now, I'm going back to my VX-6100 which is more practical for use while driving, working and needing my hands for other (ahem) fun things.

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Fair Phone


May 5, 2007 by sam912

I bought this phone in a Verizon Wireless store in Boston and they let me purchase it two days before the date they were suppose to sell it in the store. When the salesman pulled it out I had to buy it...big mistake.

The phone is gorgeous to look at and hold in your hand, but once I got it home and started messing around with the features, I was quickly disappointed. After one day, I returned the phone and purchased the Motorola RAZR MAXX.

-Internal Screen

-Awkward key pad (took forever for me to text)
-No comfortable to hold while making calls
-Needs more volume

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Great Phone but.....


Jun 8, 2007 by kandonkane

Not. This Phone had the potential to be a blockbuster but unfortunately it has two MAJOR weaknesses.

PROS: read the other posts. they pretty much nailed it.


Here is the short of it. Its a great looking phone, best ive seen. The vibrate feature is horrible, almost non-existent. No outside speaker on the phone makes it hard to hear also. The two combined cons resulted in me missing 90% of my calls in a months time. Constantly having to check my phone for calls got real old quick. But the biggest flaw of this phone I think is in the metal body design. The battery compartment gets so hot from the metal frame its hard to hold the phone, almost acts like an oven. This I'm afraid caused the phone to overheat resulting in the phone screen to black out. now I have a refurbished one after only a month.

If your looking for looks, this phone is for you

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Almost a great phone


May 10, 2007 by scooterlibby

The phone itself is a great buy. The only 2 mg camera phone so far. The interface at first on face value seems very limiting. But each catagories opens up to more options. This makes the navigation quicker. Also, each subcategory has numbers next to it so that you dont have to scroll up or down too long. The overall design of the phone is nice. The screen is large and clear. Text is very sharp. You can even set a video as wallpaper; but it only plays 10 or so seconds of it. Regardless of that, thats cool. The screen does not have the signature red top and bottom Verizon bars which are incredibly annoying.

The camera is great but not very good in low light. I have not used all the options but its not very good in low light. Although, most camera phones are not anyways. I have found that the video is a little choppy and blurred. The camera button is one the bottom right and not at the top near the screen like some many others are.

One thing that really really pisses me off is that Bluetooth file sharing is disabled by Verizon. Bluetooth was one of the main reasons for buying this. Cingular phones can sync and download videos, songs, pics, files, etc. with Bluetooth to a computer or other phone. I bought this online so I was not informed of this. This is due to copyright or drm crap. If a lg user creates the video or pic by the phone, then the would not violate any copyright if you wanted to transfer to your mac or pc. I used a card reader and saved that way but that is ridiculous. Also, you cannot put any images or songs on to the via computer. It is locked. I have not used the music software yet but I have been told that this should work. Thats really really gay if I have to rebuy any song that I legally own already just so that I can listen to it on my phone. Verizon is anti consumer interest regarding this. Cingular got it right.

The outer screen is a nice touch but is basically useless. Like one reviewer said, it is just a reminder.

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Has it's issues


Apr 30, 2007 by bbellatrix

I am now on my second LG VX8700. The first one was full of static and got really hot when I was talking on it. Now that I have the second one it's doing the same thing, static, gets hot and has a very short battery life.

I'm really disappointed since this phone aesthetically is beautiful. It has a great camera as well. I am however disaapointed in the performance and will be sending this one back as well. The static is unacceptable.

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