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Excellent phone


Aug 20, 2007 by ishan

I've had this phone for a few days now and I absolutely love it. It's quick to open programs and switch from number pad to QWERTY keybaord. All the features work really well.
Windows Mobile 6 is a really nice interface - it's easy to get around and find what I'm looking for, although some of the more in-depth options can be a little burried.

The only issues I have with this phone are not with the phone istelf: The case is too tight - I'm trying to expand it slightly so it doesn't kill my battery by the end of a single day by constantly pressing buttons down, and I have yet to figure out how to turn off T9 (predictive text) by default. It's easy to do for each field, but I wish it wouldn't come on at all.

Good PDA, not great, good


Aug 18, 2007 by Orizon Telus

Just brouth this phone 2 days ago and this is what I think about this phone :


-Pease, put voice signal on this phone!! I was alwais using voice signal on my KRZR and I brought this particulary expencive phone... and it dont have this basic fonction..

-When sliding the keypad, the phone is kinda slow to responce. The P4000 is alot faster than his litle brother.

-Well... the phone is kinda slow. My BlackBerry 7130 is a LOT faster than this phone for what ever I do to it.

-T9 just in english. For you its not realy a problem... but in french so i alwais have to use qwerty keypad.

-2 days i got this phone and it freezed 3 time alreay. Haaa, good old windows


-I love the Window mobile 6 interface. I would like to do more modification on the main menu but overall its a cool interface.

-Fair signal... i say fair

-Good battery life... the HTC original pouch who come whit the phone is too tight and alwais keep the phone on by pressing the keypad... so i keep the phone in my good old pocket.

-Size. The size of this phone is actualy perfect, not too small not too big, just perfect.

-Realy good 2mp camera. No zoom but you can zoom after the shot.

Overall, its realy cool smartphone, easy to use, good mp3 player, but like all other phone some small thing to change.

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Jan 25, 2008 by pede23

Wow... (Cons) What can I say about the 5800. Or should I say where do I start. The phone isn't bad but to me its not great. Is it me or does everyone have this really bad problem with your phone freezing up like crazy. Today my phone froze while my phone was ringing. I'm like what in the heck is going on. I just had to take my battery out for like 2 mins so it would start "working" again. And now the battery... WooooooooooooW... This battery is the worst than the my wing I have with t-mobile. My standard battery doesn't even make it to lunch. If I leave at 9:00 am. It won't make it to 1:00 pm. So I invested in a extended life battery. I paid $65 for it after tax and It does an aw some job until the point I can go the whole day and still have to bars left. (I'm a heavy user if you couldn't tell...lol). Now its time for some PROS!!!! With qwest the Internet is good on my phone and my phone does take good pics and vids. The menu isn't to tricky to get down and I like how you can hide stuff from your front page. My phone all around its okay. Just HTC could have made a few smaller improvements before letting this phone come out.

VZW - SMT5800


Jan 12, 2008 by cjhedinger

As a long time PDA phone user, I was (am?) leery about “downgrading” from the Windows Mobile Professional Edition to the Standard Edition. My reasons for switching were basically due to the fact that I was looking for a more effective (for me) form factor. After carefully thinking this through over the past few months, I deduced that as long as I can continue to check my corporate Email, sync my calendar, and sync contacts ‘live’, I would still be functional on the road. My goal in the form factor was to have something more ‘phone friendly’ but yet I still needed the full QWERTY. I mostly used the DPAD and programmed buttons to navigate through my XV6700 but the touch screen was always there for me when I needed it. My carrier is Verizon and I have no intention of switching. If you are reading this, then you are likely familiar with Phonescoop and understand the choices I faced as a VZW user. I will spare you the details of the flip flop process of elimination I went through.

Pros (for me)
Small Phone – slightly larger than a typical folded clamshell phone. Virtually unnoticeable in my pocket.

Design – I like it.

Navigation is an easy transition – buttons are oriented logically (although I will probably reach for a stylus for at least 6 more months)

Phone Functions – This is more like a Phone with PDA functions while I am used to a PDA with a phone in it. Maybe the novelty will wear off, but its kinda neat having a phone again.

Yes you can open Word, Excel, PDF's with this phone and perform some edits out of the box. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Not Windows Mobile Professional OS! Obviously not a show stopper for me since I was prepared for it when I bought it, but if a Pro version of this design is ever produced (for VZW), I would buy it tomorrow.

What is up with HTC and this new “dovetail cable” for the charger / wired headset adapter contraption?

This phone is awesom


Feb 8, 2008 by moedaddy

This phone is awesom
8 gigs micro SDHC card.
Feels like a phone not a pda
Good battery life.

cons:number pads on front are very spongy
no zoom
it needs to be touched up to be the perfect phone.
I give it a 7 out of 10 score.

Ed. note: removed response to other review.

Not remotely what HTC usually gives us!!!


Feb 5, 2008 by SCMD

This phone was a MAJOR bust! I had been happy with a Cingular 2125 for two years until it went swimming in a cup of diet pepsi one day. Looking for another comparable phone but with a faster processor I ordered an unlocked HTC s730 online and it is FABULOUS! Sturdy, fast, great battery life...can talk and text and surf for 2 days+. Verizon recently came to our town and I was interested in switching because the only downside to my unlocked phone was lack of U.S. 3G function as it was a European model and a best friend on Verizon meant it would save me money with unlimited "IN calling". Needless to say I was THRILLED to see the SMT5800-virtual CDMA twin to my s730-available on Verizon with their high speed network. My hubby and I had owned 5 HTC smartphones between us so quality was not a concern at that time.

The phone lasted ONE day with me

Size: compromise of function and size for those who want a phone with one-handed dialing and texting and push email, QWERTY, hosted exchange capabilities plus basic mobile web surfing.

loose slider...wiggled all the time..does not feel up to usual HTC quality at all.

loose battery cover...cheap film of plastic that didn't close right. Gaps large enough to get my hair stuck in while talking on it!

HORRIBLE battery...after a 12 hour charge it died by 3:30 pm on a day with maybe 5 minutes of web surfing, 5 texts and 48 minutes of talking.

Bluetooth...can't transfer files via bluetooth like the S730 and AT&T tilt etc.

Web-surfing...could not access mobile you-tube and some other media sites that I could on ATT.

To quiet...ring tones and earpiece volume.

If you want a smartphone with great one-handed use get the unlocked s730 or wait for the US 3G version that cleared the FCC! I hope the issues with this phone are Verizon's doing and that HTC is not slipping. Since my s730 is great I suspect Verizon or the CDMA change is the problem and will stick with GSM.

verizon 5800


Feb 3, 2008 by pagosa

had phone for 2 weeks - had treo windows for prior 2 1/2 yrs.
Pro's - size good, voice quality good, speed - Really GOOD, capabilities - all good
Con's - BATTERY - terrible. This thing is a vampire for batteries. With Very little use , it is at 50% after 12-14 hrs. Can't take on road w/o charger. The screen lock function is somewhat annoying, but better than having it left on and draining the battery further.
I really like the phone - if something could be done about the battery issue it would be great.

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